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Designing a Best Fit Future of Work Strategy


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Presentation at Symposium's Future of Work conference, October 2018

Published in: Business
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Designing a Best Fit Future of Work Strategy

  1. 1. Designing a Best Fit Future of Work Strategy Jon Ingham @joningham
  2. 2. A Changing Context @joningham 4th Industrial Revolution Digital Business Disruptive technologies New business models Developing ecosystems Closer to customers Data and analytics Future Workforce Disruptive technologies New skill/time models Gigs / side hussles Personal flexibility Quantified self/home Future of Work Disruptive technologies New organization models Developing networks Closer to workers Data and analytics
  3. 3. But Similar Requirements For: @joningham Best Fit Strategy 4th Industrial Revolution Organisational Activities Including •  HR •  Organisation Design •  Organisation Development People and Organisation Outcomes •  Human •  Organisation •  and Social Capital Business Impacts • Operations • Customers • Financial • Mission
  4. 4. @joningham Teams, Groups, Networks Employee Experience Enabling Broader Access People Work Work People Needs More Focus On:
  5. 5. Source: Why is the Leadership Industry Failing? (And How to Fix It) Gordy Curphy Robert B. Kaiser Robert Hogan And Great Leadership!:
  6. 6. Really?
  7. 7. Source: Adam Galinsky, the E test Which Way Do You Eat?
  8. 8. @joningham Business Objectives Workforce Needs and Organisation Principles Divergent Thinking Convergent Thinking Identify Options Implement Solutions and Manage Trade-Offs Choose Solutions Developing Your Agenda
  9. 9. For Further Information Jon Ingham +44 7904 185134 @joningham
  10. 10. Specific References Gig working platforms (picture): Example future of work principles (learn, don’t copy!): work-67a2f3462000 organization/ @joningham