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How to win awards & grow your business


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How to win awards & grow your business

  1. 1. Personal Branding Ref: 0064How to Win Awards... Grow Your BusinessBy Jon-Michail Telstra Business AwardsDoes your business have strategies in place to constantly review your business activities? If yours are asdynamic and efficient as possible, there are no barriers to gaining that all-important industry recognition- winning industry awards.Think about what an award will do for your business. It will have a huge impact on staff morale,generate sales and establish your business as an industry leader, all of which mean increasedprofitability.SMEs stand to gain the most from setting aside the time to apply and then be award-ready. If you have astrong business identity and a continuing drive for excellence you will already be a contender with thepossibility of becoming an award winning enterprise. For further information on this handout and the consulting and coaching programs available please contact: Page 1 of 2 Image Group International Asia Pacific Head Office T: (+61 3) 9824 0420 E: ©2012
  2. 2. Over the last five years, over twenty clients of Image Group International have received awards forbusiness excellence in numerous industry awards. They know what it takes to win. As well as havinggreat product and performance, they constantly use a proven range of strategies to boost andstrengthen their business capabilities. As award winner Leonna Rose says, “Business Awards helps toimprove your image and differentiate you. My advice is to make it part of your annual plans andstrategise what aspects will make you worthy to win the award”.Be flexible. This means adapting to the current and future conditions. Understand when to hunkerdown in difficult periods and when to grab the opportunities as they start reappearing.Be ready to change gear if necessary, or to explore a different path. If you can quickly adjust yourbusiness capability towards a new market, your profitability will respond. That in itself is a sure-fire wayto increase your chance in the awards game.Be bold. Get rid of things that are not working and are holding you back. Move forward with strategiesthat are new and enterprising. By trimming the excesses, you will increase profitability. Who has thetalent and enterprise in your team? Who has the skills to move you forward? Who or what added toyour successes over the last few months? Nurture and develop those people and processes becausethey will take you forward, rather than a team which has been remained relatively static.Be up-to-the-minute. How do you and your managers know what current consumer thinking is? How doyou identify changing trends? Are you up with current trends in your field? The answer is to learn fromyour competitors and your customer base. If your competitor is an award winner, so much the better.Remember, nothing succeeds like success, so use that to advantage. But don’t copy them; collaboratewith them.Be innovative. There’s nothing more aggravating than seeing a competitor come up with a great ideathat you should have had. If you have a thorough understanding of your business’s unique strengths andthe way it works, your great ideas will arrive. Your job is to nurture them, develop them and thenpresent them to your clients. Result? Increased profitability. That’s how you will stand out from yourcompetitors and how the award judges will notice you.Daniel Dahm, 2011 Telstra Business Award Winner in a recent interview said "ensure you allocate theright resources to the process. It’s important that if you believe you should win an award, you put theright amount of time into best presenting your case to the judges. Speak to others who have enteredsimilar awards. From personal experience, talking with others who have won or entered previously canhelp illuminate the process and give you the confidence to put your best foot forward”.Be ready. Think about the business awards you would like to enter and get ready now. It’s a longprocess; not one that begins with the entry form but one that has months of forward thinking and hardwork behind it. An industry award will significantly improve your business results. Even if you don’tmake it this time round, the process will immeasurably improve your processes and products. Try it.Whatever the result, you’re going to be a winner.Image Group International offers the ‘How to Enter and Win Awards’ course as a part of the MonetisingYour Corporate Brand™ Coaching Program. For further information on this handout and the consulting and coaching programs available please contact: Page 2 of 2 Image Group International Asia Pacific Head Office T: (+61 3) 9824 0420 E: ©2012