Content Is King 3/27/13 #PRSARVA


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Jon Newman of The Hodges Partnership gives his current take on content, social media and public relations

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  • Content Is King 3/27/13 #PRSARVA

    1. 1. PRSAContentMarch 27, 2013@jonnew#PRSARVA
    2. 2. “Content is king.”Photo: Bill Gates @ the University of Waterloo by batmoo on Flickr
    3. 3. What about context?
    4. 4. Where they are How they reached your content What device they’re using What else is competing for their attentionWhat they know about you already What they expect
    5. 5. Context is mostly out of your control.
    6. 6. But you control your content.
    7. 7. We used to just call that “communications.”
    8. 8. To what end? Sharing content and information to educate, grow and reward your enthusiastsPhoto: Guemes Island WA, rural road by Rose Braverman on Flickr
    9. 9. How?• Strategy• Plan• Content/Context• Promote• Report/Measure
    10. 10. Strategy • Who are your enthusiasts? • How can you reach them? • How will you speak to them? • How can you “grow” them? • How can you engage with them? • How will you reward them?Photo: bullseye by emiliokuffer on Flickr
    11. 11. Let’s talk reward…• Why reward? – So they come back – So they bring others
    12. 12. Plan • Where does it come from? – Do an audit, you may already have it – Pick six relevant sources – Do key word research – Original • From you • Your colleagues • Your “clients”Photo: A question and exclamation mark of jigsaw puzzle pieces by Horia Varlan on Flickr
    13. 13. Plan• Create an editorial calendar• Live by the “rule of percentages”• Include others to break down the silos – In planning and execution
    14. 14. Content and Context.
    15. 15. Source: Google, The New Multi-screen World —
    16. 16. Source: Google, The New Multi-screen World —
    17. 17. Multi-screening• What does this mean? – The content should be consistent – The content doesn’t have to be different – The content must be visual – The content must “break through”
    18. 18. Breaking through• Push yourself• Push others• Collaborate• Break down the silos• Visuals• Lots of visuals
    19. 19. Content Posts LinksPictures, video, infographics Webinars White papers E-Books And….
    20. 20. A PSA for….
    21. 21. The Blog• The tone• The strategy• Spread the writing around• One main post per week• Write it for them if you have to• Marry it to your website if you can
    22. 22. Promote
    23. 23. The world famous…
    24. 24. ReviewStrategyPlanContent/contextPromote• Report
    25. 25. Report• Existing analytics…at least• Measure – Quality of content – Quality of the process – Comments, likes, shares – What is working and what’s not
    26. 26. We still call it communications.