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Your 'traditional' social media toolkit


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A starter guide to advanced searching with Google, using RSS to monitor, understanding Facebook, and making the most of Twitter as a journalist.

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Your 'traditional' social media toolkit

  1. 1. Your traditional social media toolkitThe old school tools in a new media space
  2. 2. Google the skill of searching
  3. 3. Task 4 Search for your storyUsing, begin searching forinformation related to your story idea.
  4. 4. Google the skill of searchingBoolean search terms in GooglePhrase search ie. "Big society" Searches for the phrase rather than the two words.SIngle word search ie. "bicycle" Searches for exact word, excluding synonyms.Site search ie. Searches only within that site.File type search ie filetype:doc Searches only that type of file, including .xls, .pdf, .csvAND search ie. welsh AND education Searches all pages with both wordsOR search ie. wales OR welsh Searches all pages with either word.Exclude word(s) search ie. Jazz -Utah -basketball Searches pages for jazz without thewords Utah or basketball.
  5. 5. Google Advanced SearchAll the same tricks as Boolean, except in a form:
  6. 6. Task 5 Advance search for a storyUsing, refine your search.Either use Boolean search terms in the simplesearch, or use
  7. 7. Google Way more than a simple search engine● Google tools ○ Google Reader your handmade wire service ○ Google Maps create your own maps ○ Google Documents publishable and shareable documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms ○ Google Calendar online and shareable diary ○ Blogger a blog content management system (CMS) ○ YouTube a video sharing platform
  8. 8. What is an RSS feed? really simple syndicationRSS tells subscribers when astrand of posts updates without youhaving to visit the specific website.
  9. 9. Google Reader your handmade wire serviceAllows you to take RSS feeds from news sites, blogs, web tools, etc. and organisethem into folders by category or community.
  10. 10. Where do you find these ?
  11. 11. Where do you find these ?
  12. 12. Where do you find these ?
  13. 13. How do you get them in a reader?SubscribeSearch for a site or blog by typing in its name, ORCopy and paste the RSS feed URL (ie.
  14. 14. Facebook The critical mass Profiles show the personal and private cultureA person who shares status updates andphotos,. Theyre often friends with people known to them. They showcase personal interests and history. Everything about the profile is about theperson, generally in a personal, not professional way. Recent research shows people spend 21% of their time on others profiles.
  15. 15. Facebook Let people subscribe instead of friendThe new subscribe function Subscribe lets thepublic follow status updates that you designate on your profile as public.
  16. 16. Facebook Spread your knowledge/content The new subscribe functionFor example, NY Times media correspondent Brian Stelter has collected more than 90,000 subscribers on his Facebook profile -- not page.
  17. 17. Facebook The critical massPages show the professional and conversational culture A page can show an organisation, group of people, business or person, but does this in a professional, yet casual and conversational way. People with profiles can like the page. Status updates appear in those peoples news feeds.
  18. 18. Facebook The critical massThe newsfeed stream of updates from friends and likes The main feed of news, which is the status updates of profiles of friends and pages of likes. This is the page people land on when they login to Facebook. However, recent research shows people only spend 27% of their time in the newsfeed.
  19. 19. Task 6 Are your communities usingFacebook? Using the advertising tool to assess communities size 1. Click on Adverts in left column. Located under Apps. 2. Click on Create an advert in upper right corner. 3. Scroll down to Step 2 Targeting. 4. Try entering different criteria to narrow down Estimated reach in the upper right corner. 5. Use estimated reach to predict whether your community is using Facebook.
  20. 20. Task 7 Search for your storyUsing Google Advanced Search to find pages, notes, events, etc.1. Go to Scroll down to Then narrow your results by... to the site or domain field3. Type in Followed with event, notes or pages to narrow.4. Scroll back up to designate keywords, then search.Profiles and groups tend to be more difficult to search because of privacy settings.
  21. 21. Twitter The hacks, flacks, wackos, politicos + some regular joes...The most public and immediatesocial media space online.
  22. 22. Twitter The hacks, flacks, wackos, politicos + some regular joes... Plus another 140 million active Twitter users.
  23. 23. Twitter How people use it
  24. 24. Task 8 Search for your storyUse the search field to enter keywords around your story.
  25. 25. Task 8 Keep searching...Results yield People and Tweets. Always switch to Allfrom Top tweets, which is the default.
  26. 26. Task 8 Switch to advanced searchClick on the cog button next to the search field. Then selectAdvanced Search.
  27. 27. Task 8 Switch to advanced searchSame principles ofGoogle searchingapply to Twitter.Use AdvancedSearch to hone inon issues, trends,and people. ● Intercept @ messages to other people. ● Search by radius of cities.
  28. 28. Tweets NOT on Twitter Topsy Twitters search will only find tweets so far back. To gain a historical perspective, use to search for older Tweets.
  29. 29. Twitter speak Tweet typology Statement tweet goes into the timeline of all your followers. Reply This tweet would be flagged up to @pollycurtis, and only appear in the timeline of all of @ITVLauraKs followers who also follow @pollycurtis. Mention This tweet goes to all my followers, and will be flagged up to @davidhiggerson. Retweet or RT This tweet was in @fieldproducers timeline and he added commentary, then forwarded it to all his followers. Direct message or DM This message is private, visible only to @chaptertweets.
  30. 30. Twitter speak Tweet typology, cont. Photo tweet Links to image; full Video tweet Links to video; full photo visible in video watchable in
  31. 31. What exactly is a hashtag?A word or phrase without spaces preceded withthe hash symbol.For example...#bbcqtBy adding the hash, Twitter links a search to alltweets using the hashtag.
  32. 32. Can I make a hashtag?Probably not.● Hashtags are not usernames, like @joniayn.● We can name ourselves, but not always the topics, trends and events up for discussion.But, you can find out if there is a hashtag.
  33. 33. Task 9 Does your story have a hashtag?Using the advanced search tool on, find out if there are any existinghashtags related to your story.
  34. 34. Why use a hashtag?● Find relevant people and information.● Join conversations with people you dont know who dont follow you.● Spread your work and reputation to new people.● Build your followers and extend the reach of your content.
  35. 35. BUT, hashtags are not for every tweet● Dont put a hash symbol in front of every keyword.● Dont make up a hashtag if... ○ the tweet is a one off on a topic, issue or event ○ you havent ruled out that a hashtag already exists ○ the topic is unlikely to gain momentum in conversation and debate
  36. 36. Trustworthy tweetsLook closely before believing a tweet.
  37. 37. Verifying tweets top tips1. Check the timestamp Keep scrolling back through tweets to find out where the original source is from.2. Contextual tweets Look at the Twitter users profile page to see their other tweets.3. Number of past tweets Be weary if this is the Twitter users first few tweets.4. Google them Where else are they on the web? Does this look like a real person?5. Check for related tweets Are other Twitter users saying similar things independent of this user.6. Ask them what they know Tweet @ the user to follow up questions.A journalists guide to verifying images
  38. 38. Making a list curating a communityStep 1 Go to your lists
  39. 39. Making a list curating a communityStep 2 Create a new list
  40. 40. Making a list curating a communityStep 3 Name and describe your list.Make it public or private.
  41. 41. Making a list curating a communityStep 4 Find people to add to your list
  42. 42. Task 10 Curate a list for your storyFind at least five Twitter users to curate.
  43. 43. Twitter clients A piece of third-party software that allows you to use your Twitter feed(s) in a more sophisticated way. Personal favourite: Hootsuite.comTop 20 Twitter Clients being used in 2012
  44. 44. 1 hour for lunch...Then a tour of the new tools in the kit +Reporting with social media