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Help desk turnover


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help desk turnover

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Help desk turnover

  1. 1. By Jon Loyd
  2. 2. Is Help Desk Turnover a Problem? In surveys dating back as far as 1999, up to 46% of support managers considered help desk turnover to be a serious problem. Helpdesk turnover has always been an issues and has no improved substantially in the last 15 years. Average help desk turnover rate today is at 38.3%. Statistically, 2 in 5 helpdesk workers will leave their position this year.
  3. 3. Why Do Help Desk Employees Leave Their Positions? Lack of experience: Lesser experienced technicians are more likely to vacate their positions. Feeling ineffective at one’s job: Technicians with lower first call resolution rates are more likely to vacate their positions. The previous reasons go hand-in-hand because lesser experienced agents are less likely to resolve problems quickly due to lack of experience and feel ineffective at their positions.
  4. 4. Why Do Help Desk Employees Leave Their Positions? High amounts of job stress. Lower customer satisfaction increases job stress and leads to higher turnover, Telephone support has been cited as being the most stressful form of help support, and excessive phone time leads to higher turnover, 48% of the help desk staff surveyed work on the telephone more than 80% of the time
  5. 5. Benefits of Low Turnover It is less costly to retain employees than to hire and train another employee. Employee retention improves the bottom line of the company. • Lower cost. • More knowledgeable employees. • Higher customer satisfaction. • Future promotions into management. • Mentoring for new recruits reduces training costs.
  6. 6. Retaining Help Desk Workers? Make employees feel more effective More contact with management More feedback and opportunities to improve Celebrate success Reduce job stress Job rotation Frequent small breaks for telephone operators
  7. 7. Retaining Help Desk Workers? Contracts that require the employee to pay back the cost of training if they leave in the first two years. This method can amount to extortion as employees are stuck in poor jobs and forced to pay back large sums of money to leave. Produces only short term retention results as contracts reduce the need to make changes that improve the work environment. This option is used by New Horizons Learning Centers and they receive a lot of negative press because of their methods.
  8. 8. Benefits That Improve Retention Improved Soft benefits help retention better than money Fast track advancement for qualified employees instead of promotions based on seniority. Increased options to grow and learn such as employer funded training or flexible schedules that allow time for training. Nontraditional work environments such as flex time & telecommuting that allow employees to balance work and home.
  9. 9. Are Retention Programs Effective? Not well enough, turnover is still high compared to national average and similar industries. Average US turnover rate in 2013 was 15.1% for all industries vs 38.3% for help desk positions in the US. Average US turnover in the hospitality industry, a high stress industry, in 2013 was 29% vs 38.3% for help desk positions in the US.
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