FredNMT - Taking the Mystery out of Mobile Marketing


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FredNMT - Taking the Mystery out of Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. Taking the Mystery Out of Mobile We’ll talk about… 1. Some Stats 2. ZMOT and the Mobile User 3. How to Think About Mobile Marketing 4. Your Plan of Attack! #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  2. 2. Some Stats about Mobile for 20111. More smartphones bought in the U.S. than PCs2. Six carriers rolled out 4G services3. Mobile commerce sales saw a 91.4 percent increase over 20104. 166 percent increase in Facebook Mobile users in the first half of 20115. 103 million wireless tweets were posted each day6. 1 billion foursquare check-ins- Source: #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  3. 3. More Stats about Mobile in 20111. 303 million Americans reported that they own a mobile device (CTIA)2. 26.6% of U.S. households are mobile-only (CTIA)3. 63.2 million Americans own a smartphone (comScore)4. 35% of smartphone users access the mobile Internet from their device (comScore)5. 2008 – 2010 saw a 2,000% growth in mobile-ready websites. (DotMobi)- Source: #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  4. 4. Predictions about Mobile1. 1 billion consumers will own smartphones by 20162. U.S. users will own 257 million smartphones and 126 million tablets3. By 2016, 350 million employees will use smartphones4. Mobile spending will reach $1.3 trillion by 20165. Businesses expected to double spending on mobile by 2015.- Source: #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  5. 5. Tweet THIS!Businesses are expected to double spending on mobile by 2015- @GigaOm #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  6. 6. ZMOT and the Mobile User ZMOT or the Zero Moment of Truth is… The moment between stimulus and the FMOT. The moment when a thought occurs and the research begins. The moment when desire meets a mobile phone. Where are you in that moment? #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  7. 7. ZMOT and the Mobile User ZMOT is… A guy in a bar thinking about his future, looking up engagement rings. A woman taking the train to work, looking for a career change. A hungry tourist, looking for the best places to eat. A dad at a playground, looking up charter schools in his #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  8. 8. ZMOT and the Mobile User - Source: #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  9. 9. Tweet THIS!ZMOT occurs on mobile all the time. Is your business there atTHIS moment of truth? #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  10. 10. How to Think about Mobile MarketingFirst, considerthe mobile user,who are thepersonas?- Source #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  11. 11. How to Think about Mobile MarketingNow you have your personas, ask yourself these questions…1. What are the users looking for while on their mobile device?2. For what do you want to be found?3. What information would be useful to them and drive conversion?4. What information would frustrate them??? #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  12. 12. How to Think about Mobile Marketing What do you end up with? Your priorities for mobile… - Source - #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  13. 13. Tweet THIS!The intersection of user needs with business goals is whatdetermines your mobile marketing priorities. #FredNMT #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  14. 14. How to Think about Mobile Marketing Now you have your priorities, what tools do you need? 1. Your website and/or blog 2. Social media channels 3. Mobile devices, duh 4. Someone to manage the ZMOT 5. A flexible/agile plan of #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  15. 15. Your Plan of Attack! Time to jump in, where to begin? Your website… Heart rate up? check… What happens when a mobile user lands on… YOUR WEBSITE??? #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  16. 16. Your Plan of Attack! Is this your site on mobile? #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  17. 17. Your Plan of Attack! The answer is not a completely separate mobile website. The answer is responsive design. The question is “what is responsive design?” Responsive design refers to the practice of designing a website using code that allows the site to adjust or respond to different display scenarios… like #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  18. 18. Your Plan of Attack! Is your site practical? • 44px buttons? • Just the facts? • Obvious direction? • Obvious call to action? #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  19. 19. Your Plan of Attack! The elements of a good mobile page… • Displays appropriately on a mobile device • Thumb-proof navigation • Limited choices designed for mobile user • Link to full site • Mobile friendly search #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  20. 20. Tweet THIS! Your mobile site needs to be laser focused on the user experience of your target audience. #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  21. 21. Your Plan of Attack!Marketing with social media? How does mobile fit?1. What are your targeted social channels?2. How does your personas interact with these on their mobile devices?3. Do you drive traffic from social to your site or Blog? What about mobile?4. What can you do with social to stay in the mobile conversation?5. Think about the mobile user when you post, tweet, share… #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  22. 22. Tweet THIS!Social is exploding on mobile. Shouldn’t mobile factor into yoursocial media marketing efforts? (um, yes) #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  23. 23. Your Plan of Attack!To market on mobile, use mobile…1. Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.2. Use a mobile device to capture video moments to share in your channels.3. “Listen” with your mobile device to your channels, set up SMS alerts.4. Engage and use the tools to understand what a mobile user wants. #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  24. 24. Tweet THIS!The best way to market on mobile is to use mobile. Be yourtarget audience. #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  25. 25. Your Plan of Attack! A flexible and agile approach… 1. Use responsive design 2. Use the right tools at the right time for the right audience 3. Measure and #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  26. 26. Your Plan of Attack!Responsive DesignResponsive Web design is the approach that suggests that designand development should respond to the user’s behavior and environmentbased on screen size, platform and orientation.The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts,images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries.- Source - #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  27. 27. Your Plan of Attack!Responsive DesignInstead of creative a mobileonly version of your website,create a website that adjustsitself for mobile and otherscenarios. #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  28. 28. Tweet THIS!With mobile and tablets, don’t segment your marketing, useresponsive design for a holistic approach. #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  29. 29. Your Plan of Attack!Tools or tools…Don’t use a tool simplybecause its shiny and new.use it because it fits,helps you achieve yourgoals, and is useful foryour audience. #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  30. 30. Your Plan of Attack! Strategies instead of tools… 1. Don’t base your whole mobile marketing campaign on a QR code. Use a QR code to enhance your mobile marketing campaign. 2. Use mobile landing pages specific to a campaign, target your audience with the pages you send them to. 3. Remember that you have an audience with audiences (credit: Brian Solis). Think about content that will be shared. 4. Encourage interaction with the tools #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  31. 31. Tweet THIS!A QR Code is not a mobile marketing strategy. #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  32. 32. Your Plan of Attack!Rinse and repeat…1. See what works. Check your analytics. Check your audience reactions.2. Test different approaches, A/B test if possible.3. Repeat the tactics that achieve the best results! #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey
  33. 33. QUESTIONS???Suggested Resources: Contact www.woodstreet.com @jonmikelbailey 301.668.5006 #FredNMT @jonmikelbailey