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GCETD Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Integrated Talent Management workshop


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Jon Ingham workshop on Integrated Talent Management at Global Conference and Exhibition on Training & Development, Saudi Arabia, October 2015

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GCETD Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Integrated Talent Management workshop

  1. 1. Title: Integrating HR, Training & Development Speaker: Jon Ingham @joningham Add your photo
  2. 2. Outline: q  Vertical, horizontal and style based integration q  Integration needs for -  Recruiting -  Performance management -  Reward q  Identifying organisational capabilities q  Workshop capabilities and best fit processes
  3. 3. Integrated Talent Management: 1.  Vertical alignment, in which talent management processes are aligned with the overall business strategy, its mission, vision and values 2.  Horizontal alignment, ensuring all elements of the HR and management architecture are linked together and support each other
  4. 4. HR’s Value Chain © Strategic Dynamics, 2015 Best fit vs best practice (organisation vs other organisations) Input / investment • Existing workforce • Management time • Leader sponsorship • HR function capability • HR technology • Budgets Activity • Development • Performance management • Reward • Organisation design Outcome • Human capital • Organisation capital • Social capital Business Impact • Operations • Customers • Financial • Mission
  5. 5. Benefits of Focusing on Outcomes: q  More strategic q  Better alignment q  Our deliverable! q  Basis for creating value q  Opportunity to take accountability q  Focus on organisational capabilities
  6. 6. Strategic Importance of Organisational Capabilities: Competitive Positioning Core Competencies Organisational Capabilities
  7. 7. Integration Around Capabilities: Strategy Processes People Focus Outcomes Potential employees Competencies / Behaviours
  8. 8. Integration Around Value Propositions: Strategy Processes People Focus Outcomes Potential employees EVP
  9. 9. Integrated Talent Management (continued): 3.  Style of HR processes q  Agile, lean, customer centric… q  Social, mobile, gamified… q  Etc -  Are all your other HR / talent management processes as innovated as your training / talent development ones?
  10. 10. Recruiting q  Undergoing just as dramatic change as training & development q  Note development generally still has more impact! q External hires need to be paid about +20% q They get significantly lower performance evaluations for their first two years q They also have higher exit rates Source: Matthew Bidwell, Why External Hires Get Paid More, and Perform Worse, than Internal Staff, Knowledge@Warton, March 2012
  11. 11. Performance Management q  Recently freed from ‘best practice’ thinking and currently subject to huge innovation, eg: -  Team vs individual based -  Owned by employees -  No formal process, ratings or annual review -  Light touch, fun digital apps
  12. 12. Performance Management q  Eg ‘managing the deal’ at EY:
  13. 13. Reward q  Little innovation yet q  New opportunities include: -  Non-financial reward -  Personalised reward -  Social recognition -  Increased pay transparency -  Reduced differentials -  Team based reward
  14. 14. Identifying Organisational Capabilities q  Reviewing trends for the future of work q  Considering maverick organisations q  Identifying organisational strengths q  Creative thinking about future possibilities -  Not evaluation and analytics!
  15. 15. Workshop Capabilities and Best Fit Processes Organisational capabilities •  Particular people / skills •  Connections between people •  Organisational culture etc Recruiting Performance management Development Reward Organisation Design
  16. 16. Current or Future State Development? Business Strategy Diagnosis Process Design Enhancement Implementation From / Current State Forward To-Be / Future State Back Implementation
  17. 17. For More Information: Attend q  ‘Who are your Talent and What do they Need?’ tomorrow
  18. 18. For More Information: / +44 7904 185134