IBM Mobilizing Minds With Ib Ms Mobility Strategy 2010


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IBM Mobilizing Minds With Ib Ms Mobility Strategy 2010

  1. 1. Mobilizing Minds with IBM´s Mobility Strategy 2010 Friedel Jonker Manager Business Development IBM IBM Software Group E-mail: Twitter:
  2. 2. Step 1 - Connection • First you want to connect to your company network… IBM Lotus Mobile Connect • What does it do? • Creates a secure (VPN) connection between your device and the company gateway • Selects automatically an available network connection (configured on the device) • Switches between these network connections while maintaining the session: Seamless Roaming More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  3. 3. Lotus Mobile Connect Secure connection across all modes of access (desktop, browser, mobile) Secure Connectivity Challenge: Sensitive information across networks Secure and seamless access to business information Wide variety of networks (wireless, wire line, transient) Secure VPNs High cost of moving data Sametime Solution: Secure VPN with seamless roaming Strong data encryption / Authentication User authentication Secure wireless / wire line roaming over 35+ networks Customizable least cost routing Browser Transparent network transitions (e.g. from WiFi - corporate campus / Data “coffee shop” to GPRS connection – in the car) encryption Optimized Open Security Standards access RSA, AES, DES Sametime FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria EAL3+ Screencam IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  4. 4. Step 2 - Mail • Then you want to check your mail… IBM Lotus Notes Traveler • What does it do? • Push mail solution for Domino to Windows Mobile Clients. • What about other platforms? • Blackberry – Blackberry Enterprise Server • Nokia – Intellisync • Mixed environments: Excitor, Commontime , etc. More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  5. 5. Lotus Traveler on Windows Mobile Device Screencam IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  6. 6. What if your device is not (yet) supported ? IBM Lotus iNotes • Available to test beta on iNotes- ultra light mode More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  7. 7. Step 3 – Sametime • After you have checked your mail you want to get in touch… IBM Lotus Sametime Mobile • What does it do? • Sametime on Windows, Symbian and RIM Blackberry OS devices • Comes with IBM Lotus Sametime Standard V8.0 More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  8. 8. Architecture HTTPS Managed Virtual Private Network Firewall Firewalll Lotus Sametime Lotus Mobile Connect (optional) DMZ Trusted Domain Initial devices supported • Sametime Mobile features – Full Buddy List availability BlackBerry (4.0+) – Quick-search within Buddy List – 2-way chat between users Nokia series 60 – “N-way group chat – Auto-store/auto-retrieve chat history between chat sessions Windows Mobile 2003 – Address card integration/lookup – Emoticon support Windows Mobile 5 / 6 – Buddy List auto-sort – Quick-text (user editable) – External Buddy support - AIM/Yahoo/Google/etc (tentative) IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  9. 9. What if your device is not (yet) supported ? • Lotus Sametime Web Messenger * IBM Lotus Software | Mobility Work in progress*
  10. 10. Step 4 - Applications • Then you want to start working and access (web)applications… IBM WebSphere Portal • What does it do? • Transcoding of the portal navigation structure • Navigation to pages are automatically transformed into dropdown list • The portlets on the pages are accessible by dropdown list More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  11. 11. IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  12. 12. IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  13. 13. IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  14. 14. Step 4 – Applications on the right size • Then you have your specific application, but not at the right size… what now? IBM WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal • What does it do? • On top of WebSphere Portal… Transcodes the portlets • Extends portlets to a wide range of mobile devices • “write once, render many” mobile devices with device-independent authoring • Utilizes a continuously updated device repository and adapts to new devices without any changes to the existing content More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  15. 15. IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  16. 16. Step 5 – Web 2.0 applications • You want to create and deliver web2.0 apps? IBM Lotus Mashups • What does it do? • A graphical, browser-based tool tool that will help enable easy, on-the-glass assembly of new applications by Web-savvy business users • A Mashup catalog which will help facilitate the sharing and discovery of mashup components, with planned, built-in community features like ratings, tagging, commenting • An easy-to-use development environment rapid creation of dynamic widgets • A rich set of out-of-the-box, business-ready widgets More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  17. 17. Lotus Mashups* Not for all mobile webbrowsers* IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  18. 18. Step 6 – Keep working • That was the online part, but what if you don’t have connection… what then? IBM Lotus Expeditor • What does it do? • universal managed client software (used for Sametime 8, Notes 8 and in future Sametime Mobile) • Client on Windows, Linux, Mac, Symbian, Windows mobile • Synchronizes data and application More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  19. 19. Lotus Expeditor: Connections Traditional Browser Applications Always on / Always Connected Full application support – at the client Request Web Container DB2 Response Transaction • Enable better responsiveness Container MQ – Minimal round trip to server(s) Browser Portal • Improve end to end scalability Server: Portal, WebSphere, Forms, Sametime, Domino – Locally hosted business logic • Enable transparent server interaction when server becomes available – Outgoing - Complete transactions when connected – Incoming - Refresh/Update local content when connected • Enable mobility – “Full” disconnected for long periods of time (i.e.: on an airplane) Web Container DB2e DB2 Transaction MQ Container MQ e Expeditor Server • Rich Client or Browser Connectors • Laptop / Desktop or Device Expeditor Applications Productive Anytime / Anywhere IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  20. 20. Lotus Sametime Mobile client on Expeditor Work in progress*
  21. 21. Step 7A – IBM Special Product Clients Lotus Connections Client Screencam… More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  22. 22. Step 7B – IBM Special Product Clients IBM Cognos 8 Go! Mobile More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  23. 23. Step 8 - Don´t forget to Feed • Works anyplace anytime anywhere • Online and Offline • The whole Lotus Portfolio is “Feeded” – Lotus Connections – Lotus Sametime Advanced – Lotus Quickr – Lotus Notes - template to enable DB´s – Domino Blog IBM Lotus Software | Mobility
  24. 24. Step 9 – When even a PDA is too Heavy Notes on a (USB) stick -- came in Notes 7.0.2 Description Enables users to take their Notes experience with them on a USB stick. Customer Profiles / Use Cases: Satellite Office workforce Workers that do not have laptops Ready backup capability for Notes environment Workers that want to take their “Notes” experience to other computers (hotels, customer site, remote office, etc..) More… IBM Lotus Software | Mobility