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Facebook Internet Marketing Challenge (FIMCHA)


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A concept for Facebook to compete with Google in higher education. Getting students to learn the use of a system is a proven strategy for overcoming adoption challenges, as most Office users could tell.

DISCLOSURE: This concept is only my personal idea. I do not work for Facebook.

Published in: Education
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Facebook Internet Marketing Challenge (FIMCHA)

  1. 1. ”FACEBOOK INTERNET MARKETING CHALLENGE” A concept introduction Dr. Joni Salminen
  2. 2. What is it?
  3. 3. Overview Facebook Internet Marketing Challenge (FIMCHA) is a global competition for higher education students. Students form groups and carry out Facebook advertising campaigns for real clients (cf. Google Online Marketing Challenge).
  4. 4. Competition process Write plan Submit plan Funds released Start campaign Optimize End campaign Write report Submit report Judge KPIs Choose finalists Judge reports Choose winners machine Academic panel
  5. 5. What are the benefits?
  6. 6. Benefits for Facebook The more familiar business students become with Facebook advertising, the more likely they are to continue using it in their prospective jobs. This leads to increased potential for ad revenue.
  7. 7. Benefits for students Facebook is the leading social network, and at the same time a major channel of Internet marketing. Learning how Facebook advertising works is a valuable professional skill which helps students remain competitive in challenging job markets.
  8. 8. Benefits for educators By taking part in the challenge, educators are able to keep up with the development of modern marketing technology. Additionally, because practical competitions are usually popular, it is possible that students satisfied with FIMCHA give higher course ratings.
  9. 9. What is needed to make it happen?
  10. 10. Needed from Facebook • creation of the FIMCHA – creating terms & rules – calculating the required budget – developing the challenge system (registration, evaluation) • recruit Academic panel • recruit Challenge coordinator
  11. 11. Academic panel • 10–20 business scholars who are in charge of 1) judging the teams, and 2) continuously improving the challenge in collaboration with Facebook’s representatives. • Panel members work as volunteers. They have prior experience in teaching digital marketing. • (cf. Google’s Academic Panel)
  12. 12. Challenge coordinator Academically qualified person working for Facebook, who – participates in creation of challenge program – recruits the Academic panel – makes sure pedagogical goals are well designed and reached – provides on-going support to educators during campaign period.
  13. 13. Joni Salminen • PhD, marketing • Member of Google Academic Panel (since 2014) • First teams to participate in GOMCHA in Finland (2009) • Teaching digital marketing in Turku School of Economics (since 2012) • Contact: – –