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  1. 1. What’s fun got to do with it? Joni Dunlap CFD & SEHD at UCD Superhero powers: work avoidance, mass email deleting, stirring two bowls of hot soup at the same time, knowledge of every pop song from the 1970s, squirrel-chatter translation, and x-ray vision. My favorite color is purple.
  2. 2. Grab the popcorn…
  3. 3. Why care about fun? • How can I get students’ attention, and get them excited about the content? • How can I show students a lighter, more playful side? • How do I help students connect, and keep coming back for more? • How do I help students explore their creative side?
  4. 4. Fun = pluff??? • First-day/week of class = FUN! • Lecture = FUN! • Class discussions = FUN! • Representation of understanding = FUN! • Assessment = FUN!
  5. 5. Fun strategies… • …to spice up the first day/week of class • …to get to know each other: past, present, future • …to get oriented to the course, delivery, structure
  6. 6. Truth-or-Lie bios • I lived in Saudi Arabia as a youth • My first car was a 1966 Barracuda with red leather interior • I have been a vegetarian for 25 years • I was a member of the road crew for the Grateful Dead from 1989-1991 • I used to produce and direct on-air pledge drives for public television • I was held up at gun point and had my car stolen as the get-away vehicle
  7. 7. Scavenger hunt • In your own words, state the learning objectives for this course. • What is the purpose of the Weekly Survey? • What is the best way to reach Joni outside of the course? How quickly will Joni respond to email? And, when is it best to contact Joni with questions, concerns, challenges, etc.? • What learning objectives are addressed by the individual project due on March 9th? • What is meant by academic freedom?
  8. 8. Caption the photo!
  9. 9. Mr. Picassohead portraits
  10. 10. Fun strategies… • …to get to know each other: past, present, future • …to get to know a topic • …to represent conceptual understanding
  11. 11. Soundtrack of your life
  12. 12. Cloudbusting
  13. 13. Virtual paper bag
  14. 14. Storytelling, soap operas, & “Naked Came the Manatee”
  15. 15. Story galleries
  16. 16. Roleplaying
  17. 17. Fun strategies… • …for staying in touch with each other • … for sharing resources, ideas, our lives • …for quick-and-dirty assessments
  18. 18. Daily Mobile Photo Challenge
  19. 19. Tweeting the night away
  20. 20. Fun strategies… • …for assessing new learning
  21. 21. Test…oops, I mean game • Stump the professor • Phone a friend • Name that answer • Voting a question off the island • What’s my line? • Truth or lie? • Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
  22. 22. Creative representations • Story, comic strip, song, movie poster, sandwich board, music video • Puppets, action figures, super heroes, role-playing • Virtual field trips
  23. 23. Final thoughts… I ain’t making this stuff up… I loved all of your “fun” activities. At first I thought I would hate them, that they’d be a big waste of time. But I get it now, and see how they not only helped me get to know you and the others in the class, but actually helped me learn too!!! Thanks for a great class!