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Beyond Your Website - Checklist For Action


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If you are new to social media and are wondering where to start, don't fear. This Social Media Checkist for Action will get you started. Watch my Beyond Your Website presentation that goes with this document.

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Beyond Your Website - Checklist For Action

  1. 1. <ul><li>Buy an iPhoneSet up an account on – follow me @jonniejensenSet up an account at – join the KICC groupGo to – set up some RSS feeds that would interest youGo to and set up some alerts for your business, products and competitorsGo to and see who is talking about your business, products and competitorsRead a blog: here’s one a comment on a blogWatch a video and rate it Go to http://www.blogtalkradio.comand listen to a podcastGo to and join a webinarGo to and read a presentationGo to http://ning.comReview your own website and find the most recent piece of contentGo to to see who is on Twitter in your areaWrite a personal profile or mission statement focusing on keywords that you want to be known forGet a good headshot photoUpdate all your online profiles with your profile, keywords and pictureDon’t get overwhelmedPick a tool and Just Do It