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Rethinking Social Media for Art Galleries and Museums in Australia


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Keynote for the Australian Federation Of Friends Of Museums. Delivered at AGNSW, October 18.

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Rethinking Social Media for Art Galleries and Museums in Australia

  1. 1. Social Media and Your Museum Jonno Seidler Leo Burnett Sydney
  2. 2. Who’s this guy, then?
  3. 3. Who’s this guy, then?
  4. 4. It’s not that scary.
  5. 5. Let’s paint a picture. ● Rethinking what social media really means (and its benefits) ● Facebook Brand Pages; how to use them. ● Other mediums - the power of image sharing platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram ● #influencers.
  6. 6. Rethink social. ● Not just FB or Twitter: Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snap chat, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Flic kr, Reddit... ● Not just for connecting with friends, though this remains the primary function. ● A new lens through which people absorb and share information, interests and stories ● These are all channels open to you, and they’re all free
  7. 7. Free!?
  8. 8. Why is social relevant to your museum? Some relevant figures, for those who like them. ● Almost 40% of Australians (9 million+) access Facebook every day. ● 95% of social media users are on Facebook, and use it for 7 hours per week on average ● Fastest growing platform is Instagram, with a 16% share. ● 37% of social media users check first thing in the morning, 42% before they go to bed and 34% at work. Don’t ask about the toilet.
  9. 9. What benefits can social offer? ● Interaction ● Customer Service - no more phone lines ● Listings/Events ● Visual announcements ● A community that builds around your organisation even if you’re not there (UGC)
  10. 10. What won’t social deliver? • • • Instantaneous ROI - your gallery attendees won’t suddenly spike overnight Effortless engagement. Communities take time to build and work to keep going. Free ideas!
  11. 11. Facebook Brand Pages and You Live check-ins Opening hours Direct interaction with potential visitors Trackable location
  12. 12. Facebook Brand Pages and You Tagging and extended reach Connect with community Reviews
  13. 13. Facebook Brand Pages and You ● Multiple admins ● Promoted posts and ads ● Targeting
  14. 14. Insights
  15. 15. Beyond Facebook
  16. 16. Pinterest
  17. 17. Pinterest
  18. 18. Instagram
  19. 19. Instagram
  20. 20. Tripadvisor
  21. 21. Tumblr
  22. 22. #thankyou Contact: