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Jonathan Hampton Resume

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Jonathan Hampton Resume

  1. 1. Jonathan Hampton 3440 Prestwick Rd. Billings, MT 59101 406-671-9252 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Extensive medical sales experience. Skilled at guiding customers through complex sales processes. Experienced in the sale of specialty pharmaceuticals to Hospitals, Specialty Physicians, and private practices. Adept at cold calling, at pioneering new territories and at securing new business relationships. Proficient at managing large geographic territories. Thorough knowledge of hospital and physician protocols. Excellent closing skills. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2001- Pres Pfizer, Inc. New York, NY Sales Representative Pratt Division MT, WY Sales of specialty pharmaceuticals to hospital Cardiac Cath labs, Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Urologists, Endocrinology, OB / GYN, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, and Primary and Acute Care Physicians. Currently work the largest geographical territory in the country. Sales of Lipitor, Rezulin, Celexa, Viagra, Femhrt, Norvasc, Caduet, Exubera, Z-Max, Zyrtec, LoEstrin, and Accupril. Averaged 103% of quota across all product categories for career  Currently 104% and 116% to quota on Lipitor and Caduet, respectively.  Awarded Leadership Council Status in 2007  LAT Captain 2007 - Present.  Congressional District Captain 2003 - Present. Responsible for rollout of  MMA, PPA, and Importation legislation to congressional members and local constituencies. Regional Trainer 2002.   President’s Club Award in 2000 1998- 2001 Parke - Davis div. of Pfizer, Inc. Minneapolis, MN Healthcare Representative MN Sold Lipitor, Aricept, FemHrt, Celexa, and Rezulin to Cardiologists, Gerintologists, Neurologists, OB/ GYNs, Psychiatry, and Primary Care Ranked #1 in Lipitor sales, 2000 ( out of 120)   Ranked 7th out of 120 for Rezulin sales, 2000.  Increased overall ranking from 19th to 5th within 8 months time, 2000.
  2. 2. Jonathan Hampton, pg. 2 Medical Alliance, Inc. 1996.1998 Sales Representative MD, DC, VA Sold mobile cosmetic laser services to physicians, and clinical devices for hysteroscopies, endometrial balloon ablation, and LEEPS. Worked very closely with over 150 doctors in both surgery settings and in-office, assisting in the technical aspects of over 1000 laser procedures. Certified in the use of Flashed Lamp Pulsed Dye, CO2, Nd:YAG, Aura, and Erbium lasers.  Increased annual revenues to over $240K  Cold called and opened over 30 new accounts EDUCATION B.S. College of Communication: Florida State University 1992 Associate of Arts: University of Florida 1990