Ibm social business strategy 2013 v1.0 march 2013


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IBM Social Business Strategy 2013

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Ibm social business strategy 2013 v1.0 march 2013

  1. 1. IBM Social Business Strategy 2013 V.1.0 with IBM Connections & Business Value Overview Frankfurt, Barcelona, Geneva -March 2013Friedel Jonker | IBM Software Client Leader Retail & Consumer Products
  2. 2. IBM Software Group, Friedel Jonker, SCL R&CP Career History and Education 2008- today IBM, SCL Retail & CP, Germany, Business Development Manager IBM & SugarCRM, SCL Travel & Transport, Business Development Manager Analytics & PM, Managing Consultant CRM & BI 1994- 2008 Deutsche Leasing AG, S-Finance Group, Germany, CRM & BI Business and Program Director 1990- 1994 Citicorp-Citibank AG, Germany, European Manager Marketing Database VISA 1989- 1990 Ogilvy & Mather Dataconsult, Germany, Consultant Database Marketing 1988- 1989 Infas, Germany, LOCAL-Direct Project manager for SRPM with Location Intelligence (LI) 1982- 1988 University of Münster, Master of Business Management in Marketing & Statistics Languages and Profile German, English (fluent). CRM, BI/LI Strategy Leader IBM GBS Germany. Winner of the Sales Excellence Award 2005 from the University of St. Gallen and Handelsblatt. Broad experience in Planning and Implementing value based CRM & BI/LI Strategy, Processes, Architecture and Systems. Member of the MIT, Member of the Sales Executive Councile and member of Marketing Alumni, University of Münster, Germany2 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. References –Literature and Presentations 1994-2013 Database Marketing (1994-2000) • Neue Informationsqualität für das VISA Kartenmanagement der Citicorp, in: Oracle Finanzwelt, 1994 • Database Marketing bei der Deutschen Leasing AG, in: Jahrbuch 2000, Deutscher Direktmarketing Verband e.V. CRM (2001-2007) • Von Database Marketing zum CRM, in: Computerwoche, 19/2001 • Customer Relationship Management, Bericht über das Deutsche Leasing CRM-Projekt, in: GoAhead 9/2001, CSC- Ploenzke • CRM – die nächste Generation, Interview mit Friedel Jonker, in: Computerwoche, 33/2002 • Mit intelligentem Database Marketing und CRM zu überdurchschnittlichem Markterfolg, in: Cognos- Kundenmagazin • Case Study Präsentation C3M-Eagle, marcusevans, FoCus Gipfel CRM, Montreux, 19.-21. Januar 2003 • Erfolgreiches Customer Relationship Management bei der Deutschen Leasing AG, Nordakademie, Elmshorn, e-think-tank, Februar 2003 • Konflikte zwischen Vertrieb und Vertrag lösen, in: Praxismagazin für Marktkommunikation der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, 2004, 11. Jahrgang, Nr. 5, S 38 ff • CRM und Sales -2 Seiten einer erfolgreichen Verbindung, im Beratungsbrief von , 23.03.2005 • Deutsche Leasing Gruppe: Mit Siebel/Oracle CRM-System das Neugeschäft jährlich um durchschnittlich 12 Prozent gesteigert, in: Oracle Customer Snapshot Juli 2006 • CRM als strategisches Element der wertorientierte Unternehmensführung der Deutschen Leasing AG -7P Programm für erfolgreiche CRM-Programme – Position_Path_Portfolio_Program_People_Progress_Performance, marcusevans, FoCus Gipfel CRM, Montreux, 14.-16. Februar 2007 • Case Study CRM bei der DL, in Kundenmanagement –Grundlagen-Strategien-Beispiele von Manfred Krafft, März 2007 Multichannel Customer Management (2008-2010) • Vom Callcenter zum Intelligent Multichannel Customer Management Center, IBM Callcenter Circle, Hamburg HASPA, Mai 2008 • Business Intelligence und Performance Management in der Finanzverwaltung, IT & Business Messe Stuttgart, October 2009 , Staatssekretär Dr. Hans Bernhard Beus, CIO des Bundes • Neue Technologien schaffen eine Demokratisierung der Information, Initiative Mittelstand , 16.11.2009 Integrated Realtime Corporate Management (2010-2011) • Integrierte Echtzeit Unternehmenssteuerung (IEU), IBM Partner Channel Kick Off Berlin, Januar 2010, Cloudforce2 Frankfurt, März 2010, Teradata Enterprise Intelligence Summit Berlin, April 2010, IBM Partner University-Frankfurt, April 2010, Bechtle Partner Präsentation Mannheim, Juni 2010, FuM Partner Präsentation Stuttgart, Juli 2010 • Integrated Realtime Corporate Management (IRCM), IBM Europe & Asia IT Architects University Stuttgart, April 2010 • Integrierte Echtzeit Unternehmenssteuerung –IBM Synergy Play, SAP-DSAG Nürnberg, September 2010, IBM ISV Technical Executive Forum Ehningen, Oktober 2010, Institut für BI Stuttgart, Dezember 2010 Social Business, Social CRM and Cloud (2011-YYYY) • Die Rolle von Analytics für Social Software Business, IBM Social Business JamCamp, Frankfurt, October 2011 • SUGARCRM on IBM Social Business Overview @CeBIT 2012, Hannover, März 2012, IBM Partner Event, Kaprun, März 2012 • Social Collaboration and Social CRM in the Secure Cloud today, bwcon: Dialog @IBM 2012, Ehningen, April 20123 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. A decade ago, e-Business fundamentally changed the way we conduct business Surfing Social Selling Browsing Buying © 2013 IBM Corporation4
  5. 5. Today, the social graph is transforming the way we interact. Business has tobecome a Social Business © 2013 IBM Corporation5
  6. 6. Social Business is any company that has integrated and operationalized social media within every job function to generate and implement value driving Ideas by smarter processes and technologies. The World of Ideas Those who will not go with the time, will go with the time !6 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Social Business embraces networks of people to create business value and outperform competition Engaging Transparent Nimble7 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. booz&co, IDC, McKinsey über „Retail und Web 2.0“8 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Social business creates value across everylevel of your company Marketing Reaching new audiences Can achieve 100% increase in market exposure Product Development Speeding time-to-market Can develop and bring new products to market in 1/3 time Sales Improving productivity Can increase sales manager revenue by 40% and improve efficiency by up to 50% Customer Service Improving customer retention Can achieve 5% reduction in customer defection rate increasing profits by up to 68% © 2013 IBM Corporation Source 1: VCC case study, Source 2:Bain & Co , Source 3: Cemex case study, Source 4. Amadori case study9
  10. 10. Leveraging social business for a competitive advantage Activate the Delight Workforce Customers Create a Smarter Create Exceptional Workforce Customer Experiences © 2013 IBM Corporation10
  11. 11. The IBM Platform for Social BusinessEnabling “systems of engagement” solutions © 2013 IBM Corporation11
  12. 12. The Value of a SocialBusiness Platform By leveraging a Social Business Platform, you are able to: Take advantage of a broad range of industry leading social tools Grow your deployment as you need over time on the platforms you require Integrate with your current systems Customize as you see fit Develop an adoption strategy Access your social data from a variety of touchpoints (e.g. applications, desktops, mobile, etc) © 2013 IBM Corporation12
  13. 13. IBM ConnectionsCore Platform13
  14. 14. Social Networking is Collaboration ... … leveraging all IBM Connectionsservices: Profiles - Communities - Files - Wikis - Blogs - Forums - Events Media Gallery - Ideation Blogs - Activities - Activity Stream14 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. IBM Social Business Architecture for Retail & CP IBM Social Business Architecture Social SOCIAL CRM Collaboration Browser Contacts Opportunities Activities Accounts Multichannel Notes Management Products Forecasts Mobile and Offline Social Notes Integration Collaboration Social Funct. Mobile Analytics This Architecture Overview will be the final Future Status. Implementatons takes place in Phases Retail Performance Easy & Integrated Management15 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Social Collaboration in Context of Work16 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. ProfilesRespond faster to customers andmake better decisions Quickly find the people and expertise you need Post a status message informing your network of what you are doing Grow and maintain your professional network Communicate to your network your expertise and content © 2013 IBM Corporation17
  18. 18. ProfilesRespond faster to customers andmake better decisions Social Analytics Social tagging Synchronized Person info Org Structure Social Networking Microblogging Add custom apps © 2013 IBM Corporation18
  19. 19. P r o f i l e sCreate a central person directory Custom text controls with phone number validation Custom multi-selectText & dropdown controls and radio controls Rich text control Custom time & date Picker controls with Form validation19 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. ProfilesCapture information relevant forthe organization Customize Profile View, Edit, Business Card, and Search Results with FreeMarker templates. Extend field definitions from hierarchically defined profile types Control if a particular field is editable, hidden, or indexed for search Out of the box form controls + build your own using any JavaScript library. Support custom layouts with custom logic (i.e. show if users is in-network)20 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. MicroblogsEnable a more effective workforce• Stay informed and connected• Easily share files & photos in your status updates• Specify individuals by using @mentions• Provide feedback by using a single click to indicate Like – See and find others in the organization who liked an entry or comment• Search across all status updates to leverage intellectual capital created in these micro conversations• Follow conversations via hashtags © 2013 IBM Corporation21
  22. 22. Microblogs @ mention anyone in privateDrive the engagement by following messages, including privateconversation easier references to non-members Quick view of all status updates or comments targeted @ you Filter or search on any @ mentions of any user Follow-up on questions with a consolidated view of all your @ mentions directed at others22 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. Microblogs #hashtag in postsBe ready to act with up-to-the-minute in- allow for discoverycontext views of critical activity in your and following of topicsnetwork Engaged networks with @ mentions, in-line liking, and liking of comments. Intuitive user experience encourages viral adoption Take action on content without Switching content © 2013 IBM Corporation23
  24. 24. HomeReduce redundant work A consolidated, customizable overview of your social network Access status updates and content changes from your network Integrate 3rd party content more easily via open standards Take action on content directly from your Activity Stream without switching contexts Share and personalize Status Updates and Files using the share button Repost interesting content from your network in one click View recommendations content to view © 2013 IBM Corporation24
  25. 25. HomeShare and discover ideas and insightsacross the organization Share your current status or files from across the social tools Search across all Discover trending topics Status updates to That are happening now leverage intellectual and filter conversations capital created in these micro conversations © 2013 IBM Corporation25
  26. 26. HomeIntegrate business applications to promotefast action around projects and tasks Action Required view to highlight activity requiring Your attention. Enhanced notifications allowing easy follow up on open conversations Open design allows combining business applications with network updates © 2013 IBM Corporation26
  27. 27. ReduceEmail Digests redundant workReduce redundant work• Includes option to receive followed content as an email digest• Central preferences for how to get notified about different types of content• Ability to follow individual content, people, communities and tags © 2013 IBM Corporation27
  28. 28. Connections MailMail and Calendaring integratedinto the Social experience Integrates with IBM Notes Or Microsoft® Exchange to leverage existing investments More easily manage and share information by moving email conversations and content into the social tools © 2013 IBM Corporation28
  29. 29. Social AnalyticsDiscover what and who you shouldknow Personalized, smart recommendations for the People, Community and Content you should know Based on your Profile, tags, social network, and actions Found in Home page, Profiles and Communities © 2013 IBM Corporation29
  30. 30. CommunitiesIncrease sales and customerretention Help people who share common interests to exchange and share information and ideas Create public, private and moderated communities Share files, watch videos in the media gallery, vote on ideas, plan projects, share using blogs, wikis, forums, and more in a community Calendar provides a central place to plan and coordinate team events © 2013 IBM Corporation30
  31. 31. Communities Increase sales and customer retention Access people and Add a status or information content updateCreate a compelling experience See whats new and take action © 2013 IBM Corporation 31
  32. 32. Community IdeationHarvest and execute ideas faster Gather structured feedback through Ideation Blogs from customers Generation and filtering of the best ideas Post ideas and gather feedback from customers in a more efficient and structured way Allow voting and comments from customers to bring popular ideas to surface Facilitate moving the best ideas to development of the idea via use of Activities32 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  33. 33. Community IdeationHarvest and execute ideas faster Create & vote on ideas Customize ideation settings Add Ideation to your community Graduate ideas to take action © 2013 IBM Corporation33
  34. 34. Community Ideation Manage ideas in aHarvest and execute ideas faster spreadsheet or other productBrowse new ideas withthe Open Ideas ViewMerge duplicates tostreamline votingLock comments & voteson graduated ideas.Export ideas to CSVChoose to show newideas first by default Focus participants on voting on open ideas © 2013 IBM Corporation34
  35. 35. CommunityMetricsUnderstand community adoption Reports / dashboard to monitor adoption and community vitality Comprehensive set of metrics of all Connections services and page views Targeted Users Business Owner / IT Owner Community Owner Supports extensibility Flexible drill down and data slicing Create custom reports or modify existing ones35 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  36. 36. CommunityMetricsUse Social Analytics to driveadoption and deepen engagement Analytics for IBM Connections services and page views provide reports: Top contributors Top content Top activities Flexible drill down and data slicing for more detailed analysis © 2013 IBM Corporation36
  37. 37. Media Media Gallery GalleryShare Use Social Analytics to driveadoption and deepen engagement Upload images and videos for viewing inline Preview an image and watch a video from a preview dialog Stores uploaded images and videos into the Files repository for easy download © 2013 IBM Corporation37
  38. 38. CommunityEventsSchedule and keep track of teamevents Event calendar provides a Many views supported (by week, month, etc) central place to plan and coordinate team events Accessible from IBM Notes® & Microsoft Outlook® Events appear in activity stream Social commenting for each event Webcal link to add to your personal calendar © 2013 IBM Corporation38
  39. 39. Social BridgingBring external content in tosupport collaboration betweenpartners, suppliers, customers Bring multiple communities together to monitor and act on them from a single place Capture relevant content from external websites and bring internal for fast action and collaboration © 2013 IBM Corporation39
  40. 40. Social BridgingAct on information on other sites Topic captured in the dialog Pin to keep the raise visibility of topic Select from your communities and forums Add comments to your posting40 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  41. 41. ModerationEncourage community growth withconfidence Higher quality community participation through moderation Get the benefits of community participation, while also having the confidence of being able to moderate and govern activity and content in your customer communities Protect the community from inappropriate content Community members and owners can participate in the moderation process41 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  42. 42. ActivitiesComplete projects on time andmeet goals Gather the e-mails, IM chats, documents, messages, and other information that you and your team need to accomplish a project Assign To Dos to project members Customize and organize an activity with sections Create an activity for use by the members of a community Create Activity Templates to capture and reuse best practices Leverage activities in small groups or large communities © 2013 IBM Corporation42
  43. 43. FilesSpend less time searching forinformation Share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and others without sending large attachments through e-mail – Tag files so that theyre easy to find; add recommendations and comments – Share files with selected individuals, groups and communities, or make them public – View sharing properties, such as who has shared a file and with whom, people who have downloaded files – Manage versions and allow others to upload new versions – Search for text in the title or body of the file – Organize files in public or private folders – Optionally moderate file submission © 2013 IBM Corporation43
  44. 44. Generate new productBlogs and services fasterGenerate new product andservices faster Blogs help you connect with people - whether you know them or not, whether they are inside or outside your organization, whether they are internal or external. Readers benefit from the knowledge of subject matter experts. Share your unique perspective and expertise — solicit and rate feedback — without worrying about filling up everyones inbox. Blogs help you communicate with your peers or colleagues and accelerate innovation. Optionally moderate blog content © 2013 IBM Corporation44
  45. 45. WikisImprove efficiency across yourorganization An easy way to post, share, and comment on content A place for you and your teams can collaboratively edit content – Create wiki pages; enter and edit content using a rich text editor, adding HTML, or editing in wiki markup – Compare wiki page versions – Subscribe to wiki pages to be notified of changes – Organize pages hierarchically – Recommend, tag, and comment on pages – Subscribe to wiki pages to be notified of changes – Control and assign read access, write access, or manager access privileges © 2013 IBM Corporation45
  46. 46. ForumsReduce support costs withcustomer self-help • Start discussions and exchange thoughts • Brainstorm and collect feedback on new product ideas • Use stand-alone or integrated within a Community • Hold public or private discussions • Foster question-and-answer dialogue • Optionally moderate forum content © 2013 IBM Corporation46
  47. 47. Community Forums Like a forum topicEnable self-support and encourage to share it withdiscussions your followers. Sort to view most “liked” topics in a Forum or across forums. © 2013 IBM Corporation47
  48. 48. BookmarksFaster access to quality information Bookmark any web page and track bookmarks you need quick access to in a single place Surface popular bookmarks and see what topics are trending Enhance search results with relevant, highly rated bookmarks Find information faster by leveraging the experience of others © 2013 IBM Corporation48
  49. 49. MobileAny time anywhere comprehensivemobile ACCESS Comprehensive update of mobile features Device specific gestures (i.e. sliding drawers vs. split views) Improved usability via native device capabilities Camera Device contacts Open In/Share with the application Offline Access QR Codes Full support for activity Stream with 3rd party Start the mobile app from a events and their embedded applications browser or another mobile app on the device © 2013 IBM Corporation49
  50. 50. MobileAny time anywhere comprehensivemobile ACCESSSimplified AccessMultiple accountsDefault loginApplication CustomizationRe-brand and themeCustom service definitionsCustom login formEULA or information pagesbefore granting accessImproved security capabilitiesRemote account provisioningPassword managementEncryptionRemote wipe & deny accessBuild configuration profileenforcementClientless VPN support © 2013 IBM Corporation50
  51. 51. Embed the ActivityStream in OtherContexts Leverage the activity stream in any OpenSocial container. Expose as-is or pin to a specific filter (i.e. a community) Uses embedded applications to enabled full interaction model. Out of the box integration with IBM WebSphere Portal & Notes 9.0 Social Edition.51 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  52. 52. Connections andWebSpherePortalCreate compelling social webexperiences in 1-2-3 Drive innovation and improve collaboration through socially-infused experiences Allow users to find the right people Enable customers to provide feedback Incorporate Connections Apps: Activities, Blogs, Bookmarks, Profiles, Wikis, Tag Cloud WebSphere Portal V7 customers are entitled to IBM Connections Files and Profiles Download at © 2013 IBM Corporation52
  53. 53. Community Pagesfor WebSpherePortal Combine Social Portlets alongsideInfuse social into Portal pages web content andExposing IBM Connections Communities applications Social data is surfaced through the portal user interface linking multiple pieces together, Participate in Community such as Blogs and existing business content Blogs Combine Connections Community content with Browse through existing applications and media Community Media Gallery Personalize social content to deliver a highly engaging, personalized experience Connections Profiles business cards available for user profiles on the web siteExtensible via Web Experience Factory Wire in tags for quick search Include existing links additional resources Code provided by IBM for further customization and enhancements needed for your web experience Download at © 2013 IBM Corporation
  54. 54. Status UpdatesPlug-In for IBMNotes Post your status so that colleagues can see what you are working on View status updates from colleagues in your network View status updates from colleagues you are following Comment on a status posting View your board or someone elses board View the list of people you follow Download at © 2013 IBM Corporation
  55. 55. Files Plug-In for IBMNotes Upload files for your own use or to share with others Drag and drop an attached file or a file from your desktop to Files Drag and drop or copy and paste a file from Files to your desktop Send an HTML link to a file Search for files Sort files for easier browsing Open Connections Files in a browser Download at © 2013 IBM Corporation55
  56. 56. Activity Stream inIBM NotesBring social to the end user toaccelerate adoption © 2013 IBM Corporation56
  57. 57. Interactivenotifications in IBMNotesBring social to the end user to accelerateadoption © 2013 IBM Corporation57
  58. 58. IBM ConnectionsDesktop Plug-insEasily share your personal files Personal Files ■ Share any file in the context of your work ■ Personal files experience in Windows Explorer ■ Facilitate ease of sharing of any file on desktop ■ Round trip editing available in Windows Explorer Community Files and Media Gallery ■ Communities that have a files component can be added to the Windows Explorer view ■ “My Communities” are discovered by search and via a picker ■ Public Communities are discovered by search with type ahead ■ Media Gallery files will be shown mixed in with the Community files view ─ Previews can be shown only for those media files that are in the media gallery ■ Round trip editing available in Windows Explorer ■ Download at © 2013 IBM Corporation58
  59. 59. Enhanced MicrosoftOutlook IntegrationYour choice of toolsIBM Connections content is directly accessible from Outlook Share files easily by sending links instead of attachments Drag-n-drop email messages and attachments directly to the IBM Connections sidebar Receive live updates from your colleagues, communities and files Automatically syncs Social Network directory data to Outlook Contacts View activity stream via Outlook Drag the file right Social Connector Into an email message To send a link to an IBM Connections file. © 2013 IBM Corporation59
  60. 60. IBM Connections andMicrosoft OfficeAccess common tasks in Connections Use the IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Office to extend your social Access network to your documents Connections features and search ■ Add a document to Files, Communities, Activities, Blogs or Wikis ■ Create a To-Do item in an Activity ■ Create a Bookmark from a URL embedded in a document ■ Insert a Bookmark or a Profile into a document ■ Search for Connections content © 2013 IBM Corporation60
  61. 61. IBM Connections andMicrosoft SharePointAdd robust social capabilities to legacySharePoint content SharePoint widget available for Connections Communities Access and Edit Microsoft SharePoint files Open and add files to SharePoint Libraries from within a Connections Community Download at © 2013 IBM Corporation61
  62. 62. CollaborativeIBM Connections and Decision MakingIBM Cognos 10 IntegrationCollaborative decision making Turn dashboard insights into team action with activities integration Use search integration of Connections assets to discover the information you need fast for collaborative decision making Build decision networks to engage the right people at the right time Customer Feedback of the Integration: “In making decisions we need to access the right stakeholders and experts. Social Media allows us to bring those people together and access the Trusted Information in Cognos 10.”62 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  63. 63. IBM Connections andIBM Rational TeamConcert IntegrationDevelopers can share and interact with the socialnetwork ● Plugin for Rational Team Concert (RTC) web interface ● Enables Rational Team Concert development teams to collaborate with all stakeholders via Connections ─ Connects RTC User Accounts to Connections User Accounts ─ Connects RTC Projects to Connections Communities ─ Enables viewing of Connections Business Cards within RTC Web UI ● Makes it easy for developers to share and interact with the social network ─ Easy to share RTC Work-items as Blog Entries, Forum Posts or Status Updates ─ Browse and Search Connections from within the RTC Web UI 6 IBM 3 ● Complements existing ways to integrate RTC and Confidenti al Connections ─ Both systems support dashboard widgets/gadgets ─ Both feature comprehensive REST APIs View the online demo63 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  64. 64. Social EverywhereExpand the reach of IBM Connections64
  65. 65. Foundation for aSocial BusinessIts about the people and informationSocial business is an investment in your technology infrastructureIBM is committed to Open Standards to enable integration across your critical business applicationssaml, aria, html5 © 2013 IBM Corporation65
  66. 66. Expand Openness in IBM ConnectionsBring collaboration to the users context OpenSocial Standard API to share social data across applications. Enables secure integration of non-trusted gadgets for in- Available In: context collaboration. IBM is on Board of Directors and invented Embedded Applications Primary event propagation mechanism for Social Business Contain events and the means to act upon them in-context (via Embedded applications) IBM is lead editor OAuth Delegated Authorization for integration without federated identity Can use a variety of authentication mechanisms (SAML, etc.) Cornerstone for secure authorization in heterogeneous environments © 2013 IBM Corporation66
  67. 67. Expand Openness in IBM ConnectionsBring collaboration to the users context SmartCloud67 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  68. 68. Flexibility of deployment optionsSupport a large set of system platforms and deployment options © 2013 IBM Corporation68
  69. 69. IBM Connections Single Codestream Across Cloud and On-Premises IBM SmartCloud IBM IBM Connections PureSystems On-Premises IBM WebSphere Portal © 2013 IBM Corporation69
  70. 70. Unified APIs for the IBM Social BusinessToolkitProvide exceptional work experience Embedded Experiences Share Box Activity Streams New APIs and services designed to help developers build unified user experiences and consistent extensibility independent of product, delivery model Collaboration - Communities (cloud, on-premises), and client type - Activities (desktop client, browser, mobile) - File sharing Unified - Wikis, forums Communication - ... © 2013 IBM Corporation http://ibmsbt.openntf.org70
  71. 71. IBM ConnectionsAdd-ons71
  72. 72. IBM Connections Content Manager Views* Views* Nested Nested folders Check in // out Check in out folders documents documents Count and sort Count and sort by number of by number of Likes and Likes and Downloads Downloads Trash can for Trash can for *Views *Views “soft” delete “soft” delete © 2013 IBM Corporation72
  73. 73. IBM Docs Improve simplicity and efficiency by which teams build documentsIBM Docs brings to life IBMConnections FilesPreview, present and printfiles without downloadingWeb-based editors forcreating and sharingdocuments, spreadsheetsand presentationsReal-time co-editingSoon: IBM Docs available inMobile © 2013 IBM Corporation 73
  74. 74. IBM Social Business AGENDA From Today into the Future A Align Organizational Goals & Culture Social Business G Gain Social Trust E Engage through Experiences N Network Your Business Processes D Design for Reputation & Risk Management A Analyze Your Data © 2013 IBM Corporation74
  75. 75. Start your Social Business Journey with IBM Social Business Agenda Accelerating the value from connecting people in and outside the organization A Align Organizational Goals & Culture Social Business G Gain Social Trust E Engage through Experiences N Network Your Business Processes D Design for Reputation & Risk Management A Analyze Your Data Source: “Get Bold: Creating a Bold Social Media AGENDA for Your Business” by Sandy Carter, ISBN: 0132618311, Copyright © 2011, IBM Press75 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  76. 76. The Social Business Agenda Strategy Workshop provides the overall business linkage for successful Social Business transformation Business Value Assessment (BVA) AGENDA Solution Strategy Workshop Day in Workshop Value Business the Life Alignment Case/ROI Demo What could What does How can we or should we the social financially Can you show What is my do with a business justify our some part of Social social experience social the solution in Business business look like for business my strategy? solution? us? solution? environment? A G E N D A76 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  77. 77. IBM Connections and IBM Content Collector for Compliance IBM Content Collector for IBM Connections helps organizations to manage compliance in the social business IBM Content Collector archives content from files, blogs, wikis, activities, forums, bookmarks and profiles to make it available for eDiscovery IBM Content Collector is part of the IBM Information Lifecycle Governance portfolio offering organizations a comprehensive strategy for enterprise wide compliance and governance solutions More information: © 2013 IBM Corporation
  78. 78. IBM Connections and Actiance Vantage for Compliance All Connections posts, comments, blogs, etc will be logged instantly and made available for eDiscovery Vantage™ for IBM Connections helps organizations to manage compliance across all IBM Connections apps Real time integration captures all actions instantly: Real-time content monitoring Support keyword blacklist Granular policies to map compliance requirements by user type eDiscovery via full web UI Send alerts via email, e.g. when user posts content with blacklisted phrases78 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  79. 79. Social Business Key Focus Areas © 2013 IBM Corporation79
  80. 80. IBMs Social Business LeadershipThe Foundation to deliver “social” Native mobile support for phones and wherever it is required to increase tablets usage and encourage adoptionComprehensive out-of-the-box solution for cloud, Pipeline of innovation from IBM Research on-premises and hybrid allows us to deliver new value fasterWidest range of deployment options to protect Social meets Business Process – its time existing information technology investments for a transformationProven Scalability and Open Standards based architecture Worldwide Market 2X A Leader! Forrester Leader in Aragon IBM is in the leader Leader for 3 years in Wave Enterprise Research Globe for quadrant in the Gartner a row! Social Platform and Enterprise Social Magic Quadrant for Cloud Strategies for Software Social Software in the Online Collaboration Workplace, August Software Vendors 2011 1 Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace, August 2011 2 Source: The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Social Platforms, Q3 2011 and The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Strategies for Online Collaboraton Software Vendors, Q3 2012, Forrester Research, Inc 3 Source: IDC: Number 1 position from 2009-2011, IDC Worldwide Enterprise Social Software 2011 Vendor Shares, doc #235273, June 2012. 4 Source: Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Social Software, Aug 2012 © 2013 IBM Corporation80
  81. 81. Why IBM is your best Social Business Partner Market Leadership recognized by IDC, Gartner & Forrester – IBM is #1 Market Share Leader in Social Software Platforms (IDC, June 2010-11) – 35% of Fortune 100 companies have purchased IBM Social Collaboration Software – OpenSocial specification design leadership Socially Designed for User Engagement – 5th major release since June 2007 Social “Everywhere” Strategy vs Pay Everywhere – Investment Protection: Comprehensive out-of-the-box integration and widest range of deployment options to protect existing information technology investments – Enterprise Social Software: Proven Scalability, Open Standards based architecture ... We “socialize” your applications Extensive Mobile support – Blackberry, iPhone, Android & Nokia S60 3rd & 5th edition Deep Industry Skills and Social Transformation Experience – AGENDA: Deployment, Integration and Adoption Best Practices – Time to Market Advantage: Enabling the next generation of socially-enabled solutions on customers existing investments and heterogeneous platforms Pipeline of innovation from IBM Research delivers new value faster © 2013 IBM Corporation81
  82. 82. Check out whats new onIBM Connections IBM Connections 4.0 Overview Demo Android Demo on YouTube iPad Demo on YouTube Check out 4.5 in Greenhouse Sample Community in Greenhouse © 2013 IBM Corporation
  83. 83. External Resources and Information New IBM Social Landing Page Latest product info, research, podcasts, and more IBM Connections Team Blog Assets, discussion, and opinion about driving the adoption of IBM social software App/Widget Catalog http://catalog.lotus.com83 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  84. 84. Social Business is not an option – its a mandate Social Business Becoming a Social transformation Business is easy delivers real with IBM business value Connections Start Your Social Business Journey Now! © 2013 IBM Corporation84
  85. 85. 85 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  86. 86. Customer Differentiation: IBM technology powers more Internet Retailer Top 500 sites thanany other Multi-Channel platform Range Rank Company Name 2011 Report 2 Staples Inc. 7 Sears Holdings Corp. 8 Liberty Media Corp. (QVC) WebSphere 14 16 *Costco Wholesale Corp. Commerce powers 21 L.L. Bean Inc. 22 Target Corp. over $27 Billion of 30 *Avon Products Inc. Top 33 Redcats USA Internet Retailer 100 43 Home Depot Inc., The 45 Inc. sales in the IR Top 54 Scholastic Inc. 56 Abercrombie & Fitch Co. 500. 58 Follett Higher Education Group 74 Disney Shopping Inc. 85 Northern Tool + Equipment Co. 86 Bass Pro Outdoor Online LLC This is over 2x more 91 Lowes Cos. Inc. 103 Harry and David Holdings Inc. than our nearest 127 The Childrens Place Retail Stores Inc. 137 Dillards Inc. competitor ATG ($12 138 VF Corp. 153 LifeWay Christian Resources Billion)… 164 Coach Inc. 166 Hallmark Cards Inc. 171 Ritz Interactive Inc. 179 Panasonic Corp. of North America and more than all of 196 Fossil Inc. 200 Borders Direct our main 214 JoS. A. Bank Clothiers Inc. 238 competitors (ATG, 240 Top 247 BJs Wholesale Club GSI Commerce, Fry, 300 252 Sam Ash Music Corp. 281 Moosejaw Mountaineering and Microsoft) 282 Boscovs Department Store LLC 299 West Marine Products COMBINED. 331 332 Davids Bridal Inc. Top 363 The Mens Wearhouse Inc. 400 366 376 Sterling Jewelers Bealls Inc. Two-thirds of the Top *2012 Go Live 100, and >50% of 86 © 2013 IBM Corporation the Top 250
  87. 87. IBM Integrated Software Solutions Portfolio Software Solutions GroupBusiness Social Industry SolutionsAnalytics Business Commerce Enterprise Content Management Portal Enterp. Commerce Marketing Man.87 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  88. 88. Investing to Enable Our Customers • $16B+ in 30+ Acquisitions Since 2005 • 10,000+ Technical Professionals 2012 Compensation & Sales Performance Management Supply Chain Optimization • 7,500+ Dedicated Consultants Price & Promotion Optimization • Largest Math Department in Private Industry Advanced Security Analytics • 27,000+ Business Partner Certifications Risk and Regulatory Analytics Social Analytics/Consumer Insight • 8 Analytics Solutions Centers Workload Optimized Systems • Optimized hardware and software offerings Advanced Case Management • 100 analytics-based research assets; almost 300 researchers Content Analytics Decision Management Stream Computing Pervasive Content pureScale pureXML Deep Compression Developer Productivity Autonomic Operations 2005 88 © 2013 IBM Corporation
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