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Next Generation Workplaces


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Presentation at IQPC's Next Generation Workplaces conference, Twickenham, London, UK September 2017

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Next Generation Workplaces

  1. 1. Workplace and Organisation Design Jon Ingham @joningham
  2. 2. Interlinked disciplines @joningham Human Resources Organisation Design and Development Workplace Design Social and Digital Technology Internal Communication Leadership Development Learning and Development Pic credit: Climacus
  3. 3. Links to people & cultural outcomes Activities Outcomes Business Impacts Innovated HR Organization design Workplace design Org development Social leadership Digital technologies Analytics Human capital Organization capital Social capital @joningham
  4. 4. Human outcomes: Employee experience and engagement @joningham Source:
  5. 5. Organisational outcomes: Opportunity to participate @joningham Source:
  6. 6. Social outcomes: Propensity to collaborate @joningham Interaction between workplace neighbours account for 40-60% of their communications. - Waber and Magnolia Source:
  8. 8. Organisational Prioritisation Model @joningham Work styles Work spaces Work places CommunitiesNetworks Hierarchical Functions Horizontal Teams Relationships People Infrastructure Work © Strategic Dynamics, 2016
  9. 9. Task focus, Extrinsic motivation Human focus, Intrinsic motivation Internal orientation, Exploitation of existing resources External orientation, Exploration of new opportunities Orientation Motivation Matrix @joningham Networks Communities Hierarchical Functions Horizontal Teams © Strategic Dynamics, 2016
  10. 10. Workplace design needs by group @joningham Horizontal teams: •  Project rooms •  Break-out spaces and meeting rooms •  Team tables •  Team walls . Networks: •  Spaces for creativity and cooperative working •  Opportunities for informal conversation •  Plentiful white boards Functions: •  Team spaces (not necessarily desks) •  Access to quiet and small group areas •  Informal spaces . Communities: •  Huddle areas •  Relaxed, comfortable meeting spaces •  Supporting personal choice in locations
  11. 11. @joningham Benefits •  Human capital – people engaged by being able to do their work easily •  Organisation capital – workplace supporting and aligned with other organisational elements •  Social capital – relationships aligned with groups that people need to work within Pic credit: 089photoshootings
  12. 12. 07904 185134 www.organization. social /product/the-social- organization-978074 9480110 20% discount code: AHRTSO20