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The reason why Akamai exists and outperform, perform and protect

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  • To meet the Expectation of our Hyperconnected world you must master the trends of cloud, media, mobile, while overcoming security threats.Businesses and consumers no longer go online; they arealwaysonline. Keeping today’s hyperconnected users close to thecontent and delivering the quality experience they crave presentsenormous opportunities for new business models and revenue streams.To realize it, companies must overcome the challenges of technology toinnovate and deliver – fast.Adapt content for multiple devicesBalance the tradeoffs in delivering a personalized experience without impacting performanceManage security and maintaining costs can slow businesses down.  Delivering or consuming applications in the cloud, adapting rich media content for mobile devices and delivering a personalized experience without impacting performance, managing security and maintaining costs is a delicate balancing act – one with rich rewards for businesses who manage the tradeoffs. And by all accounts, the growth is projected to continue through the rest of the decade, as we see more users, on multiple devices, connecting at higher speeds, consuming heavier content and conducting more transactions.MORE Internet Users: 2005: 1.09B (eTForecasts); 2010: 1.7B;(Internet World Stats); 2015: 2.89B;(eTForecasts); 2020: 5B(National Science Foundation)MORE Devices: 2005: 2B (IDC); 2010: 5B (IMS Research); 2015: 15B (Cisco); 2020: 50B (Ericsson)MORE Mobile Internet Users: 2009: 24%; 2011: 34%; 2013: 42%; 2015: 46% (percentage of total Internet users connecting to the Internet via mobile device)--IDCHIGHEROnline Ad Spend:$18.7B (Zenith Optimedia);$68.4B (eMarketer);$132.1B(eMarketer);$307.25(eMarketer)HIGHER eCommerce Spend (B2C):$417B (IDC);$572B (Goldman Sachs);$1.4B (Cisco);$2.5T (Goldman Sachs)
  • $11,000,000+ Commercial Banking Transactions20,000,000+ Visitors on Cyber Monday>$200B commerce revenue enabledannually
  • Akamai corporate presentation english

    1. 1. Company, Platform and Solution Introduction
    2. 2. Akamai’s Origins • Founded in 1998 by Dr. Tom Leighton and Danny Lewin • Spawned from a research project at the MIT Cambridge (USA) • Focused on the development of distributed algorithms for load balancing, packet routing, server assignment and content caching • The goal: Make the Internet faster, secure and more reliable ©2012 Akamai
    3. 3. The Internet: Simple on the Outside… The Internet Data center End-User ©2012 Akamai
    4. 4. …But Complex on the Inside Numerous Applications Thousands of networks The Internet Data center Increasing Threats Billions of Configurations Millions of users on myriad devices ©2012 Akamai
    5. 5. OUR MISSION: ACCELERATE INNOVATION In a hyperconnected world you must master the trends of cloud, media, mobile, while overcoming security threats. CLOUD MEDIA MOBILE SECURITY ©2012 Akamai
    6. 6. The Akamai Intelligent Plattform A Global Platform:     130,000+ Servers 1,200+ Networks 2000 Locations 80+ Countries Accelerating Daily Traffic of: • 5+ Tbps • 17+ million hits per second • 30+ petabytes/day • 10+ million concurrent streams 15–30+% of Daily Web Traffic ©2012 Akamai
    7. 7. Akamai in 60 Seconds Delivering more Web Content than anyone in the world CLOUD MEDIA MOBILE SECURITY 10,380+ Hours Saved by Akamai vs. Public Internet 2,760,990+ News Customer Page Views 311,000+ Mobile Page Views $11,000,000+ Commercial Banking Transactions 4,800,000+ SureRoute Traces 3430 Hours of video streamed 70,000+ Mobile Apps Delivered 23,250,000+ Hits on Akamai’s PCI Delivery Network ©2012 Akamai
    8. 8. Akamai Today 2500 4000 1,12B 63,2% Employees Customer Revenue Market Share ©2012 Akamai
    9. 9. Top 100 Worldwide Global Brands trust Akamai ©2012 Akamai
    10. 10. Our Customers Extend Across All Industries ENTERPRISE COMMERCE HIGH-TECH MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT PUBLIC SECTOR ©2012 Akamai
    11. 11. The Akamai Market Areas CLOUD MEDIA MOBILE SECURITY Reduce costs, increase agility & performance Reach multi-devices, scale & monetize Performance & personalization Defend without performance impact “In a hyperconnected world you must master the trends of cloud, media, mobile, while overcoming security threats.” ©2012 Akamai
    12. 12. We remove the complexities of technology so our customers can capture the opportunity and meet the demands of the hyperconnected world. ©2012 Akamai