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Engaging the Influencer on Twitter


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Presentation at BrightTalk conference 6 June 2010

Published in: Business, Technology
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Engaging the Influencer on Twitter

  1. 1. Jonny Bentwood @jonnybentwood Edelman [email_address] Engaging the Influencer on Twitter
  2. 2. Social media strategy at Hp
  3. 3. “ I’ll be very clear on this. If you want to influence me, be in a conversation and dialog with me, in person, online, and wherever I go.” – Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group
  4. 4. Case study: Twitter Engagement
  5. 5. Case study: Twitter Engagement
  6. 6. Case study: Twitter Engagement
  7. 7. 06/07/10 HP Confidential Influencer Approach Idea Starter Conversation Amplifier
  8. 8. Idea Starter vs. Amplifiers
  9. 9. Idea Starter vs. Amplifiers
  10. 10. Idea Starter vs. Amplifiers
  11. 11. 06/07/10 HP Confidential
  12. 13. Recommended approach PLAN What do I want to achieve? LISTEN What’s already being said, where and by who? ANALYSE What are the insights to leverage? ENGAGE What’s the best method/platform for engagement?
  13. 15. Fish where the fish are* . * Fishermen (and bears) have known this for years
  14. 16. Jonny Bentwood @jonnybentwood Edelman [email_address] Any questions?