2010 Collection Handbook


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Handbook made for Montgomery county, MD residents on refuse and recycle services. Designed by Jonathan Louis 9/23/2009

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2010 Collection Handbook

  1. 1. Montgomery County Government Department of Environmental Protection Division of Solid Waste Services 101 Monroe Street, 6th Floor Rockville, Maryland 20850rECYCLING & rEFUSE CollECtion HAnDBooK PlEASE HAvE your mAtEriAlS At tHE CurB BEforE 7:00 A.m. on tHE DAy of your CollECtion. QuEStionS? PlEASE CAll 311 out-of-county: 240-777-0311, tty: 240-773-3556 www.montgomerycountymd.gov/311
  2. 2. glASS, mEtAl & PlAStiC rECyCling• All recyclables must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your recycling collection day.• NO PLASTIC BAGS.• Please do not mix paper with these recyclables.ACCEPtABlE itEmS for BluE Bin• All plastic bottles, jars, tubs, lids, buckets and pails (up to five gallons), flower pots, and plastic reusable containers. • Glass and metal food and beverage containers.• All aluminum food and beverage containers, and foil.• All empty, non-hazardous aerosol cans. Glass jars/bottles Aluminum/metal beverage and food containers, foil, and non-hazardous aerosol cans Plastic, reusable containersPlastic bottles, beverage cups, tubs, buckets, lids, and flower pots What about clamshell containers? Currently, clear plastic “clamshell” and Styrofoam® containers are not accepted in our recycling program.
  3. 3. PAPEr rECyClingACCEPtABlE itEmS for BluE CArt• All clean and dry paper, newspaper, unwanted mail, books, magazines, and cardboard and paperboard boxes.• Wax-coated milk and juice cartons, juice and drink boxes, paper beverage cups, and frozen food boxes.• If you don’t have a blue cart, paper must be in a small paper bag, a box with a secure lid, or bundled with twine. Each container, bag or box must weigh less than 45 pounds.• Shredded paper must be in a small paper bag, or a box with a secure lid.• Flatten boxes to maximize your cart’s capacity. Cardboard boxes Wax-coated milk and juice cartons, Newspapers frozen food boxes and magazines Mixed paper and Paperboard boxes unwanted mail and clean pizza boxes Paperback and hardcover books Do cardboard boxes need to be flattened? Cardboard boxes no longer need to be flattened for collection. However, flattened boxes make collection more efficient and allow you to put more paper in your cart. Oversized boxes can be placed next to your blue cart for collection.
  4. 4. yArD trim rECyClingACCEPtABlE itEmS for yArD trim• Grass, leaves, and brush may be placed in large paper yard trim bags, or reusable cans with a green County provided YARD TRIM label on it. Each bag and container must weigh less than 45 pounds.• Brush may also be tied into bundles up to 30” in diameter. Each piece of brush can be no more than 4” thick and 4’ long. Brush Grass Leaves• Bundles must weigh less than 45 pounds each.PlEASE PrEPArE yArD trim in tHE folloWing mAnnEr: Cans labeled Lawn/leaf Securely “Yard Trim” Paper bags tied bundlesmAtEriAlS not ACCEPtABlE• no PlAStiC BAgS • Tree stumps• Dirt or sod • Lumber• Root balls • Rocks How much yard trim can I put out for collection? Since Montgomery County encourages residents to recycle as much as they can, there is no limit on the amount of yard trim that can be placed curbside. However, we do encourage residents to - Please have the label facing the street for proper collection - YARD TRIM GRASS - LEAVES - BRUSH Montgomery County, Maryland grasscycle and compost their - for proper collection label facing the street YARD TRIM - Please have the - TRI M collection for proper the street BRUSH GRASS - LEAVES - Maryland facing YAR D label - Please have have the the label facing YARD TRIM County, Montgomery - Please the street for proper collection - - BRUSH - LEAVESMaryland GRASS Montgomery County, GRASS - LEAVES Montgomery County, - BRUSH Maryland yard trim.
  5. 5. grASSCyCling AnD ComPoStingWHAt iS grASSCyCling?Grasscycling is the simple practice of leaving grass clippingson the lawn during the lawnmowing process.it’S EASy & EConomiCAl.Grasscycling reduces the time and effort spent cutting andmaintaining your lawn by eliminating the need to place clippings in lawn bags or containers for yard trim recycling collection. It also saves money by eliminating the need forpaper lawn bags.Basic rule: Do not cut any more than 1/3 of the length of thegrass blade when mowing.it’S ECologiCAl.Through the process of natural recycling, lawn clippings release valuable nutrients. Properly maintained lawns can slow runoff from rain and melting snow, prevent erosion, and trap sediment and chemicals before they enter streams andwaterways. They also contribute to cleaner air by capturing dust and other airborne particles.Interested in Composting?Composting is an easy way to turn yard trimmings, such as grass clippings and leaves, into a soil that will benefit your lawn and garden, rather than using fertilizers that are potentially harmful to the environment.HoW to ComPoSt uSing A ComPoSt Bin1. Pick a location near a water source, and at least one foot from a tree or fence.2. use a mixture of leaves, grass and vegetable scraps (no bones or meat).3. Keep the mixture moist, but not soaked.4. turn pile on occasion to aerate it.5. it can be used for your lawn or garden within 6 to 12 months. For more information and locations on where to pick-up a free compost bin, please call 311 or visit our MC311 website at: www.montgomerycountymd.gov/311
  6. 6. SCrAP mEtAl rECyClingSCrAP mEtAl rECyCling• Scrap metal can be collected on your regular recycling collection day. You must call us to schedule this service no later than 11:00 a.m. on the business day prior to your collection day. Contact our customer service line at 311.• Scrap metal is any item made of 51% or more metal.• We do not accept paint cans, oxygen or propane tanks, or items longer than 8 ft.ExAmPlES of SCrAP mEtAl itEmS: Appliances Grills Lawn equipment Metal Metal sports furniture equipment Safety First! For gas-powered equipment, please remove the flammable liquid. For lawnmowers, please drain the gas and oil into a proper container and dispose of correctly. For gas grills, please remove the propane tank. For refrigerators/freezers, please remove the doors or tape them shut.
  7. 7. trASH rulES TRASH MUST BE AT THE CURB BEFORE 7:00 A.M.tyPE AnD SiZE of ContAinErS• Trash must be in containers made of rigid plastic or metal, must have a tight fitting lid, and a capacity between 15 and 45 gallons. Larger containers may be used, but cannot be filled with loose trash. Trash in oversized containers must be secured in large plastic bags. Each can or bag cannot weigh more than 45 pounds.• Do not place containers at the curb more than one day prior to the collection day, and remove within 24 hours after collection. Loose piles of trash will not be collected.BulK trASH• Each residence is entitled to five bulk trash collections per calendar year. Bulk trash collection consists of large items that will not fit into a bag or container. For example: - Bookcases - Stereos - Chairs - Tables - Couches - TV stands - Several trash bags - TVs• Bulk collections can be scheduled by calling 311. Please have an itemized list prepared when you call. The deadline for scheduling a bulk pick-up is 11:00 a.m. the business day before your collection day. How can I have a trash can collected as trash? To have an old trash container collected as trash, call our customer service line to schedule a bulk trash collection and place a note stating “PlEASE tAKE”. Turn the empty container upside down and place at the curb on your collection day.
  8. 8. trASH rulESDiSPoSAl of trASH By rESiDEntS• Trash not acceptable for residential collection may be disposed by residents at the Solid Waste transfer Station: 16101 frederick road, Derwood, mD. For further information onthe Transfer Station, please call 311.• There is no disposal charge for residential trash under 500 pounds delivered in privately owned and operated automobiles, station wagons, or trailers. Up to four (4) tires can be disposed of at the Transfer Station at one time.lAtEx PAint DiSPoSAl• If you must dispose of latex paint, to avoid spills, please make sure it is completely dry. Air dry it or add paint hardener, cat litter or shredded paper.• Place up to 4 cans of dried paint for collection with your regular trash. For more than 4 cans, please call and request a bulk collection.mAtEriAlS not ACCEPtABlEThe following materials cannot be collected at anytime: • poisons • dead animals/fecal• acids material• caustics • oil based/alkyd paints• explosives or ammunitions • dirt, rock, sod• hazardous materials • tree trunks or stumps• infectious waste • gasoline, oil or other flammable substances For more information about trash colleciton or requests, please call 311or visit our website below: www.montgomerycountymd.gov/311
  9. 9. PlEASE CAn it!Please place trash bags into a trash can with atight fitting lid before you set your trash at the curb for collection.tHE ProBlEmPlastic bags at the curbcreate litter caused byscavenging birds, squirrels,raccoons, cats and other animals tearing into plasticbags of trash. Preventing littered trash helps keepneighborhoods safe and clean.tHE SolutionUse trash cans with tight fitting lids to hold your trash.These will prevent birds and other animals from tearing plastic bags open and allowing trash to blow around. Trash cans, which are required, may be plastic or metal.
  10. 10. HoliDAy SliDE SCHEDulEThe following holidays may alter your collection schedule. When your recycling day falls on one of these holidays, thecollection will be made the next day, and remaining pickups that week will slide one day later. The Transfer Station will also be closed on these holidays: new year’s Day (January 1) martin luther King, Jr. Day (third Monday in January) memorial Day (last Monday in May) independence Day (July 4) labor Day (first Monday in September) thanksgiving Day (last Thursday in November) Christmas Day (December 25)When a holiday falls Monday through Friday, collection days priorto the holiday will stay the same. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY no Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday CollECtionS Collections Collections Collections Collections Collections SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY HoliDAy Monday Tuesday Wednesday no Thursday Friday Collections Collections Collections CollECtionS Collections CollectionsWhen the actual holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday (not theobserved holiday), collections occur on the regular schedule. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY HoliDAy normAl Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayCollECtion Collections Collections Collections Collections Collections
  11. 11. SoliD WAStE SErviCES gEnErAl informAtionClAimS for loSS or DAmAgES:• If you have damages resulting from collections, notify the Division of Solid Waste Services as soon as possible, but no later than five (5) days after the incident. • The County and/or the collection contractor are not responsible for any items not intended for collection which are placed at or near the curb or roadway on collection day, which are removed by collectors.QuEStionS or CommEntS?For information or to schedule a service, please call: 311 is Montgomery County’s phone number for non-emergency government information and services.Hours of operation.....Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.in montgomery County, call.....................................................311outside of montgomery County, call......................240-777-0311 the tty number is.......................................................240-773-3556 Call 311 to Get It Done! All items must be at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day. For new and updated information, please visit our MC311 website: www.montgomerycountymd.gov/311
  12. 12. HouSEHolD HAZArDouS WAStEMontgomery County provides an onsite Household HazardousWaste (HHW) drop off area at our Transfer Station. Residents bringing HHW to the Transfer Station should use the Route 355(Frederick Road) entrance leading to the Public Unloading Facility. Hours of operations are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Seven days a week.the following items are ACCEPTABLE for disposal as HHW:• Insecticides, herbicides • Oil based/Alkyd paints and other pesticides • Batteries from small• Fertilizers with herbicides or household appliances insecticides such as portable phones• Paint thinners and solvents and electric toothbrushes• Swimming pool chemicals • Rechargeable household• Corrosive household nickel/cadmium batteries cleaners • Fluorescent light bulbs and• Unwanted fuels tubes• Motor oil • Mercury or items• Photographic chemicals containing mercury such• Button-type batteries used as thermometers or in watches, hearing aids thermostats and calculators • Vehicle batteries What about Alkaline Batteries? Alkaline batteries are no longer considered hazardous waste. Manufacturers now produce batteries that are virtually free of mercury. Therefore, these batteries may be disposed of in your household trash.
  13. 13. HouSEHolD HAZArDouS WAStEThe HHW program is open to Montgomery County residentswith home-generated hazardous waste. All patrons mustpresent a valid maryland Driver’s license, with a montgomeryCounty address. the following items are UNACCEPTABLE for disposal at the HHW site:• Explosives • Asbestos• Commercial, industrial or • Dioxins medical waste • Kepones• Radioactive materials • Any unidentifiable itemInformation about HHW community collection events can befound on our website or in your local Montgomery County newspaper. The HHW program does not accept materials from businessesor other non-residential entities. For further information about our HHW program, please call 311. You may also visit our MC311 website to learn more about HHW at: www.montgomerycountymd.gov/311
  14. 14. SHADy grovE SoliD WAStE SHADy grovE WAStE trAnSfErCEntEr trAnSfEr StAtion/rECyCling StAtion SHADy grovE WAStE trAnSfEr StAtion recyclable materials include: recyclable materials include: > > Electronics Appliances > > Lawn Mowers > Electronics > Used OilOil Used > > Computers Bicycles > Computers > Antifreeze Paper > > Mixed Antifreeze > > Appliances Bottles and Cans > Household Haz. Waste > Appliances > > Reusable Haz. Waste Household Building > > Scrap MetalTextile > Building Materials Clothing and Material > Scrap Metal > Building Materials > > Lawn Mowers > Bottles and Cans Computers > Lawn Mowers > Bottles Metal > Scrapand Cans Great Great > > Bicycles and > Clothing and Textiles Cooking Oil > Bicycles Used Oil > > Yard Trim Textiles Clothing and > Tires > Tires > Mixed Paper > Mixed Paper Indoors Indoors > Electronics yardWaste yard trim yard Waste grass grass grass leaves leaves leaves Commercial Commercial Brush Brush Entrance Entrance Brush Scale House Scale House Directionsto to Public Drop-off Directions Public Drop-off Directions to to Public Drop-off DirectionsPublic Drop-off South onon route 355 South route 355 South on on Route 355 South Route 355 Cross Shady Grove Road Road Cross Shady Grove Cross Shady Grove Road Road Cross Shady Grove Turn leftleft thethe traffic light (Ridgemont Ave) Turn at at at light (Ridgemont Ave) Turnthe the traffic light (Ridgemont Ave) Ave) Turn left left at traffictraffic light (Ridgemont north onon route 355 north route 355 transfer North on on Route 355 North Route 355 Station Cross Redland Road /RoadBlvd Cross Redland Redland / Redland Blvd Cross Redland Redland Blvd Cross Redland Road /Road / Redland Blvd Pass Reed Brothers Dodge and Public and Public Pass Reed Brothers DodgeDodge Storage Storage Pass Reed Brothers and and Storage Storage Pass Reed Brothers Dodge PublicPublic Pick up Area Turn right atright thethe(Ridgemont Ave) Ave) Turn right at the light light (Ridgemont Ave) Turn at at light (Ridgemont Turn rightthe light (Ridgemont Ave) Pick-up Area Pick-up Area (recycle & from interstate 270 (north or South) from interstate 270 (north or South) (Bins) (Bins) From Interstate 270 (North or South) From Interstate 270 (North or South) Compost Bins) Navigate to Local Local Lanes Navigate to Lanes Navigate to Local Local Lanes Navigate to Lanes Take ExitExitExitShady Grove Road Road TakeExit Shady-Grove Road Road Take 8 - 8 -- 8 Shady Grove Take 8 Shady Grove n At light, turnturn turn onto Shady Road Road At light, onto Shady Grove Grove Road At light, turn onto Shady Road At light, onto Shady Grove Grove (go (goEast East Gaithersburg) (go (go towards Gaithersburg) towards towards Gaithersburg) East East towards Gaithersburg) FollowFollow to mile Frederick Rd Rd (Route 355 ) 1 1 to to Frederick 355 ) Follow 1 mileFrederick Rd Rd (Route 355 )355 ) 1 milemileto Frederick (Route (Route Right turnturnRouteto Route 355 South Right turnto Route 355 South Right to turn Route 355 South Right to 355 South Left turnturnthe the traffic traffic light (Ridgemont Ave) Left turnat traffic traffic light (Ridgemont Ave) Left at turn thethe light (Ridgemont Ave) Left at at light (Ridgemont Ave) frederick road frederick road route 355September 12, 12, 2008 September 2008
  15. 15. mAP & DirECtionS 16101 Frederick Road Rd 16101 Frederick 16101 Frederick Road mAP && DirECtionS mAP DirECtionS Derwood, MD 20855 Derwood, MD 20855 Derwood, MD 20855 240-777-6560 240-777-6560 the transferStation has two entrances. the transfer Station has two entrances. the transfer Station has two entrances. transfer Station Drop-off Hours: transfer Station Hours transfer Station Hours The Route 355 entrance (below) is used byby The Route 355 entrance (below) is used The Route 355 entrance (below) is used by Small vehicles Drop-off Car (resident) Car (resident) Drop-off cars and trailers bringing less than 500 pounds cars and trailers bringing less than 500 pounds small vehicles bringing less than 500 pounds Mon - Fri Fri 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM Mon - 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM of trash. Pickup trucks may use this of trash. Pickup trucks may use this of material. Sat Sat 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM only if delivering recycled materials. only if delivering recycled materials. Sun Sun 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM The Shady Grove entrance (left) is used truck Entrance truck Entrance The Shady Grove Road entrance (left) The Shady Grove Road entrance (left) primarily by commercial trucks, pick-up Mon - Sat 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Mon - Sat 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM is used primarily by by commercial trucks, is used primarily commercial trucks, Sun Sun CLOSED CLOSED pick-up trucks,county County vehicles. trucks, and and County vehicles. pick-up trucks, and vehicles. free mulch free mulchPubPubli legend legend lic u c u n nloa loa d ding ing facfacil Trash Only Area Only Area Trash Only Area ility ity Yard Waste Area Yard Waste Area Trim materials materials recycling recycling Recycling Area Recycling Area Recycling Area facility facility (mrf) (mrf) Facility Buildings Facility Buildings Facility Buildings Roads Roads Public Public Public Public EntranceEntrance Storage Storage frederick road frederick road route 355
  16. 16. montgomery County Department of Environmental ProtectionDivision of Solid Waste Services101 Monroe Street, 6th floorRockville, MD 20850-2589This information is available in an alternate formatby calling 311.In Montgomery County, call 311Outside of Montgomery County, call 240-777-0311 The TTY number is 240-773-3556 www.montgomerycountymd.gov/311Printed on Recycled and Recyclable Paper.