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Ibm future of retail and consumer products 2013


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Ibm future of retail and consumer products 2013

  1. 1. Retailing for today´s Smarter ConsumersBusiness is People ☺IBM Future of Retail & Consumer Products 20132I Intelligent Integrated 4S BlueprintSolutions, Software, Systems and ServicesFriedel JonkerIBM Software Client LeaderRetail & Consumer ProductsIBM Frankfurt, Barcelona, GenevaVersion 1.1, 2013/03/01The 7 Cs of IBM Social Business & more DevelopmentCreativity, Competence, Contacts, Communication,Connections, Collaboration and Change
  2. 2. 2 IBM Software Group, Friedel Jonker, SCL R&CP Career History and Education 2008- today IBM, SCL Retail & CP, Germany, Business Development Manager IBM & SugarCRM, SCL Travel & Transport, Business Development Manager Analytics & PM, Managing Consultant CRM & BI 1994- 2008 Deutsche Leasing AG, S-Finance Group, Germany, CRM & BI Business and Program Director 1990- 1994 Citicorp-Citibank AG, Germany, European Manager Marketing Database VISA 1989- 1990 Ogilvy & Mather Dataconsult, Germany, Consultant Database Marketing 1988- 1989 Infas, Germany, LOCAL-Direct Project manager for SRPM with Location Intelligence (LI) 1982- 1988 University of Münster, Master of Business Management in Marketing & Statistics Languages and Profile German, English (fluent). CRM, BI/LI Strategy Leader IBM GBS Germany. Winner of the Sales Excellence Award 2005 from the University of St. Gallen and Handelsblatt. Broad experience in Planning and Implementing value based CRM & BI/LI Strategy, Processes, Architecture and Systems. Member of the MIT, Member of the Sales Executive Councile and member of Marketing Alumni, University of Münster, Germany
  3. 3. References –Literature and Presentations 1994-2012Database Marketing (1994-2000)• Neue Informationsqualität für das VISA Kartenmanagement der Citicorp, in: Oracle Finanzwelt, 1994• Database Marketing bei der Deutschen Leasing AG, in: Jahrbuch 2000, Deutscher Direktmarketing Verband e.V.CRM (2001-2007)• Von Database Marketing zum CRM, in: Computerwoche, 19/2001• Customer Relationship Management, Bericht über das Deutsche Leasing CRM-Projekt, in: GoAhead 9/2001, CSC- Ploenzke• CRM – die nächste Generation, Interview mit Friedel Jonker, in: Computerwoche, 33/2002• Mit intelligentem Database Marketing und CRM zu überdurchschnittlichem Markterfolg, in: Cognos- Kundenmagazin• Case Study Präsentation C3M-Eagle, marcusevans, FoCus Gipfel CRM, Montreux, 19.-21. Januar 2003• Erfolgreiches Customer Relationship Management bei der Deutschen Leasing AG, Nordakademie, Elmshorn, e-think-tank, Februar 2003• Konflikte zwischen Vertrieb und Vertrag lösen, in: Praxismagazin für Marktkommunikation der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, 2004, 11. Jahrgang, Nr. 5, S 38 ff• CRM und Sales -2 Seiten einer erfolgreichen Verbindung, im Beratungsbrief von , 23.03.2005• Deutsche Leasing Gruppe: Mit Siebel/Oracle CRM-System das Neugeschäft jährlich um durchschnittlich 12 Prozent gesteigert, in: Oracle Customer Snapshot Juli 2006• CRM als strategisches Element der wertorientierte Unternehmensführung der Deutschen Leasing AG -7P Programm für erfolgreiche CRM-Programme – Position_Path_Portfolio_Program_People_Progress_Performance, marcusevans, FoCus Gipfel CRM, Montreux, 14.-16. Februar 2007• Case Study CRM bei der DL, in Kundenmanagement –Grundlagen-Strategien-Beispiele von Manfred Krafft, März 2007Multichannel Customer Management (2008-2010)• Vom Callcenter zum Intelligent Multichannel Customer Management Center, IBM Callcenter Circle, Hamburg HASPA, Mai 2008• Business Intelligence und Performance Management in der Finanzverwaltung, IT & Business Messe Stuttgart, October 2009 , Staatssekretär Dr. Hans Bernhard Beus, CIO des Bundes• Neue Technologien schaffen eine Demokratisierung der Information, Initiative Mittelstand , 16.11.2009Integrated Realtime Corporate Management (2010-2011)• Integrierte Echtzeit Unternehmenssteuerung (IEU), IBM Partner Channel Kick Off Berlin, Januar 2010, Cloudforce2 Frankfurt, März 2010, Teradata Enterprise Intelligence Summit Berlin, April 2010, IBM Partner University-Frankfurt, April 2010, Bechtle Partner Präsentation Mannheim, Juni 2010, FuM Partner Präsentation Stuttgart, Juli 2010• Integrated Realtime Corporate Management (IRCM), IBM Europe & Asia IT Architects University Stuttgart, April 2010• Integrierte Echtzeit Unternehmenssteuerung –IBM Synergy Play, SAP-DSAG Nürnberg, September 2010, IBM ISV Technical Executive Forum Ehningen, Oktober 2010, Institut für BI Stuttgart, Dezember 2010Social Business, Social CRM and Cloud (2011-YYYY)• Die Rolle von Analytics für Social Software Business, IBM Social Business JamCamp, Frankfurt, October 2011• SUGARCRM on IBM Social Business Overview @CeBIT 2012, Hannover, März 2012, IBM Partner Event, Kaprun, März 2012• Social Collaboration and Social CRM in the Secure Cloud today, bwcon: Dialog @IBM 2012, Ehningen, April 2012• IBM Future of Retail & Consumer Products 2012, Frankfurt, September 2012
  4. 4. Friedel Jonker Wilhelm-Fay-Strasse 30-34Dipl.-Kaufmann D-65936 FrankfurtSoftware Client LeaderRetail & CP Phone (+49)-69-6645-1227IBM Software Group Fax (+49)-69-6645-5640 Mobile (+49)-160-9638657 information from IBM and me. Look at Xing, Linkedin, Youtube,Twitter, Scribd, Slideshare, Lotus Greenhouse and Pinterest. Selection of Companies on my Networks: 3M, Amadeus, Ameriprise, Booz & Company, Citigroup, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom,Join my Networks as Philip Kotler (North.West.Uni), Manfred Krafft (WWU Münster),Thomas H. Davenport (Babson College), Peter Weill (MIT), Jeanne W. Ross (MIT), Deloitte & Touchee, Ernst & Young, IBM, Lufthansa,Andrea Back (St. Gallen), Jon Katzenbach (Booz), Genie Z. Laborde (I.D.E.A.), McKinsey, Nestle, Nokia, O2, REWE, Samsung, Sears,Daniel Pink, Ross Dawson (AHT) Charles Savage (KEE), Soumitra Dutta (INSEAD) Siemens, Swisscard, Thomas Cook, TUI, Vodafone,Chuck House (Stanford Uni.), Thomas Hutzschenreuter (WHU), Gunter Dueck (IBM), Volkswagen and more.David Croslin and other leading Thinkers and Practitioners have already done it.Business is People ☺
  5. 5. “The Future willlook like the way we are creating IT.”
  6. 6. Today’s Smarter Consumer sees one brand, not multiple channels andwant a seamless, consistent satisfying customer me experience Know me Value me Inform me Serve me Secure me
  7. 7. IBMs Solution, Systems and Services for todaysand future Smarter Consumers -General Roadmap Where your company has to go ? What IBM can do 4U ? High profitable High speed to market !? Take your time and In which Phases do you What you want that IBM follow our Digital want to achieve what should do 4U ? Transformation Journey and how ?Digital Transformation !? In this presentation and on Youtube 1) Lowering Costs !? IBM Retail Digital Transformation Journey on Youtube: SLDKb1fWNpJlfia1nJECF
  8. 8. The biggest challenge in Retail and CP today is what’s happening on theother side of the counter. Consumers are becoming Smarter! Custome rInstrumented Informed Deals Brand Pricing Product Details Preference Reviews Product Comparisons Product AvailabilityInterconnected Empowered Influencing Buying Decisions Intelligent Engaged
  9. 9. Industry changes mean that Retailers must adapt to the changing consumer Sell what customers want Know what price point will at their preferred point of draw customers and increase purchase profitability mix Ability to adapt new Deliver personalized services and new ways promotions and to sell based on how optimized marketing customers are buying spend Optimize inventory investment with minimal Drive maximum revenue and stockouts profitability through all channels
  10. 10. Retail and Consumer products companies must leverage data to adapt tothe changing consumer and global marketplace Optimize inventory Lean operations investment with minimal & create accurate forecasts stock-outs Know the Operational consumer & GRC & Fraud multichanneling Gauge consumer Accurately predict sentiment and act demand and consumer accordingly behavior Supply chain traceability Safety, quality, and and promotional spending efficacy of products analysis new requirements Gain real-time production visibility to drive cost- Avoid supply chain disruptions effective operations Complex R&D, patents, SIP, Trials & cost management
  11. 11. Investment in capabilities to fully develop Smarter Shopping competencieswill drive economic value and benefit. Therefore you have to become aSmarter Social Business Annual economic benefits by competency $388M in annual benefits Illustrative $25B soft-line Retailer* by financial benefit type 21% 21% $80M $388M Reduced Increase in profit marketing from incremental $99M expense revenue $51M 9% $131M Increased SG&A $27M efficiency Prescriptive Continuous Information Experience Potential Integrated Marketing 40% Precision 9% Dialogue Relevant Economic Insight Return Reduced Improved inventory margins 7% improvement 5% improvement 1% improvement in customer satisfaction in brand image in employee satisfaction*Source: IBM Center For Applied Insights. October 2011. The potential benefits above are modeled using publically and privately available data. These potentialbenefits reflect a relative result based on a specific set of data and assumptions. Therefore, potential benefits will vary by enterprise and are not guaranteed.
  12. 12. A Smarter Social Business is any company that has integrated and operationalized social media within every job function to generate and implement value driving Ideas by smarter solutions, software, systems and services The World of IdeasThose who will not go with the time, will go with the time !
  13. 13. A Smarter Social Business embraces networks of people to createbusiness value and outperform competition Engaging Transparent Nimble
  14. 14. A Smarter Social Business needs an Office of Finance to managethe Digital Transformation of the Business together with IT Multi-Scenario-Planung
  15. 15. Why to become a Smarter Social Business ?booz&co, IDC, McKinsey about „Retail and Web 2.0“
  16. 16. Why to become a Smarter Social Business ?KORN/FERRY and IBM about „The transformative CMO“
  17. 17. Digital Transformation Puzzle (Intelligent Integrated Architecture) CRM Business Intelligence Your Digital Transformation Initiatives ... Risk Management
  18. 18. The Intelligent Integrated Architecture provides the “city plan” for business and IT “building blocks” Component Business Model Business Technology Opportunity Availability "slice, analyse and transform" Business Financial Product/ Production Information Administration Management Process Business Corporate/LOB Portfolio Financial Production Strategy & Strategy & Planning & Strategy Planning Planning Technology Direct Organization & Forecasting Research & Master Production Strategy Process Policies Capital Appropriation Development Planning Strategy Alliance Design Rules Production Strategies Planning & Policies Rules & Policies Human Capital Risk Program Production Management Management Management Scheduling & Internal Audit Configuration Legal & Regulatory Management ProductionEnterprise wide focus Control Treasury Strategy Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architecture “the city plan” Business IT Architecture Architecture Processes Users Information Applications Planning People Data Locations Technology Transition Plan Project focus Business Operating Environment System Architecture and IT Infrastructure functional aspects Design and operational aspects Delivery IT Solutions “the infrastructure and single building design”
  19. 19. Intelligent Integrated Architecture Path to Business Value Zeit/Integrationsgrad isolated harmonized concentrated integrated Business Standardized Optimized Business Silos Technology Core Modularity
  20. 20. IBM Intelligent Integrated Architecture for Retail & CP IBM Intelligent Integrated Architecture Social CRM Collaboration Browser Contacts Opportunities Activities Accounts Multichannel Notes Products Forecasts Management Mobile and Offline Social Mobile Notes Integration Collaboration Social Funct. Analytics This Architecture Overview will be the final Future Status. Implementatons takes place in Phases Retail PerformanceEasy & Integrated Management
  21. 21. IBM Intelligent Integrated Architecture with SAP SAP “Inner Ring” Outer Ring SAP Component (ERP) SAP SAP Enterprise SAP Component (SCM) Portal XI/PI Universal Enterprise Portal Universal Enterprise Portal End-to-End Monitoring SAP Component (BI/BW) Web Services End Monitoring Other Packaged Legacy In-house Cloud offerings Applications Systems Systems Web Services IBM Enterprise Service Bus (No Adapter needed for web service enabled applications) Enterprise or Federated Registry B2B Data Integration Business Master Data Mgmt. Gateway ETL tooling, etc Intelligence (Customer, Product)
  22. 22. IBM SolutionsSynergy across CollaborationIBM Software to Deliver • Collaborative capabilities • Dashboards Increase userStrategic Solutions experience Trusted Information • Trusted information ECM • Search & discoveryStrategic Initiatives (data lineage, business glossary) • Content management • Governancethat Drive Synergy • Advanced analytics • Scalable informationRequirements platform Performance Management Collaboration • Business Intelligence • Financial Performance Management Business Optimization Business Integration Development & Project & SOA Information Agenda Management Tools • Business optimization • Increase development • Operational BI (process community adoption integration, rules engine) Governance and • Embedding BI • BPM (business monitor, • implify performance engine) Regulatory Compliance testing • Scalability Standardization Security & System Management • Enterprise security • Increase manageability
  23. 23. Intelligent Integrated Architecture Levels Better Results by Integrated Information Management Financial Workforce Dynamic Optimization Supply Chain Multi-Channel Customer & Product Risk Insight Profitability Marketing Business Intelligence und Performance Manangement 4. Analysis, Planning and Use of trusted Data and ContentEnd-to-End Information Integration,Solutions Warehousing und Master Data Mgmt. 3. Trusted Relatime Delivery of Data and Content FileNet ® Informix ® Enterprise Enterprise software software Data Content DB2 ® Management Management software 1. Management of Enterprise Data and 2. … and use in Business Content Processes
  24. 24. IBM Business Analytics –From trusted information to Better Outcomes Better Outcomes Smarter Decisions Actionable Insights Trusted Information
  25. 25. IBM Retail Performance Management Blueprint (Business)
  26. 26. IBM Cognos Performance Management Platform BlueprintUser Access and Interactivity Universal Capabilities Business ModelingExperience Common Business Model IT Tools Shared Set of Purpose-Built Services Content Admin Presentation Scheduling Event Security Shared Service Service Service Service Dimensions Upgrade Personal Model DatasetsCognos Cognos Bus – Dispatcher SOAP, XMLArchitecture Services API Attachments, Annotations Query Movement Streaming Calculation Content Service Service Service Service Initiatives, Metrics Security System Content Optimized OLAP Metadata, Events 64-bit in-Memory Plan & Report Metadata Search Index, Audit High Performance Saved Objects Logs, System Metrics Streaming Cache Open Data AccessAccess to Message Relational Application OLAP Modern andAll Data Sources Sources Sources Sources Legacy Sources Exploit existing infrastructure choices Integrated & optimized with IBM infrastructureInfrastructureFit Application & Security Providers Data Integration & Platforms & Web Servers & Firewalls Data Quality Tools Databases
  27. 27. IBM Intelligent Integrated Cognos on SAP Blueprint SAP NetWeaver® Portal Casual Users Executives Financial Analysts Customers & Partners Business Managers Professional Authors Common Business Model Data Analyst Application & SAP® Web Application Server Data Modeler Web Servers IT Tools Security Providers Shared Set of Purpose-Built & Firewalls SAP NetWeaver Namespace Services Business Content Administrator Services Data Integration & API Data Quality Tools Platforms & Business Warehouse Accelerator System Architect Open Data Access Databases Developer IBM Cognos 10 Architecture SAP NetWeaver ® Business Warehouse Message Relational Application Modern and Sources Sources OLAP Sources Legacy Sources Sources SAP ® Business Suite SAP ® R/3 ® SAP, SAP NetWeaver and SAP R/3 are registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.
  28. 28. IBM Cognos on SAP Customer Examples
  29. 29. Realtime Corporate Planning with IBM Cognos/TM1
  30. 30. IBM Cognos Retail Performance Management for IT
  31. 31. IBM Retail Performance Management for IT Service ServiceRole-based dashboards Maps Tree – Customizable/sharing common context – Web 2.0/Mash-ups (IBM & 3rd party) – Launch in context views & automations. – Realtime & Historical reporting across KPIs, event & peformance. Urgent – Mobile Support Services ServiceDistributed & Mainframe Model – Visibility across both – Manage from either – SOA & Virtualization – Supports IPv4 & v6High Scalability/Availability – Split UI & Engine – Self-monitoring – Failover Event Mobile Summary Access
  32. 32. Channels ICS Forms A Branches Forms Retail Systems Core Enterprise Business Finance Banking Mgmt Information Mgmt Operations & Credit r Business Processes Systems Operations Debt Credit Cards c Rules Engine iLog Service Processes Marketing Processes Customer Relationship Risk General Mgmt h ATMs Electronic Compliance Sales Business Marketing Fraud Ledger Corporate Banking i. Signature Processes Processes Partner Services Decision Support Product Retail Banking WebSphere Business Monitor Real Relationship Loan Process Models & Business Events Campaign Mgr Management Resource Origination Utility 3rd Party Presentation / Interaction ServicesCustomer Systems Process Manager Products/Svcs Case Regulatory Payments WebSphere Management Call Centers Enterprise Access Services WebSphere Process Server Portal Thin Service Registry Service Mgmt Service Mgmt Enterprise External Client Enterprise Service Hub Enterprise Service Bus & Repository & Invocation & Invocation Service Bus Services Gateway WebSphere ESB, MQ, Message Broker Internet Data Integration/ Information Information Services FICO Fico Customer Framework Credit Banking Industry Analytics t Rich Client Cognos, SPSS Scores Master e Relationship Business Insight DataStage QualityStage Data Content Mgmt Demographic Data Models Mgmt MDM Systems c Managers / Agents Search & Server 3rd party t EAS Discovery Analytics Customer Account Document Mgmt Data u WMBTT Server Threat & Fraud Retail Data Product Systems FileNet r Mobile Multi-Channel Analytics Warehouse Banking Data Data Unstructured Data Integration Customer Marts e Banking Insight & Analytics Warehouse Data Information WMBTT (Build Warehousing Foundation Option) Tivoli (ITM, TAM, …) Security, Management & Governance Governance & Monitoring Rapid Development & Integration Modeler, WID, RSA, IDA, …
  33. 33. IBM Rational Architecture Management Solutions Enterprise IT Business Manufactured Modernization Transformation Products Jazz Platform Enterprise Requirements Portfolio Product Project Performance Business Regulatory Security Architecture Definition Management Management Management Management Policies Compliance Business Planning & Alignment Product & Project Management Compliance & Security Change Requirements Configuration Build Quality & Release Management Management Management Management Management Collaborative Lifecycle Management Architecture Modeling Development Testing Tools Tools Tools Tools Engineering & Software Delivery Tools
  34. 34. WebSphere Commerce and InfoSphere MDM Customer Touch Points Integration Overview 1. MDM manages all master data domains – the complete profile and supplies needed data in context to consuming applications Web Mobile Kiosk Contact Center POS 2. MDM improves existing business processes with accurate and WebSphere Commerce complete master data 3. MDM enables new business processes, or re-engineering Customer Purchase Precision existing ones, based on MDM functionality Profile History Marketing Promotions Order Existing Business Processes New Business ProcessesBusiness Process Campaigns Catalog Inventory Fulfillment New Business Customer Billing Multi-Channel Cross- & Up- New Product Processing Service Integration sell Introduction MDM Hub Act: MDM Functionality Makes Data ActionableApplication Manage: Multiple Data Domains Party Account Product Location Asset Custom Acquire: Onboard data from source systems Account System CRM Billing
  35. 35. Information Integration and Governance (IIG) is the centralcomponent of a successful Information Supply Chain Trusted Relevant Governed Transactional & Collaborative Analyze Business Analytics Applications Applications Integrate Content Big Data Master Data Manage Cubes Streams Data Data External Warehouses Content Information Sources Information Streaming Information Governance Govern Standards Security & Privacy Lifecycle Quality
  36. 36. IBM´s Trusted Realtime Information Management (TRIM) FrameworkCollapsing the time and reducing the costs from information to business value Industry Frameworks Banking Retail Telco Public Sector Etc…. Etc…. Expertise & Accelerators Business Strategy and Industry Models and Integrated IBM Planning Services Pre-Built Solution Assets Partner Components IBM Cognos Reporting & Analysis Scorecarding & Dashboarding Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting Unified Performance System Platform IBM InfoSphere MDM Server IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Define Manage Transact Reliable Real-Time Delivery Manage Analyze Party, Product, Account IBM Information Server Understand Cleanse Transform Deliver Unified Metadata Management
  37. 37. Information Supply Chain Business Subject Matter Architects Data Developers DBAs Users Experts Analysts 2. Generate and deploy 1. Define business 3. Profile data 4. Cleanse data sources, 5. Transform data to data model based on terms in glossary sources, mapping to resolving problems found target data format, as business terms business terms by profiling. defined by data modelBusiness Rational Data Information QualityStage DataStageGlossary Architect Analyzer Deployed application Information Services Framework Metadata Server
  38. 38. MDM Server Architecture – Cognos Integration MDM Consumers Data •Import Administration Client ESB / MQ / MDM Report Registry Stewardship UI Applications EAI Broker •Export UI Cognos BI Reporting Request Framework Service Controller Parser report designs Web Services XML Request Handler Composite Constructor Transaction Business Transaction Manager Messaging Handler Adapter Business Proxies Security •SQL Queries against MDM Core database views via MDM Component Admin Common Account Party Product configured JNDI data Services Services Services Services Services source Client Component Controller Components MDM Sample Significant Pluggable Business Logic Components Component Third Party Component Utility Suspect Processing Components Components Generated Reports PureQuery Export to various file types (pdf, excel, powerpoint) Code Operational History Tables Structures Structures Rule Data Data History Data
  39. 39. Integration Example: Missing Data for June caused by Error in Input File Missing Data for June COGNOS Data IBM Metadata in COGNOS Report Lineage Drill-Down Workbench DataStage Job: Metadata Workbench Only 1 row for June Data Lineage
  40. 40. PIM Addresses Core ChallengesKey Product Information Scattered Across The Organization Product Information Targets / Destinations Direct from Product Authorize / Docs Suppliers Producer Reject eCommerce (website) Emails Print publishing Spread sheets Creative Order Mgmt System and Copy GDS Network Merchant Promotion Managers Call centers Enterprise Applications New Item Form ERP Logistics Category Images Retek Managers Regional Managers Suppliers / Vendors Finance Vendor Managers Price Update Procurement Images Marketing Analytical Product Data
  41. 41. PIM Provides A Single Source of Truth –Critical Info Aggregated From All Internal & External Sources Product Information Internal Systems Targets / Destinations eCommerce (website) Product Finance Images Marketing Databases Enterprise Manager Applications Print publishing Internal Docs Order Mgmt System Call centers MDM Server for PIM ERP Emails Spread Workflow Authoring Processes sheets Data User & Role Authoring UI Synchronization Security Retek External Resources Supplier / Vendors Flexible Data Model Procurement Product Information GDS Direct from Analystical Network Suppliers
  42. 42. Gartner Estimates Significant Growth in MDM of Product DataMarketProduct Information Management (PIM)market renamed in 2008 to Master DataManagement of Product Data to recognizegradual convergence in MDM technologyGartner expectations:– Through 2011, expect the market for MDM of Product Data software revenue (license and maintenance) to grow to $1B– By 2011, IBM, Oracle and SAP will command more than 50% of PIM SW revenue– No leader will emerge in the PIM market before 2009IBM: leading visionary for MDM of Productmarket– Strong long-term, comprehensive MDM strategy– Demonstrated success with customers across multiple indutries– Depth of functionality to meet range of custome requirements Source: Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management of Product Data, July 2008, Gartner, Inc.
  43. 43. Sample IBM Infosphere MDM Server for PIM Customers Boulanger InfoSphere MDM Server for PIM’s customer base includes the largest companies in its markets as well as market leading companies in new industries
  44. 44. NestleThe leading Global Consumer Products Company le-empowers-consumers-with-new-digital- labelling-scheme-#.US3VIMXfyPM
  45. 45. LG ElectronicsOne of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world with annual revenuesexceeding $23B creates a single source of product information with IBM Challenge Reduce costs by reusing parts across Digital Appliance, Digital Display, Digital Media and Mobile Communication Divisions Benefits Optimize development/procurement process by eliminating duplicate part numbers • Improved the quality of its master data Better manage parts and company-wide communication with a new unique parts- • Expects cost savings through a reduction in the numbering and classification scheme number of collaboration errors between organizations • Expects increased productivity with its legacy system Solution • Can now promptly produce clear business IBM® InfoSphere™ MDM Server for PIM analysis IBM Global Business Services
  46. 46. CarrefourThe leading European supermarket group synchronizes with suppliersChallenge Carrefour needed to solve problems in data quality and workflow that were limiting the firm’s ability to improve operational efficiency, revenue and customer service targets. Benefits Carrefour estimated that problems with data quality in their referential systems cost them 0.2% Enhanced the quality of the product to 0.4% of net sales, which represents information approximately €280M. Decreased distribution costs: eliminated manual modification of 30% of productSolution information, 80% of which is related to price and promotion IBM® InfoSphere™ MDM Server for PIM Increased speed to market IBM WebSphere Supplier Portal and global data synchronization Built a foundation for future initiatives such as IBM Global Business Services RFID/EPCIS Increased employee productivity
  47. 47. Order Management Solution Architecture Kiosk Selling Channels Mobile IBM POS IBM Websphere Commerce IBM/Sterling Call Center IBM/Sterling Store Cash and Carry Catalog/Content Task Based Call Center Store Based Order Processing Tendering Web Ordering/Cart Call Scripting Save-the-sale Loyalty Marketing Call Center OMS Endless Aisle Other Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Other Systems IBM Sterling Order Management Services • ERP Cross-Channel Business Services: • Payment • Merchandising Customer, Order, Inv, Catalog, Pricing, Promotion, Configuration, Returns • WMS Business Process Platform & Event Management • Fraud • Other Multi-Client / Multi-Tenant Data Model • Tax Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) • AddressGlobal Visibility Brand 1 Brand 2 Division 1 Division 2 Acquisition Sterling Warehouse Sterling Store Management Drop Shippers 3PL’s Operations Networked Locations Store Network Fulfillment Network
  48. 48. IBM & SAP Integrated Retail OrdermanagementArchitecture
  49. 49. IBM ECM Architecture with Intelligent SAP Integration Anwendungen Outlook Intranet/ SAP IBM Content Portal Exchange EAI Archivierung Navigator Collection IBM FileNet Filenet Administration Content Manager und MonitoringFile System E-mail Active Content Enterprise Manager File Plan Deployment Manager Metadata System Monitor IBM Content Collector Versioning - File Archiving - Mail Security SAP - SAP Fultext-Search Encryption Auditfunction Livecycle-Management
  50. 50. Social Collaboration
  51. 51. Social Analytics –Integrated capabilities of IBM Connections Profiles Home Find the people you need See whats happening across your social network Communities Social Analytics Work with people who share common Discover who and what you don’t know via roles and expertise recommendations Files Micro-blogging Post, share, and discover documents, Reach out for help or share news with presentations, images, and more your social network Wikis Bookmarks Create web content together Save, share, and discover bookmarks Activities Blogs Organize your work and tap your Present your own ideas, and learn from professional network others Forums Mobile Exchange ideas with, and benefit from Access Connections anywhere, anytime the expertise of others with mobile & tablet access
  52. 52. Social Analytics –Screenshots from IBM Connections
  53. 53. Social Analytics –IBM CognosDrag-and-drop content Do More… Exploration & Analysis withReports & Business Insight AdvancedAnalysis Business InsightTM1CubesReal-TimeMonitoring Social Collaboration with Lotus ConnectionsMetrics Unified BI workspaceToolbox
  54. 54. Social Analytics –IBM Cognos + Connections IBM Cognos IBM Connections Reports Ad-hoc Queries Social Analytics Blogs Activities Profiles Files Analysis Wikis Bookmarks Communities Dashboards
  55. 55. Social Analytics –IBM Cognos + Connections Collect, organize, share and reuse work Collaboration ButtonIBM Cognos CollaborationSolution Highlights: Link directly from Lotus Connections to a Cognos Business Insight Dashboard Single sign-on for both Business Insight Dashboards and Lotus Connections Send email notifications directly from the Lotus Connections Activity Filter Activities based on the dashboard
  56. 56. Multichannel Customer Experience –Social Media Analytics Social Sites Benchmark Dashboards Relationship-Matrix Text Mining Sentimental Analysis Flexible Integration of internal Advanced Searching and external ressources Intranet Complaint Web, Blogs, News, Management (Letter, Twitter, Boards Email, Fax) CCI www.-Content Relational DBs (market data, studies, CRM- Sytems) Call-Center Data Snippet Overview and Details Evolving Topics Individualized Reporting @Birk – was noch? 59
  57. 57. IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Realtime Recommenda- tions for Web & CRM Personalized Offerings Target Group Analytical Analytics Decision Improvement Action Scoring Real-time Identification of fraud transactions Web-User Risk Scoring and Fraud Analytics Prevention
  58. 58. IBM SPSSDelivering a new class of Direct Marketing to Marketing, Sales & Services
  59. 59. Multichannel Management Websites User Experience Call Center Optimizing Impressions with Analytics Laptops, PCs Explore AdTarget Impression Attribution Search Social Stores Personalizing Information Analytics Explore Intelligent Offer LIVEmailMobile Devices(Webseiten & Apps) Targeting Segments Customer Attributes Analytics (offline) Explore AdTargetOff-Site Impressions • CRM Data Impression Attribution(Social Media) • Loyalty Programm Status Lifecycle Off-Site Impressions • Scoring LIVEmail (display-ads & andere) • Demographic Data • etc…
  60. 60. Multichannel Customer Experience –Website Optimization Usability Analytics 1. Click Heat Maps 2. Link Analytics 3. Form Field Analytics SaaS 4. Attention Map Supports Mobile Web + Integrated with Tealeaf Replay • Replay the actual session of a single user anywhere in the process for any user • Discover how a select user uses your site On-Premise and compare to how most users use the site for additional insights. • On-premise and integrated w/ Tealeaf solutions including SaaS-based usability 63
  61. 61. E- and M-Commerce Performance Dashboard
  62. 62. Possible Payback in 3 month Results Synthesized from 4 Customers: Summary: 3-Year Risk-Adjusted ROI Online Travel Agent $6,000,000 Leading Online Clothing, Shoes Retailer $5,000,000 Retailer of Automotive Accessories Another Online Travel Agent $4,000,000Benefits Quantified in Study $3,000,000Increased Conversion Rate 3.5% $2,000,000Increased Average Order Value 0.5%Improved Retention Rate 1% $1,000,000Reduced Problem Resolution Time 60% $-Reduced Incidents (Project Avoidance) 10% Initial Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Reduced Disputed/Fraudulent Chargebacks 0.05% $(1,000,000) Reduction in chargeback transactions Reduction in IT costs for project avoidanceThree-Year Risk Adjusted Results Reduction in IT costs for problem resolutionROI: 512% Incremental revenue from improved retention rate Incremental revenue from increased order valuePayback Period: 2.6 months Incremental revenue from increased conversion Total yearly costs for TealeafTotal Net Present Value: $7,633,214 Source: A commissioned study by Forrester Consulting, “The Total Economic Impact of Tealeaf’s Customer Behavior Analysis Suite.” July 2010
  63. 63. tealeaf clients extract
  64. 64. Retailers are faced with more challenging pricing, promotionand product decisions than ever before Traditional price New price models Economic impact on price competition sensitivityOnline / mobile price Endless aisles Increased targeting transparency available online and personalization 67
  65. 65. Multichannel Customer Experience –Trade Promotion Optimization Manufacturer Collaboration Retailer Marketing Spend Optimization Shopper Insights & Corporate Planning HQ Trade Allocation & Marketing Mix Optimization Optimization & Execution Shopper Insights Shopper Insights Account Team Merchandising Assortment Assortment Planning Planning Customer Event Planning Promotion Planning Deal Management Deal Management
  66. 66. Competitive Analysis - DemandTec for Retail Competitive Overview Price Promotion Markdown Assortment Shopper Insights Note: Does not include recent entrance of B2B players (Zilliant) or ecommerce (Mercent)
  67. 67. Tailor Promotions to the Right Shoppers Example Case Studies Kitchen cooking item with strong seasonal volume opportunity Retailer historically reserved promotional display aisle for private label only Based on shopper insights, simulated positive effect on total category if private label and branded item were displayed in back-to-back windows during promotional period +108.2% +19.9% Note: Simulated results approximate to protect customer confidentiality
  68. 68. Customers Include…EMEA RoW Conad, Italy Ahold USA Coop, Denmark Best Buy Coop, Sweden Delhaize America El Corte Ingles, Spain Dollar General Monoprix, France Office Depot PAC2000, Italy Radio Shack WHSmith, UK Sports Authority Target WalMart