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Jon-Mikel Bailey, co-founder of Wood Street Inc., will lead a workshop that examines: best platforms, Dos and Don’ts in the industry, how to use the back of house analytics to track success and identify weaknesses. Before co-founding Wood Street in 2002, Jon worked in sales, marketing and business development for technology and marketing firms. A popular speaker, he gives seminars on marketing, internet marketing, branding and web and graphic design to chambers of commerce, trade associations and colleges.

AHCMC: Hi Jon-Mikel, We’re looking forward to having you lead a workshop on e-newsletters next week. What are some of the key topics you’ll address?

JMB: I want to get right to what makes email marketing effective… the recipient! I will talk about building subscribers, email design, email content, mobile users and understanding your stats. All of this will be centered around the most important aspect of email marketing… the person receiving the message!

AHCMC: That sounds great. What’s your favorite e-newsletter platform and why?
JMB: There are so many great ones but for us, we love MailChimp. It is fun, easy to use and the analytics and tools are very useful.

AHCMC: You’ve written extensively about social media marketing and e-communications, what is the number one thing you recommend to clients?

JMB: Focus on the user experience. Identify your target audience, think about what they want from you and how they want it. Then, deliver it flawlessly.

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Wood Street - The Skinny on Email Marketing - AHCMC

  1. 1. Email Marketing How to… build your list, Keep them engaged… and achieve your goals!www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  2. 2. Does email marketing work???Email marketing brought in $40.56 …for every dollar spent. - 2011 Report from Direct Marketers Associationwww.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  3. 3. Has social killed email???Facebook & Twitter combined make up just 0.2% of the number of emails sent each day… not including spam. - KissMetrics.comwww.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  4. 4. What we’ll talk about… 1. Building your list 2. ESP and Email Format 3. Editorial calendar 4. Tracking results 5. Email echowww.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  5. 5. Building Your List"You can have the best subject line, be the mosttrusted sender, write killer copy, and have a kick ass offer...but if you dont have a list of email addressesto send to… none of that matters."- DJ Waldow – Author of The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  6. 6. Building Your ListEmails need recipients! So, where do they come from? o Is it ok to use your client or member list? o What about buying lists? o Should you add people without permission? The answer is generally no, let’s discuss… www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  7. 7. Building Your ListSome ways to get followers… 1. Pop-up signups 2. Contact and sales forms 3. Include in callouts 4. Social media channels 5. QR Codes and other mobile techniques 6. Single or double opt-in? www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  8. 8. How are you sending these emails? First, select an Email Service Provider Some more popular ESPs… • WhatCounts • ExactTarget • MailChimp • Aweber • ConstantContact www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  9. 9. Which one to use??? They are not all created equal… • Are your drops simple? • Do you need custom design? • Are you looking for ease of integration? • Do you need data management? • Do you need CRM integration? • Do you need more account management? www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  10. 10. Will youuse…Design or orPlain TextEmails?? www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  11. 11. What about mobile???Consider mobile for your newsletter… • How does your newsletter perform on mobile? • How much content are you giving them? • Did you make use of the preheader? • Where are you sending them? • Responsive or mobile microsite? • Non-responsive site??? www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  12. 12. What are you sending??? What are your goals? • To inform or educate? • To sell or promote? • To drive action? • To expand your reach?www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  13. 13. When are you sending it? Don’t freak out, plan ahead! Time for an Editorial Calendar… • Schedule timely blog posts • Plan for event promotion • Announcements • Seasonal or timely marketingwww.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  14. 14. Editorial CalendarMonth Topic Date Author Persona ChannelsJan Mobile Marketing 1/7/13 Jon Brad Social…Feb Trade Show Mktg 2/7/13 Jon Jennifer Email…Chart Headings:• Date • Publish Date • Target Audience • Metrics• Title/Description • Type of Content • Distribution Channels • Notes• Status • Producer • Promotion Channels• Due Date • Editor • Tags www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  15. 15. Tracking Results There are a couple of places to check…ESP Reports Site Statistics • Opens & Click-thru’s • Track site traffic from email • Social Shares • Track spikes in traffic • Unsubscribes & Bounces… • Track leads, sales, signups Advanced Tip: Try some A/B Split Testing www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  16. 16. Tracking ResultsCheck Your ESP Stats… 1. Number of opens 2. Number of clicks and to where 3. Click performance, click map 4. Number of social shares 5. Bounces and unsubscribes Always follow best practice tips from ESP to avoid SPAM filters www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  17. 17. Tracking Results Check Your Stats in Google Analytics… 1. Log in to Google Analytics 2. Click View Report 3. Click Traffic Sources 4. Select All Traffic Sources 5. Select Sort by medium 6. Click Email medium or utm_source= www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  18. 18. Email Echo • Encourage email sharing • Encourage social sharing • Talk about your emails pre and post • Gather topics or ask questions • Use surveys, contests, giveaways www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  19. 19. Offer from DJ Waldow – 50% OffEmail Marketing Made Simple: • The Secret to Email Marketing • The Various Components That Make Up an Email • Why Some Email Marketing “Rules” are Silly • How Email Marketing and Social Media Go Together Like Batman & Robin • Why Testing is Critical to Email Marketing • And more useful knowledge from DJhttp://waldowsocial.com/email-marketing-made-simple/Enter code: BAILEY www.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey
  20. 20. QUESTIONS???Suggested resources: Contact me:Our newsletter and blog www.woodstreet.comwww.marketingprofs.com jbailey@woodst.comwww.whatcounts.com @woodstreetwebwww.aweber.com Facebook.com/woodstreetwebwww.djwaldow.com 301.668.5006 x101 Read this book… The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketingwww.woodstreet.com #EmailAHCMC @jonmikelbailey