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New Opportunities in Talent and Leadership


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Presentation at Symposium Talent and Leadership Conference 2017

Published in: Business
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New Opportunities in Talent and Leadership

  1. 1. New Directions and Opportunities in Talent and Leadership Jon Ingham @joningham
  2. 2. The End of Leadership Development Jon Ingham @joningham
  3. 3. Source: Why is the Leadership Industry Failing? (And How to Fix It) Gordy Curphy Robert B. Kaiser Robert Hogan Failure in Leadership
  4. 4. Really?
  5. 5. Which Way Do You Eat? Source: Adam Galinsky, the E test
  6. 6. Measures, Rewards, Busyness Source: CIPD, High Pay Centre, Executive Pay: Review of FTSE 100 Executive Pay Packages, August 2017
  7. 7. So: LESS focus on leadership development MORE / DIFFERENT focus on performance management, reward, organisation design, organisation development… But: Do we need leaders at all?
  8. 8. Source:
  9. 9. Brokers Central Connectors Social Talent Source: Rob Cross
  10. 10. Talent Slicing •  Identifying and creating tailored approaches to different talent groups in an agile way •  Dynamic vs static approach to talent •  Strengths / positive psychology approach to need for best fit within an organisation
  11. 11. Social HR Horizontal teams Networks Simple groupings Communities Task focus, Extrinsic motivation Human focus, Intrinsic motivation Internal orientation, Exploitation of existing resources External orientation, Exploration of new opportunities Orientation Motivation Matrix © Jon Ingham
  12. 12. +44 7904 185134 www.organization. social /SocialOrganization 20% discount code: AHRTSO20 @joningham