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London Cloud

  1. 1. Work from anywhere Reduce costs Boost productivity Enable business innovation Meet the technology that’s changing the way London does business..The exciting new service from On Line Computing that’sscalable, flexible and incredibly cost effectivee: t: 020 7454 1254 w:
  2. 2. Londons 1st Cloud IntegratorOn Line Computing liberates enterprises of costly technology overheads with London Cloud; a flexible, costeffective, scalable and an easy to use Cloud platform for businesses of all sizes and sectors.Get your desktop anywhere, anytime, on any device Security Email Security Anti Virus & Anti Spam Servers Your Folders Applications Windows Your Virtual Desktop is available with your emails, files, and applications on a remote server rather than your PC. This allows you to log into the same consistently fast and familiar environment from any device with internet access. Popular benefits of desktop virtualisation include: Complete freedom and mobility to work anywhere with an internet connection, with practically any device (from smart phones and tablets to laptops, PCs and Macs). Your Virtual Desktop is protected from viruses, and is backed up daily.e: t: 020 7454 1254 w: Line Computing, 65 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5BL
  3. 3. About London Cloud Did you know..Built on a proven technology, London Cloud is the platform that facilitates deployment London Cloud works onof servers and applications. London Cloud integrates the latest technologies such as iPads, iPhones andvirtualisation, cloud computing, and automatic provisioning of applications with on- smartphone devices toodemand performance. All the technology infrastructure, server hardware, softwarelicensing, and on-going maintenance are bundled together creating a scalable platformto run your business critical applications.London Cloud is a robust technology that automates business processes andaccelerates application delivery. The platform allows administrators to instantlyprovision virtual dedicated servers, IT services or business applications on a pay peruse model.For a monthly fee, London Cloud includes new servers, software licensing, storage,virus protection, helpdesk support, PC and server monitoring, backup, intrusiondetection, spam and spyware filtration, and more.Tried, tested, and trustedWith over 18 years experience exhilarating London enterprises as a Managed ServiceProvider, were proud to offer London Cloud which is the product of 10 yearsdevelopment and usage.Seven Reasons why you should move to London Cloud1 Eliminates capital expenditures for hardware, software, networking equipment2 Eliminates the business risk associated with owning and managing computer technology3 Reduces administrative overhead and associated costs4 Frees existing IT staff to refocus on strategic, business building objectives and projects5 Maximises business productivity with anytime, anywhere availability for users6 Built-in state-of-the-art business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities7 Financial flexibility and control over IT spendinge: t: 020 7454 1254 w: Line Computing, 65 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5BL
  4. 4. What’s Included London Cloud PlatformVirtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)  On-demand provisioning engine Simplifies administration and with control panel management tasks  Provisions virtual or dedicated server Applications can be quickly added, deleted Rapid deployment of applications and or upgraded services Secure and centrailised data for easy backup Reduces overall operating costs On-Demand Application & Dedicated Servers Whether you need dedicated or on- Our Infrastructure demand application hosting, we have the right solution for you. Leverage  Tier 3 compliant state-of-the-art data centre London Cloud for your business critical  Enterprise class HP rack mounted servers applications such as:  Nightly back up with disaster recovery options  Hardware maintenance and upgrades included  Email - Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, OWA  24x7x365 Network Operations Centre (NOC)  Collaboration & Productivity - Microsoft  Secure access controls to data centre: two-factor Office Suite, SharePoint WSS & MOSS, authentication, biometric scanners secure instant messaging  Firewall, spam and virus blocking, intrusion  Accounting & ERP - Microsoft Dynamics, detection Intuit QuickBooks and Sage software  Complete monitoring, troubleshooting and  CRM – Microsoft Dynamics, FrontRange remediation of network issues GoldMine, SageCRM or ACT! by SageManaged Services Your Software Proactive monitoring and alerting  Subscription-based licensing Full-time IT management and expert support (OS and Applications) Extensive remote control capabilities for real-time  Microsoft Software maintenance (patching, remediation of network servers, laptops, and updates and upgrades) mobile devices Professional customer servicee: t: 020 7454 1254 w: Line Computing, 65 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5BL
  5. 5. How it worksYou’re invited..Were very excited about how London Cloud is radically improving all facets of businesses andorganisations. So much so, were inviting business owners to breakfasts, Lunch & Learns and privatedemonstrations throughout Summer 2011 to learn about the potential to your organisation.To book, email or call 020 7454 1254Leaders BreakfastOur Leaders Breakfast is designed for CEOs and MDs with big goals and little time. Held weekly at8.30-9.30, youll get hands-on use with the technology, and a Q&A with Cloud Experts and businessstrategists. Fresh coffee, pastries, and ideas included.Lunch & LearnOur Lunch and Learns are perfect for businesses and organisations interested in the possibilities of Cloud and the potential ithas to meet your goals. Held fortnightly in our Farringdon offices at 1.00-2.30, youll get a full demonstration, light lunch and aQ&A session with our Cloud, and Business Strategy experts.Private DemonstrationIf your serious about leveraging Cloud to meet your specific business needs, we recommend a private demonstration. In the1.5 hour meeting, youll have the privacy and access to experts to formulate an action plan or simply to decide if Cloudis right for you.Get involved todayIf you have any questions about London Cloud, we’d love to hear from you.Email: Call: 020 7454 1254 Visit: t: 020 7454 1254 w: Line Computing, 65 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5BL