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This is the PowerPoint associated with the Advanced Facebook Insights webinar given by Jon Loomer on March 22, 2013. Topics include what Insights is, explanations of the various metrics, which metrics are important, how to find them and ways to measure Facebook marketing success.

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Advanced Facebook Insights Webinar by Jon Loomer

  1. 1. Advanced Facebook Insights Learn how to effectively measure and monitor your Facebook marketing
  2. 2. About Jon LoomerFather of ThreeBaseball FanFacebook Since 2007Top 10 Blogs of 2013
  3. 3. What We’ll CoverWhat, Why and Where of Facebook InsightsDeeper Dive into Important MetricsMeasuring SuccessThird Party ToolsExclusive Offer
  4. 4. How I Roll…Lots of text (sorry)But short text!Will step out of Powerpoint into examplesNO ONE SHALL SLEEP!
  5. 5. QUICK POLL!
  6. 6. What is Facebook Insights and Why is it Useful?
  7. 7. Mounds and MOUNDS of…DATA!
  8. 8. Useful Data for Page AdminsReach Engaged User Consumer Consumption Impression Link Click Photo View Video Play Demographics Organic Paid Viral Talking AboutThis Stories Daily Weekly 28 Days Likes Negative Feedback Countries Cities Gender Age Unlikes
  9. 9. Measuring SuccessWhat’s working? What isn’t?
  10. 10. Insights is UnderutilizedBecome an activeparticipant in your results!
  11. 11. Success Takes Work Don’t Wing It!
  12. 12. POLL RESULTS!
  13. 13. Important Top Level Metrics Reach and Engagement Families of Metrics
  14. 14. Reach Family Impressions Reach Organic Paid Viral
  15. 15. Impressions“The total number of impressions seen (?) of any content associated with your post or Page, whether clicked on or not.” * Fans & Non-Fans
  16. 16. Reach “The number of unique people* who have seen your post or content (served animpression), whether organically or via paid advertising.” * Fans & Non-Fans
  17. 17. Impressions vs. Reach Impressions = # of Times Reach = # of Users
  18. 18. Organic“Users* visited your Page or saw your Pageor one of its posts in News Feed or Ticker.” * Fans & Non-Fans
  19. 19. Paid“Users* viewed a Sponsored Story or ad that promoted your post or Page.” * Fans & Non-Fans
  20. 20. Viral“Users saw your Page or one of its posts from a story generated by a friend.” * Fans & Non-Fans
  21. 21. Engagement Family Stories Talking About This Engaged Users Consumers
  22. 22. Stories“Generated in News Feeds when a userinteracts with your Page or post content, thereby sharing it with their friends.”
  23. 23. StoriesCreated whenever a user… Comments Likes Shares RSVPs Claims an Offer
  24. 24. Talking About This“The number of unique users who created a Story about your post or Page.”
  25. 25. Stories vs. Talking About This Stories = # of Stories Talking About This = # of Users
  26. 26. Engaged Users “The number of unique users who clicked anywhere within your Page or content orperformed an action that resulted in a Story.”
  27. 27. Engaged UsersComments Link ClicksLikes Photo ViewsShares Video PlaysRSVPs Expand CommentsOffer Claims Click TagCheck-ins Click Profile
  28. 28. Consumers“The number of unique users who clicked anywhere within your Page or content, whether it resulted in a story or not.”
  29. 29. ConsumersEssentially the same thing as Engaged Users except... Doesn’t include stories generated without a click
  30. 30. ConsumersUse Consumers Instead of Engaged Users Because… Much more detailed info within Insights
  31. 31. Other Metrics There are many other Insights metrics,some of which will be discussed later in this presentation!
  32. 32. ONE MORE POLL!
  33. 33. Engagement vs. Reach Which is more important?
  34. 34. Why Reach is Valuable Awareness:How many people saw my message?
  35. 35. Why Engagement is Valuable Actions: How many people did X, Y or Z?
  36. 36. Reach Reporting BugReach was underreported beginning in the Fall of 2012, fixed in February of 2013 “Reach is a Fuzzy Metric!”
  37. 37. Advertising Strategies Advertise to reach more Fans who care about your good content.Don’t advertise because you aren’t reaching your Fans.
  38. 38. The Verdict Reach is Useless! Reach is Great!
  39. 39. POLL RESULTS!
  40. 40. Fan Only MetricsThe stats that really matter
  41. 41. Fan Only MetricsAre they the most important metrics of all? Guide those already connected with you down the sales funnel…
  42. 42. Fan Only MetricsAre you assuming this is Fans only?
  43. 43. Fan Only MetricsIf you aren’t using exports, you don’t know your Fan only metrics!
  44. 44. Fan Only Metrics Post Impressions Post Reach Paid Impressions Paid Reach Engaged Users Post Stories Talking About This
  45. 45. Fan Only Metrics How to find them… Post Level Export Key Metrics Tab Columns W - AC
  46. 46. DemographicsWho are your Fans?
  47. 47. Demographics Where are they?Are they male or female? How old are they?
  48. 48. Demographics Why does it matter?Craft your content around your target audience!
  49. 49. How to Find Demographics In Web Insights…
  50. 50. How to Find Demographics In the Page Level Export… Check-in Demo Tabs (8) Talking About This Demo Tabs (12) Reach Demo Tabs (4) Likes Demo Tabs (4)
  51. 51. Negative Feedback Does it matter?
  52. 52. Negative Feedback Considerations Includes non-Fans Will go up as you promote posts Will go up if your topic is controversial Will go up if you post too frequently
  53. 53. Negative Feedback Considerations Get over it…Negative Feedback WILL Happen!
  54. 54. Negative Feedback ConsiderationsNot all Negative Feedback is created equal! Hide Story Hide All Report Spam Unlike Page
  55. 55. Negative Feedback Considerations Monitor posts to evaluate the meaning of spikes in Negative Feedback… And REACT!
  56. 56. Where Is This Info??
  57. 57. Insights within Posts
  58. 58. Insights within Admin Panel
  59. 59. Metrics Within Admin PanelPost Level Page LevelReach LikesEngaged Users DemographicsTalking About This Like SourcesVirality Referrers Tab Views Check-ins
  60. 60. Insights within Admin Panel Let’s look!
  61. 61. Page Level Export
  62. 62. Metrics Within Page Level Export 65 Tabs of Data!Daily, Weekly, 28 Days Negative FeedbackTalking About This Like SourcesStories Viral Reach by Story TypeLikes, Unlikes, Friends of Fans Viral Impressions by Story TypeEngaged UsersTotal Reach Frequency DistributionOrganic Reach Talking About This by Story TypePaid Reach Interactions by TypeViral Reach ConsumptionsImpressions Likes Detailed DemographicsOrganic Impressions Reach Detailed DemographicsPaid Impressions Talking About This Detailed DemoViral ImpressionsLogged-In Views External Referrer Check-in Details
  63. 63. Metrics Within Page Level Export - Benefits Let’s look!
  64. 64. Post Level Export
  65. 65. Metrics Within Post Level Export Let’s look!
  66. 66. Measuring SuccessYour Goals and Purpose: What is “Success?”
  67. 67. Measuring Success Publishers: Link Clicks (Track within Consumptions)
  68. 68. Measuring Success Customer Service:Engaged Users/Consumers
  69. 69. Measuring SuccessBrand Awareness: Reach
  70. 70. Stats to Check and Compare Analyze several months of data… Consumers by Post Type Stories by Post Type Shares by Post Type Negative Feedback What trends are you seeing?
  71. 71. Analysis Considerations Do you promote posts? Consider separating that dataCompare Apples to Apples!
  72. 72. Recommended Ratios Consumers vs. Page LikesHow many people clicked anywhere within my post in relation to number of Fans?
  73. 73. Recommended Ratios Engaged Fans vs. Page Likes Fan Impressions vs. Page Likes Fan Reach vs. Page Likes Fan Stories vs. Page LikesFan Talking About This vs. Page Likes What percentage of my Fans did X?
  74. 74. Recommended Ratios Consumptions vs. Impressions Consumers vs. ReachWhat percentage of those reached clicked on this post?
  75. 75. Third Party ToolsWhen Insights isn’t enough…
  76. 76. Third Party Tools AgoraPulse Barometer EdgeRank Checker PageLever Quintly
  77. 77. That’s It!But just a second…
  78. 78. How to Find
  79. 79. Special Offer!FB Insights Exclusive Workshop
  80. 80. FB Insights Exclusive WorkshopExclusive Membership20 Members MAX30 Days (April)2 Small Group Workshops2 1-on-1 Coaching SessionsDaily Email TipsFacebook Page Review
  81. 81. Exclusive Offer!Price Available to the Public: $497 Your Price: $397 (through 3/24) $100 savings!
  82. 82. How to Redeem… Redemption Code:FBINSIGHTS
  83. 83. Q&AAsk Me Anything!