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Ibm100 making the world work better

  1. 1. IBM100Making the World Work Better23rd March 2011
  2. 2. The IBM CentennialOn June 16, 2011, IBM willcelebrate its 100th anniversaryas a corporation.2 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. In our Centennial year we would like to:1. Share learning from our history to increase understanding of the contribution the modern IBM can make2. Deepen our engagement with society, strengthening existing relationships and developing new ones to drive progress in the world3. Shape a shared view of the future together with the clients and communities we serve in support of a smarter planet3 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. What are the challenges that will occupy us for the next 100 years?4 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. How will we manage unprecedented urbanisation?5 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. How do we reduce waste and inefficiency?6 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. How do we make use of the many new sources of data available?7 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. How can we prepare for the future?8 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. How will we improve diagnoses and treatments?9 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. How do we follow complex chains from cause to effect?10 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. How will people and systems come together to create value?11 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. We’ve answered these questions before12 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. When we look at our past, we can see that we’ve been addressing these kinds of challenges for 100 years. What have we learned?13 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. We learned about . . .Pioneering the science of information The Rise of the Internet - The internet hasFirstly, we have always sought transformed how people live, work, shop andto create the tools and the communicate. In the 1980s, IBM was central toknowledge to accomplish that the establishment of NFSNET in the USambitious work… and to capture developing new technologies, linking existingits economic opportunity… hardware and software to the network, and finding new ways to help create what wasspecifically, the tools of growing into the nation’s information backbonecomputation and the science ofinformation. Blue Gene - The driving strategy behind IBM’s five year, $100 million Blue GeneIt is hard to write the history of the project in the 1990s was to bring Scalable Parallel Processing to practical purposes:science of information without at weather prediction, oil exploration andeach turn encountering the complex manufacturing processes – and toScientists and engineers from IBM dramatically increase a supercomputer’s– the punched card, FORTRAN, speed and efficiency while decreasing its size.System 360, RelationalDatabases, Deep Blue, the Racetrack Memory: Future of Data Storage IBMer Stuart Parkin has created ‘racetrackInternet and Blue Gene. Over the memory’ utilising the spin of electrons andpast 100 years, IBM has shaped enabling mass storage that now requires a diskenterprise computing. drive to fit on a thumbnail-size chip that barely uses any energy. A handheld device could hold a 1000+ movies, run for weeks at a time on a single battery, and be practically unbreakable. 14 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. We learned about . . .Reinventing the modern corporationSecondly, we have built a Patents and Innovation – IBM has toppedparticular kind of organization to the list of the world’s most inventive companies for 18 years. In 2010, IBM wasdeliver this kind of value – and, the first company to be granted more thanimportantly, to sustain it over time. 5,000 U.S. patents in a year. It took IBMs inventors more than 50 years to receiveFrom the beginning, Thomas Watson their first 5,000 patents.Sr. saw that IBM was supposed to bedifferent from the industrial Globally Integrated Enterprise – In 2006,companies that had come before it. Samuel Palmisano, outlined his vision of theHe foresaw an era where intellectual new globally integrated enterprise – thework – thinking - would be the main successor to the multinational corporation -—enterprise of the business. locating operations and functions anywhere in the world, based on the right cost, availability of skills and supportive business environment.From that one notion, come manyothers—strategies on howbusinesses create value in the world, Global Volunteer Network - IBM’s Onhow they attract talent, how they Demand Community was established in 2003engage with society and how they as an online system for IBM employees and retirees to formalize and support theircontinually reinvent themselves. participation in volunteerism in education and not for profit organisations. 15 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. We learned about . . .Making the world work better.Finally, we have pursued the The Social Security System – In the midstbiggest, most transformational of the Great Depression, there was reallyopportunities available to us. We only one company that could provide thathave always aimed to drive progress data processing backbone: of the new US Social Security System, business and society at a largescale.We take a systems-thinking The Apollo Missions – IBM built theapproach. We work side by computers that made it possible for humans to explore space. As a monumental example,side with leaders in the systems NASA used five System/360 machines to runthat power the world: finance, mission-control during Apollo 11’s historicenergy, healthcare, public sector, moon landing in 1969.transportation, retail, automotive,distribution, education, and onand on. Tracking Infectious Diseases – IBM partnered with the Centers for Disease Control to model the spread of H1N1—the “swine flu”—We collaborate with and developed the Spatiotemporalclients to design the futures of Epidemiological Modeller for use in trackingtheir organizations, the trajectories bird flu, dengue fever, and other infectiousof their industries, and, ultimately, diseases that threaten human wellbeing.progress itself. 16 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. And along the way . . .We learned how to make progress happenSee Map Understand Believe ActIntelligent Water Accurate Modeling Watson Transportation Flow Smarter HealthcareSystems of Weather Systems IBM’s latest computer, The city fathers of ManagementIn 2009, IBM and the In Rio de Janeiro, we leverages Question- Stockholm launched a IBM is helpingMarine Institute in are creating an Answering technology, pilot to persuade a Guang DongIreland completed the information command allowing the computer sceptical legislature Hospital in southernSmartBay pilot center to integrate to process & about the smarter China deploy aninformation system. data about weather, understand natural traffic system in electronic patientThe system monitors public safety, language. It Stockholm. It worked - records system thatand analyzes wave healthcare, traffic and incorporates the public saw its offers access to aconditions, marine life more and be better massively parallel reductions of patient’s medicaland pollution levels in prepared for the analytical capabilities congestion and data from anyand around Galway catastrophic that emulate the pollution, and the city location.Bay. mudslides that have abilities of the human fathers saw the devastated the city’s mind. increasing use of hillside favelas. public transit. 17 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. History shows us progress is possible. Forward-thinkers can build a smarter, more secure and more sustainable planet. What can we do together?18 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Please tailor as applicableAn invitation to you . . .To learn more about IBM’s work: – Join the dialogues unfolding on; – Visit our Centennial Exhibit in [location]; [city] and – Attend our Centennial Lecture on [theme]. To continue our conversation about your future: – Participate in a Smarter Planet Exploration Workshop or an Innovation Discovery Workshop with your team; and – Join us at our next [Industry/Executive] event in [location]; [city] What can we do together?19 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. 20 © 2011 IBM Corporation