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Keynote on The Social Organization at HR Vision 2017


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Jon Ingham's keynote presentation on The Social Organization at HRVision in 2017

Published in: Business
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Keynote on The Social Organization at HR Vision 2017

  1. 1. It’s HR, but not as we know it! Jon Ingham @joningham
  2. 2. My thoughts on ‘A brave new world: the marriage of Tech and HR’
  3. 3. Strategic use of HR Technology = About the Strategy = About People •  Social collaboration •  Mobile apps / app stores and wearables •  Augmented and virtual reality •  Sharing / gig economy platforms •  Bots (robots / cobots, RPA, chatbots) •  Knowledge for improvement (Quantified Self) •  Systems of engagement •  Talent management automation •  Information for manager decision making •  System of record •  Core HR functionality •  Data for the HR function Create value Add value Value for money Personnel Human Resources Human Capital Management Value Triangle © Jon Ingham, 2017
  4. 4. The Case of Social Technologies = About The Social Organisation Social architecture • Organisation design (work processes, organisation structure) • Workplace design (with Property) Organisational society • Group based HR processes • Organisation development interventions • Social technologies and analytics (with IT)
  5. 5. Horizontal teams Networks Simple groupings Communities Task focus, Extrinsic motivation Human focus, Intrinsic motivation Internal orientation, Exploitation of existing resources External orientation, Exploration of new opportunities Customer-centric Distributed Centralised People- centric Orientation Motivation Matrix © Jon Ingham, 2017
  6. 6. Zone 3c Social learning Zones 0 & 1 Zone 3b Social project management Zone3d Social innovation Zone3a Social intranet Horizontal teams Networks Simple groupings Communities © Jon Ingham, 2017
  7. 7. Organizational capabilities and principles Divergent thinking Convergent thinking Identify options, pros and cons Implement solutions And manage trade-offs Review & enhance Business strategy Taking Action (Plans & Emergence)
  8. 8. +44 7904 185134 The Social Organization social-organization-9780749480110 20% discount code: AHRTSO20