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Keynote at IOM Summit 2017 Cologne


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HR in the leading role for developing the social organisation (but not as well know it). Why digital is about people, what this means, and how it provides a leading role for a broader version of HR (HR: Human Relationships)

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Keynote at IOM Summit 2017 Cologne

  1. 1. HR in the Leading Role for developing The Social Organization Jon Ingham @joningham Please use / copy / distribute / change / archive slides (out loud)
  2. 2. It’s not about this: @joningham
  3. 3. It’s about you: @joningham Picture credit: @alecmcint
  4. 4. Why? Digital = 90% people, 10% technology (@IDAVIAUD yesterday) @joningham
  5. 5. So what’s happening in the people (HR) agenda? Activities Outcomes Business Impacts Innovated HR Organization design Workplace design Org development Social leadership Digital technologies Analytics Human capital Organization capital Social capital @joningham
  6. 6. Social outcomes @joningham Picture credit: @alecmcint / @netzabine
  7. 7. Horizontal teams Networks Simple groupings Communities Task focus, Extrinsic motivation Human focus, Intrinsic motivation Internal orientation, Exploitation of existing resources External orientation, Exploration of new opportunities @joningham Orientation Motivation Matrix – new model so please credit when using Organization forms
  8. 8. Zone 3c Social learning Zones 0 & 1 Zone 3b Social project management Zone3d Social innovation Zone3a Social intranet Social tech @joningham Social Groups & Technologies Model– new model so please credit when using
  9. 9. So why HR leading? [ HR, but not as we know it ] HR: Human Relationships ✗ @joningham
  10. 10. +44 7904 185134 www.organization. social /product/the-social- organization-978074 9480110 20% discount code: AHRTSO20 @joningham keynote-jon-ingham-hr-leading-role-developing- social-organization-not-know/ hr-key-role-play-developing-digital-relationship- capabilities-behaviours-organisational-norms/