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The War on Sugar


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I created this slide deck to give a talk in Pittsburgh about the futility of the war on drugs by postulating an alternate universe where in 1972, instead of kicking off the war on drugs, Nixon kicked of a war on sugar. Sugar probably causes more health problems than illegal drug use (at least until the recent opioid epidemic). What if we banned adding sugar to all food and drink? Bad idea! My hypothesis is that our prisons would be full of people of color who were busted for violating the sugar laws, there would be criminal and police violence stemming from a black market in sugar, rich college kids would fly to Amsterdam to eat cake in "coffee shops." and so on. This slides deck appears without a lot of text, as it's meant to accompany live narration. The disturbing thing was that after the talk, some people came up to me actually thinking it was a good idea to outlaw adding sugar to food, rather than coming up with sensible regulation and education to curb the problems excess sugar consumption causes. Most people got it though. At the end of the slide deck it ends with a picture of me talking to my child, where I ask the question---when I look back on the grave harm the war on sugar did and my kid asks me what I did to stop it, what will I say? I posit the same question to you, but reframed toward the tragic and senseless war on drugs, what did, what are you, what will you do to end this devastatingly awful set of policies? Note, the link at the end is no longer live, but google Drug Policy Alliance to get information about a better approach to managing drug use in our society.

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