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800 brochures


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800 brochures

  1. 1. ! ! !!The!ocean!is!important!to!me! because!mostly!everything!I!do!on! the!weekends!is!at!the!ocean.!When!I! am!at!the!beach!I!am!mostly!surfing,! body!boarding,!bodysurfing!or!I!am! looking!for!shells.!I!think!that!ocean! is!the!most!fun!place!to!go!to.!I!also! take!barrel!pictures!with!my!Go!Pro®! at!the!beaches!I!go!to!too.!The! beaches!I!mostly!go!to!are!Kewalos,! Makapu`u,!or!the!Wall.!I!am!lucky!to! live!in!Hawaii!I!have!all!these!good! beaches!and!I!have!good!waves!to! surf.!! Education!is!important!to!me! because!if!you!don't!have!a!good! education!you!won't!necessarily!get! a!good!job.!Even!in!sports!you!need! to!have!good!grades!to!play!on!the! team.!I!am!thankful!to!go!to!a! school!that!has!good!education!and! I!am!grateful!for!my!parents!for! paying!for!my!school.!If!I!have!a! good!education,!I!have!to!try!my! best!in!every!subject.!If!the!college! people!saw!that!you!did!had!bad! grades!at!a!good!school!you!won't! get!into!a!good!college.!That!is!why! education!is!so!important!and!that! is!why!I!value!it.! ! Education! Ocean!
  2. 2. ! ! ! ! 1 !!!!!Family!means!a!lot!to!me!because! they!are!there!for!me!when!I!need! them!and!they!mean!a!lot!to!me.!! Ideas,!My!family!supports!my!ideas! and!they!answer!my!most! questions.!Something!I!am!thankful! for!is!my!parents!that!put!up!with! me!and!pay!for!my!school!funds.!It! is!nice!to!have!a!brother!to!play!with! and!even!though!we!fight!a!lot,!I!am! still!thankful!to!have!a!brother.!!I!am! lucky!to!have!a!family!that!cares!for! me,!helps!me!when!I!am!having! trouble!at!school,!and!lots!more.!! 2 Family! Shape! ! I!am!a!rectangle!because!I! sleep!for!very!long!times!and!I! talk!for!very!long!times.!I!also! value!4!things!in!life,!sleep,! ocean,!family!and!food.! When!I!am!writing!I! sometimes!write!long! sentences.!When!I!go!surfing!I! sometimes!go!for!four!hours.! I!mostly!ride!long!waves! when!I!go!to!the!beach.!The! reasons!why!I!choose!a! rectangle!because!most!of! the!things!I!do!are!long!and! have!four!things!to!do!with!it! and!those!two!tell!more! about!me!than!other!4Lsided! shapes!
  3. 3. ! ! Family' Rectangle' Awesome Nice Youthful Amazing My family is important to me because they show that they care about me by adopting me. They support me by showing up and just being there for me. Some examples are my dad supported me at the 5th Grade Beginning Band Concert to watch me perform. He also supports my sisters and I by staying at the Ice Palace and watching us skate, instead of dropping us off and going somewhere else. My family has been with me since I was 1 year old and from then on, they have showed affection to me. A few examples are when they help me with my homework and buy me clothes, books, etc. They also have helped me through hard times. One example was when I get a mediocre grade on a project. My mom made me healthy by growing a garden full of non- GMO fruits and veggies. Even though we fight sometimes, my sisters hang out with me when I am bored. They are fun to hang out with, most of the time. I love my family because of the traits that make them who they are. 1 I am a rectangle because like rectangle's sides, I can share knowledge that could go on for a long time. The knowledge I share is things that I learn everyday. I like to be perfect when doing homework assignments and getting perfect grades, like the rectangle's perfect 90° angles. Just like rectangles can be different without changing its shape, I can adjust to different ideas. This means, I can adjust to a new task without having feelings about it. I adapt my ideas in a different way, instead of changing them entirely and can still do a good job. Like a rectangle tessellation, I like to repeat myself until I feel that my point got across to others. Lastly, I think I am a rectangle because I have many friends, like squares are rectangles' friends. They can fit inside the rectangles and I can fit in with my friends well. Rectangles and my personality are similar! 2
  4. 4. ! ! 1050 #EC942 Friends' Books' Academics Nutrition Years Adoption My friends are important to me because they stick up for me, they understand me, cooperate with me, and we help each other go through tough times. We have tons of fun, and at the same time, work together on homework assignments and projects. I learned that when you work with your friends, you get a lot done because as they say, two heads are better than one. Without my friends, I could not live as well because they do favors, lend/provide me supplies, etc. You give and get love, friendship, happiness, sadness, and many more emotions with friends. It is hard to get these emotions by yourself. Friends have and know things you do not have or know. They are like back up family members. These reasons are why our friendship has lasted and survived throughout our life for 8 years! Books are important to me because they teach me new knowledge. They lull me to sleep and keep me company. The books share their ideas and stories for me to enjoy. When I am bored or lonely and absorb me into their life. It feels like I am apart of them. I can pour my emotions into them, like when they are sad, and I like the feel of the pages when I turn them. Without books, I could not live as well because I learn so much from them. For an example, I learned how to knit, bake, draw, and learn to enjoy different types of genres. We make great companions and they take me along their journeys with them. I love books because of these reasons!
  5. 5. Acrostic Poem Creative Academic Diligent Youthful CADY’SBROCHURE Acrostic Poem Calculators Animals Dictionary Young My Family Helping me to enjoy my extraordinary life is what makes my family is really important to me. Cheering me on at soccer games and teaching me to try my best, they are always supporting me. Consistently making my life easier by helping me all the time, I am very thankful for them. They are always doing whatever they can to make me happy like taking me out to places I enjoy. I love them and am so grateful that I have them.
  6. 6. I am a star There are many sides to my life and that makes me feel like I am a star. Dancing, academics, sports, playing the piano and viola are what I like to do. Being onstage makes me feel like I am a star because I am performing. Because I love participating in class, I feel like a star. I am a star because I love being in drama clubs and dance productions. Showing what I can do makes me like a star. Just like how a star shines, I try to glow bright and shine above others. The Three Important Things My Friends My friends mean a lot to me because they help me make decisions by telling me their feedback. They also constantly make me feel welcome by saying hi to me when they see me. They are always nice to me and make me laugh. Helping me to solve my problems and make me feel more cheerful are how they are always there for me. I am very happy that I have them and they are very important to me. Punahou School Punahou School means a lot to me because it provides a learning environment of nice teachers, friends and campus for me that I love. I am really thankful for this school because it helps me to learn and also have fun. It gives me an opportunity to try my best. Punahou School helps me to grow by teaching me to make good decisions like paying attention in class and what is right and wrong. I am very grateful for Punahou School.
  7. 7. Hello books! Loves Disney Everything Christine Mau ! " ! " Cooking Having Reading Imagination Singing To Have fun Igloos Niceness Energy I think Family (mostly parents) is important because they are sometimes the only people you can trust to tell about your feelings and they can help you get through it. They also pay for your shelter when you are a kid and most send their kids to college so they can be successful in life, have a home, get married and have kids of their own. My parents also always (I really mean always) want you to never grow up, get taller and leave them when they go to college. They never want me to grow up because they always want me to be their little baby. My parents will almost always support my choices but they sometimes disagree with my decision and they will also let you learn the hard way when you do something wrong. These are the reasons why Family is so important to me. I love books because they can move you, give you joy, suspense, sadness, and anger. They let you see from a different point of view. Disney movies are really great because they get children to believe in the unbelievable. They make sure its like a picture book come to life. The Disney movies especially make happily ever after stories so children won`t sad. These are the reasons why I love Disney. Dedicated to My family (including all the pets)
  8. 8. America is important to me because I live and go to school in the United States of America. It is important because without it being here people like George Washington, Ben Franklin, and the other Americans would not able have been able to get their freedom. Then, after that the African Americans and women were treated as equal people. I receive a good education here at Punahou School, which costs a fortune. I get to learn new things every day about history, math, and science in school. I have a good home in America, which supports the roof above me, helps my family cook our food, and gives us a place to sleep. I love the attractions all over America from Wet n' wild in Oahu to Disney world in Orlando, Florida because they are so fun and thrilling! These are the reasons I think Family (mostly parents) is important because they are sometimes the only people you can trust to tell about your feelings and they can help you get through it. They also pay for your shelter when you are a kid and most send their kids to college so they can be successful in life, have a home, get married and have kids of their own. My parents also always (I really mean always) want you to never grow up, get taller and leave them when they go to college. They never want me to grow up because they always want me to be their little baby. My parents will almost always support my choices but they sometimes disagree with my decision and they will also let you learn the hard way when you do something wrong. These are the reasons why Family is so important to me. I think that friends are important because they give opinions to your ideas. They are also important because they take you on play dates and sleepovers. Another reason why friends are important is because they cheer you on when you try something new. My friends correct me when I am wrong and they do not complain when I correct them. A significant reason why I think friends are important is because they build up your courage, not tear you down. The final and most important reason is because they love to see their other friends smile, laugh, and be happy! These are the reasons why I think friends are important. Important to me I am a crescent moon because I work best in the late afternoon like when the sun starts to set and the moon takes over. I also chose the moon because when I have projects I usually try to get them done as fast as possible, so I stay up later working on my project. Another reason why I picked the moon is because you can get so many ideas from the moon, and I want to learn how to come up with millions of ideas for projects. The moon is so detailed and cool while the sun plain and hot, I prefer detailed sentences and I am trying to make them as detailed as I can. I enjoy taking in suggestions and adding them to my ideas just like the moon takes in the darkness and changes it into light. These are the reasons why I chose the crescent moon shape.
  9. 9. E xcellent L oving S milie A wesome I am like a dodecahedron because I have so many points and edges. Instead of being all round and boring like a sphere, so I am detailed and unique. I do not like to do the same things as everyone else. I like to think deeper and do things in a different way. Not always I am the same as everyone else because I think differently. My shape is a special and complicated shape. I can be as cool and as unique as a dodecahedron. My Acrostic Poem Elsa Kronen
  10. 10. My family is very important to me because they make my life perfect. My mom and dad always help me and always make me happy no matter what. My parents buy me food and pay for my education. Apart from them paying for the things I need and keeping me alive, my parents love me very much. My parents do everything to make sure that I am happy. They play with me, spend time with me, and love me very much. They make me feel better by comforting me when I am mad or sad and always tell me that I did a good job when I actually did not do so well. They are always supporting me. My brother is nice too, even though he is always bothering me and annoying me, I still love him. He is so funny and fun to play with. Whenever I play with him he makes me laugh so hard. Without him I think that I would be very bored. My brother makes me laugh when I am sad and talks to me when I am mad. My brother can seem like the worse pest in the world, but he can also be the nicest little brother. Without my family I would be miserable and sad, my life would not be as good as it is now, that is why my family is so important to me. My Family My teachers and coaches mean a lot to me because education and fun is the only way to have a successful life. I am so thankful for my education and my teachers. It takes a lot of money to go to a good school like Punahou School. My teachers are always helping me and are always so supportive. They support me when they help me with my work. My 5th grade teachers from last year (who were Mrs. Mclaren and Mr. Link) were so supportive because they would help me with my work and help me become a better student. Because of my teachers, I will be able to become the person that I want to be. Swimming means a lot to me and my coaches were the ones that got me interested and swimming. My coaches are the ones that got me to the level of swimming that I'm at now. All my coaches were very helpful because each one tried to get me to be a better swimmer. My coaches push me to work really hard. My coach, Coach Yen, is always pushing my teammates and I really hard. To make us faster, she makes the sets really hard and when we are not making the interval on time, or going slower than we usually do, we get in trouble. Even though our coach is tough on us, she only means to do well. I know that she wants us to get faster and she always tells us, "no pain, no gain" Coach Yen always helps you and works with you so that you can reach your goal. Every one of my coaches helped me and inspired me to try hard and become a better swimmer. My teachers and coaches are so important to me because they all helped me learn and grow. Nature is very important to me because my family and I love to play in nature. Nature is so wonderful because there are so many things you can do in it. One thing that I love doing is going surfing with my family or hanging out on the beach. Something that my whole family can do together is surfing. I love to hike because it is outside where there are no cars or big buildings, there is just the sound of birds and the smell of plants and flowers. Going on trips is so fun because my family and I get to go and see nature in different parts of the world. Whenever we go on trips, we walk around and look at the beauty. If I did not have nature l would be very sad because there would not be anywhere for my family and I to go have fun.
  11. 11. Honest Understandable Great
  12. 12. I am a kite because I am always flying. What I mean by that is I am always working. For example, when our class wrote expectations about us and our classmates I wrote," I will work my hardest". Working my hardest is me focusing and listening. It is hard to stay focused and listen, but I am trying my best. Working my hardest also includes commitment. Commitment is me committed to my work. That looks like me doing my work consistently not in short runs. It also looks like me coming to school everyday focused. That is School is another important thing because it teaches me how to be a good student. School also gives me a good education. School teaches me how to be a good student by teaching me school rules. For example, if you talk out of turn you have to stay in for recess and you have o be polite. School is very important because it gives me an education. A good education looks like good teachers teaching an understandable lesson to interested students. School also helps you get a good jog when you get older. That is why school is important to me! Another thing that is important to me is friends. Friends are the second most important thing to me besides family. The reason why they are so important to me is because just like family, they comfort me. For example, when someone teases someone else they and felt a little down, but a friend would come over and comfort them. Friends also do nice things for you, that looks like a friend helping you study, making you laugh and being a good or great friend. That is why friends are important to me. You should be thankful you have friends. Family is important to me because my family is always there for me. They also take care of me and they keep me company. They are there for me when I am feeling down or afraid in bad situations. For example, when I had a lot of homework and I had baseball practice everyday, I felt like I would never finish, but my mom helped me make a plan. My family take care of me when I am sick or not feeling well. For example, when I am sick they make me soup and sacrifice everything to be there. They keep me company when my mom and dad are gone. That is why I love them.
  13. 13. ! My!Acrostic! Poems! !Jell/O! ! Accuracy! ! Mango! ! Ice!cream! ! Eleven! Jubilistic! ! Amiable! ! Marvelous! ! Intelligent! ! Educational! !
  14. 14. ! ! Three!Most!Important!Things!in!My!Life! I!have!lots!of!important!things!in!my! life.!Family!is!one!of!the!most!important! things!in!my!life.!My!family!is!very! important!to!me!because!they!take!care!of! me!such!as!giving!me!food,!giving!me!a! place!to!sleep,!buying!me!things!I!need,! and!much!more!stuff.!They!also!support! me!such!as!making!me!feel!better!when!I! am!upset,!help!me!on!things!I!have!hard! time!on,!and!etc.!They!make!me!very! happy,!too.!I!appreciate!that!I!have!such!a! nice!family!on!my!side!that!always!helps! me.!Without!them,!I!wouldn't!be!able!to! do!anything!anything.!! Descriptive!Paragraphs!About!Me!! I!think!a!cube!would!be!the!right!shape!for!me.!The!first!reason!is!that!collecting! interesting!stories!or!ideas!in!my!head!as!if!my!head!is!a!box!is!my!hobby.!The!reason!why! collecting!stories!or!ideas!are!my!hobby!is!because!I!like!to!tell!somebody,!talk!about! them,!and!inform!people.!The!second!reason!why!I!think!I!represent!a!cube!is!because!I! can!remember!lots!of!things!such!as!my!memory!verses!at!church!or!something!that!I! have!to!memorize!for!my!test!and!store!them!in!my!head.!That!is!like!when!I!keep! something!in!a!box,!and!unless!I!throw!it!away,!I!still!have!it.!So!those!are!the!reason!why! I!think!I!would!represent!a!cube.!! Another!thing!I!need!in!my!life!are!my! neighbors.!They!aren't!as!much!as!supportive! as!my!family,!but!they!still!care!for!me.!When!I! have!things!that!I!don't!want!to!tell!my!family,! I!can!talk!about!it!with!my!friends!in!my! neighbor!and!rely!on!them.!Also,!I!want!to! know!many!different!people!that!I!can!hang! out!with.!I!don't!want!to!play!with!my!little! brother!every!single!day!!I!would!get!really! bored.!And!the!reason!why!I!said!the!first!and! second!most!important!things!in!my!life!are! people!is!because!once!people!are!dead,!you! cannot!make!them!come!alive!again.!So!I!think! people!are!much!more!important!than!things.!! The!third!most!important!thing!to!me!is!my!education.!Without!my!education,!I!wouldn't!be!so!smart!when!I!grow! up.!I!would!need!to!get!in!college!to!get!my!job.!I!really!want!to!be!a!pediatrician,!but!if!I!am!not!smart!enough,!I!wouldn't! become!one.!Second,!education!would!be!very!important!in!my!daily!life.!So!the!overall!reason!why!education!is! important!to!me!is!because!I!would!need!it!for!my!daily!life.!
  15. 15. Family Double Bacon Cheeseburgers Kade's writing brochure My family is important to me because they support as much as they can no matter what. In my family I have my dad, my mom, my little sister, and me. They are mostly there for me when I need them like when I hurt my arm in baseball they give me ice. Sometimes they can be really annoying and get on my nerves but they always get better after they calm down. My dad really supports me in baseball and he does whatever he can for me to do my absolute best in everything. Sometimes I get really annoyed because he talks a lot but I know that he only wants me to be great. My mom is always driving us to school and always making sure that we are ready to go. My little sister also plays sports like me except she plays soccer instead of baseball. My dad and I always try to convince her to play, but she does not want to. My sister is really fun and I really enjoy her and she is really fun because when I want to play something outside she comes with me. My family is really supportive and they are awesome. Double Bacon cheeseburgers are important to me because they are very tasty. I have always loved cheeseburgers and bacon. Before I tried a bacon cheeseburger, I never thought of putting them together. I thought that nothing could ever taste better in the world than cheeseburgers. When I tried the double cheeseburger my mind exploded!! That kicked the cheeseburger down to number two. When I tried the double bacon cheeseburger, I almost fainted. It tasted so delicious that it was beyond awesome. When I went to San Francisco, my dad told me about a great burger place called 5 Guys. I wanted to try so badly. When I got there I saw a double bacon cheeseburger, and I ordered it. When I took one bite of the burger, it instantly became my favorite food. Today, my favorite food is still the double bacon cheeseburger, and 5 Guys is still my favorite place to eat and every time we see a 5 Guys we eat there. By Kade Morhara
  16. 16. Acrostic Poems Baseball Shape 1 Baseball is really important to me because it is my favorite sport. I have been playing baseball since I was a little boy. I have a lot of my friends on my baseball team, and they are all fun to hang around with. I have met so many people from baseball that I lost count. I have improved a lot in baseball since I have started, and most of it was because of my wonderful dad. My dad helps me a lot, but nor only in baseball but in life too. I have learned so much from my dad. Sometimes we will go outside and I field ground balls and then I have to throw it back to him. We also got a batting cage so almost every day we go out to hit for about 15 min. on a good day and sometimes we hit for 1 hour and 30 min. on a day that I am not hitting good. My dad helping me and supporting me is a big part of why I love baseball. I really enjoy baseball and my dad working with me, and baseball will always be apart of me. 2 I choose the pentagon because it is the shape of home plate, which is important in my favorite sport that I played since I was little, baseball. Home plate is very significant in the wonderful game of baseball because in order for a base runner to score and help their team to win, they need to cross home plate and touch it. The other bases are important too but they are in the shape of a square, not a pentagon. Home plate is different; it stands out as the only pentagon on the baseball field. Home plate is also very important in baseball because the batters hit there, and it also helps the umpires too. It is easier for the umpires and the batters to get a good idea of the strike zone because the strike zone is always close to the borders of home plate, but still the umpires make some mistakes that you can't help because that is how the game goes. The reason that I am a pentagon is because without it the game that I really enjoy will not be the same and I will not be the same.
  17. 17. Acrostic poem 1 PIZZA There had to be a reason that pizza was made. I value pizza because sometimes when there is a special occasion my family and I go out for pizza, so naturally pizza is special to me. There is also the fact that pizza is delicious. I love how the cheese and tomato sauce and toppings come together so perfectly. I think that those Italians were geniuses and masters of food. Pizza is amazing, and it will always be my favorite food cause of those reasons. Kind Excellent Victorious Interesting Non-null 2
  18. 18. Circle I am a circle because I never stop talking once I start unless someone stops me and keeps me in place. It is also hard to keep me in one place because of I have no corners. Like a circle, I am rounded. My thoughts are unlimited and I never run out of opinions. I also do not like to say things to offend people, like a circle does not have any corners. I am also not too complicated to understand. Circles are common and an important part of the world, like me. I value my family cause they support me and nurture me. My parents get all the electronics I have, such as computers, I Pads, and a DS. That is only part of the reason that I value family, I can also lean on them for support. My family also cares for me when I feel angry or sad. My family also teaches me many things, such as math or an important life lesson. Without them I wouldn't be where I am now. That is why I value family. COMPUTERS Computers are important to me because they allow you to connect with many other people and learn about many different things. The computer helps me search up a variety of things that range from movies to vocab to sports results. You can catch up on new news or watch the latest movies with convenience. Many people use the computer, which allows you to connect with them and share opinions. I also value computers because they are sometimes my only entertainment. For example, If I am on an airplane and there are no games or TV, I can watch or play on the computer. Computers are one of the things I value. PIZZA There had to be a reason that pizza was made. I value pizza because sometimes when there is a special occasion my family and I go out for pizza, so naturally pizza is special to me. There is also the fact that pizza is delicious. I love how the cheese and tomato sauce and toppings come together so perfectly. I think that those Italians were geniuses and masters of food. Pizza is amazing, and it will always be my favorite food cause of those reasons.
  19. 19. Family Mallory Meister Swimming ! "! " My family is important to me because they support me in everything my sister and I do. They support me by encouraging me and they provide us the things that we need like school supplies and food. Our family is so fun; we play games and go to the beach on weekends. Something my family can do together is swimming. My sister and me have been swimming since we were little; my parents swam when they were little also. I am so grateful to have Swimming to me is more than a sport because it clears my mind from everything else in the world. When I swim it is just the water and me and nothing can change that. At swim practice, Coach Yan is usually yelling at us, and then she makes us do hard sets because she is in a bad mood. She is usually in a bad mood because people are cheating. That helps us because it makes us want to work harder and if don’t then she'll be really mad. After practice, she is super nice even though she is still mad at most people because they were cheating or fooling around. I've been swimming since I was in second grade. Even though most people would think that I would have gotten bored with it, but I haven't and it is still the best sport in the world. I wish other people would figure out how awesome swimming is people would figure out how awesome swimming is. Marvelous Amazing Lovely Left handed Obedient Reader
  20. 20. FRIENDS My friends are important to me because they are always there for me. They are always so fun and supportive. They are so awesome because they never leaving me out and include me in games and conversations. I know that I support them because I always include them and encourage them to do what they love. I am so glad I have the friends that I have. I am a Square I am a square because it is so simple but there are so many possibilities. For example, you could add color to a square and make it show emotion. With me, I would wear a certain color to show emotion. I think a square is simple because it only has four sides. With an octagon for example there are eight sides. With a person they can be so basic but you can add things to them and then they have interests and personality. Then they become different then any one other. A square is so simple but can be so interesting, just like me Mermaids Academics Learning Love Orangutans Rain Years
  21. 21. Sleepovers Going to sleepovers is important to me because we get to go to sleep super late like 2:00a.m. and wake up at 5:30a.m. It also helps me bond with my friends. Almost every sleepover I go to, we either play video games, nerf gunfight, or go out somewhere. Most of the time at any sleepover we mostly eat pizza and it is for someone's birthday. Most of the time, after a sleepover, I take a nap when I get home. Sleepovers are important because I can bond with my friends X-Box X-Box is important to me because if my parents are not home, I have something to do. Also I play when I have nothing else to do. My favorite game is Call of Duty Black Ops 2 or any Call of duty game. I also play on Domination. There are three flags and you have to control them all. When I first bought the game, my dad had to go in a buy it because it’s a 17+ game. I also have $50 Turtle Beach headphones so I can listen to the chat and hear the game going on. I love my X- Box. That is why X-Box is important to me Mysterious Incredible Cool Heroic Awesome Excellent Lovable
  22. 22. Parents My Parents is important to me because they are always there for me and they spend a lot of money for me and send me to this nice school. They also make sure that I am in the right place and they take me everywhere. Almost everyday they take me to my baseball practices even though I know they do not want to be there. Also every game. When I am playing x-box, my dad comes over and plays with me. My mom also gives me food and clothes. These are reasons why family is so important to me I chose a triangle because I basically do three things every day like how a triangle has three sides. First, I play Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on my X-box. I like doing that because if there is nothing to do, I have that. My house gets really boring. The second side of the triangle is eating. It gives me a lot of energy for baseball and school. The third thing is sleeping. Even though I don't get a lot of sleep, I still like it because I feel good when I wake up. That’s the reason why I chose a triangle.
  23. 23. ! A circle represents me because my ideas are endless. My ideas are curved because they have a twist and never end the way you think. I am also a circle because I have a hard time starting and getting ideas however, once I start I never end. That is why I am a circle. Playful Awesome Tricky Resourceful Idealistic Creative Keen Popsicles Amusement Tyrannosaurus Rex Ice Cream Kit Kats
  24. 24. ! Video games are important to me because they are fun. I am very good at video games. One of my favorites is Kirby's Return to Dream Land 3. In the game, first a ship crash-lands. You are Kirby and you have to fix his ship. When you fix the ship the owner makes you fight the dragon that destroyed his ship. After that something cool happens. Play that game to find out. I like adventurous games like that. It is a great game and there are lots of other fun video games like it. That is why video games are important to me. Reading is important to me because books are interesting and I enjoy reading stories. Books are interesting because the plots have many twists and turns. A good example is The Red Pyramid. It has many twists and turns. Reading will also help me get new ideas, learn to write better, and improve my vocabulary. That is why reading is important to me. TV is important to me because it is funny. TV makes me laugh. I only watch funny shows, and I end up laughing a lot. That is because laughter makes me happy. It makes me feel good. Mostly, I watch Nickelodeon but sometimes I watch Cartoon Network. My favorite show is SpongeBob. It is funny, and I watch it a lot. It is a great TV show. There are a lot more shows that are like SpongeBob. That is why TV is important to me.
  25. 25. ! My mom is important to me. One reason I love her so much is because my mom provides me with food, and she makes me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And every omelet I get for breakfast has a happy face made with ketchup on it. Another reason why my mom is important to me is because my mom gives me shelter and keeps our family safe. Lastly and most importantly, she loves me and she takes care of me. There is not a person more important than my mom. These are the reasons why my mom is important to me. My second most important thing in my life is my dog. My dog is important to me because my family and I took care of him from when he was little. I tried teaching him tricks with the dog food but he didn’t listen to me and he just tried to take the dog food from me. At first I thought it was a stupid idea to get a dog for a pet if he cant even do tricks but after three years or so I noticed that dogs lessens the amount of stress in my mom and that dogs can be an excellent companion. These reasons explain why dogs are my favorite animal and that my dog is really important to me. My last important thing is watching TV because from TV you can learn a lot of new things from it. I am lucky to have my mom, my dog and being able to watch TV. ! I am a circle. This is because my teacher always says I have no point in my writing. I am also, an irregular polygon because I always make mistakes on my spelling and I don’t make any sense in my writing. I am working on becoming a megagon, which is a shape with 1000000 points and sides. That’s why I am in the Art of Writing class training to become a megagon. I hope at the end of summer, I will at least have some point in my writing. These are the reasons why I feel like a circle and an irregular polygon Terrific Awesome Kind Uncrazy Terrific Optimistic
  26. 26. I am a heart because I am loving and caring and also I am loved a cared for by others like my family, friends, and my basketball team. My family cares for me by loving me they way I am and not changing me. I show my loving affection back to my family by doing and being the best I can be and trying hard in everything that I do. Like at school I try my hardest and study as much as I can. My friends care for me by always standing up for me when I get bullied, or they give me their book if I forgot mine in the classroom. I show love back to them by doing the same things that they do to me that help me, like when they get in a fight with another person I might try to help. Last but not least, my Kalakaua basketball team, they really support me Time America Ruby (my cat) A good education Photos
  27. 27. Family Family means a lot to me because they always have my back at anytime, even if their mad at me, and I always know they still love me no matter what happens. Like when my team is in last place in the tournament my parents always say" you tried your hardest, that's all that matters." I know that they love me a lot because they send me to the best school in the nation, they drive me everywhere, they support me by trying to get me everywhere anywhere, they cheer me on in basketball games, and they provide me with food and shelter. That is why family is important to me. Basketball Team My basketball team means a lot to me because they treat me as they would treat the thirteen year olds on the team. What I really like is when I make a mistake and they keep on cheering me on and say, "Right back Tara!" I also like that even though another team might smash us they are still happy this rarely will happen though. I love it when our team has team bondings because we have so much fun. I really cannot wait go to Vegas with my team. I am going there because we go to Vegas to compete yearly. It will be so fun because I get to hang out with my team for eight straight days!! I always know that my team has my back, like my family. FRIENDS Friends are important to me because the only thing that I look forward to when I go to school is seeing my friends because they are happy and fun to hang out with. I like making new friends because you need to be nice and they need to be nice to you or else you would not want to be their friend. My friends and I always joke around and talk about sports and our music classes. We always try and plan get togethers like sleep overs or a day at the mall. I think my fiends are super cool and important to have in my life
  28. 28. ! " Talented Extraordinary Rare Rambunctious Elegant Nosy Tnt Egg Restaurant Room Emergency Nail Camera Electronic My family is the most important thing in the world. They care for and about me by loving me and being nice and awesome parents. My mom gave birth to me. I am thankful that my parents love me. My family is always there for me no matter what, by picking me up from school, and helping me through some hard times. I love them, and I would be sad my whole life if one of my parents got sick or passed away. I cannot live without them or without their support. I also care about my sister. She looks out for me by helping me through school. She gives me good advice for when I grow older. Now you know why family is so important to me. Friends are also an important thing to people because they can keep you company. You are never lonely when you have friends around you. Also, you can also do things with your friends that require two or more people such as kickball or camping. People in school, or your sport practice, or your music practice, or your neighbor are some places that you can make friends at. If you talk to them you could make friends. Those are the reasons why my friends are so important to me.
  29. 29. School is another important thing because you get to learn different things. School can also help you by teaching you and testing you to see if you understand the things they teach. For example, if you learn decimals there will be a test for it to see if you understand or not. It really helps. You can also make new friends. If you are not shy and you talk to people you can make lots of new friends. Also, you can become smart and have a good job and have a good life. You can make good money and have a sufficient life. Then, you can support your parents and your relatives, and other people like your sister or your brother if you have one. That is why school is important to people. I am an octagon because I always try to stop people from making bad decisions. Every time I see a person that I know that is about to do something bad, I run up to them and them to stop. Next, I give them reasons that explain why they shouldn't do the thing they were about to do like saying bad things about themselves. I don't like people who lie to people because if you lie to someone you're also lying to yourself. People who look down on others are also the type of people who I don't like. It could affect people emotionally and physically. That is why I feel like an octagon.