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The right image for your personal brand by jon michail


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The right image for your personal brand by jon michail

  1. 1. Personal BrandingThe Right Image for Your Personal Brand Ref: 0060By Jon-MichailDo you add value to your company? Does your visual imageconfirm that you are an expert in your field? Remember, you arethe face of the company, talented and professional, and your personalbrand image should do you and your organisation credit.Take a moment to really look at yourself. First of all, your physiology ordeportment – an old-fashioned word for an important attribute. Do youstand straight and confidently? Shoulders back and head up? Yourstature and body language are an important part of how you areperceived by others, no matter what your height or size.Is your professional wardrobe smart, well-fitting, comfortable andappropriate for the tasks you do each day? Does it speak quality?Take the time to think each evening before you go to bed about whatyou are going to wear in the morning and how you will wear it. Chooseyour jewellery carefully and leave the nightclub bling at home. Chooseshoes that are professional and not an impediment to yourmovements.Your hairstyle and hair care are as important as your makeup (if youare a woman). Remember, you might be the first representative ofyour company to be seen by a potential client. Your grooming andgeneral demeanor creates an indelible first impression – along withthat bright, welcoming smile.Additionally, your speech should be that of a professional. Projectyourself positively with the right tone, speed and articulation so thatyour speech is clearly understood. To be a credible representative foryour organisation, the way you speak and represent yourself is all-important.Those are the things that make up your image. But how about the other aspects that your manager and other teammembers see? You should have no illusions about yourself if you are to be a role model and an inspiration toothers in the organisation. We all have aspects of ourselves that need to be improved and if we focus and work onthose, we increase our value to the organisation.One of the most important attributes you can have in business is respect, both for yourself and for others.Others will respect you if you have respect for them – it’s as simple as that. Behave professionally, and others willraise their standards to match yours. If you are in the midst of turmoil, don’t match the stress reactions of others.Let yours be the voice of reason and the calming influence. Again, respect will go a long way to improve andperhaps mend a difficult situation.Always make every effort your best one. Increase your industry knowledge and expand your connections andunderstanding of your field. Your efforts to educate yourself will stand you in good stead now and in your futurecareer moves. The more you know, the more you can help your employer, and ease their workload. Theseattributes will emphasise your ability to lead and with leadership comes promotion and a salary to match.Always do what you say you are going to do, live your promise. You will increase your colleagues’ reliance onyour judgement and productive abilities and underscore your sound business ethics. In short, do your professionalimage proud. Plan and work for your future and increase your chances of making it a bright and successful one.Lastly and most importantly BE AUTHENTIC – You may not win every sale, however you can be certain that in thelong run most people come back to someone or something they trust. For further information on this handout and the consulting and coaching programs available please contact: Page 1 of 1 Image Group International Asia Pacific Head Office T: (+61 3) 9824 0420 E: ©2012