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Minerworld - Perguntas e Respostas


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No nosso negócio, informação é ouro! Leia nosso FAQ e tire todas as suas dúvidas sobre este grande negócio que está se iniciando no Brasil, mas que conquistará o mundo todo em pouco tempo.

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Minerworld - Perguntas e Respostas

  1. 1. How many and what are the bonuses paid by MinerworlD? You receive your bonus through eight gain areas in Binary and Unilevel calculation methods, providing opportunities him to a career Solida and Profitable.  Direct indication 10%.  Bonus binary of up to 40% lower leg  Bonus Income "hash" = Bitcoin Mining.  Bonus direct selling. Up to 100% profit.  Residual bonuses for staff, Unilevel. Twenty-eight percent (28%) distributed in 10 levels, paid on maintenance values and hosting of websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores sold by the team of its construction in right and left. This bonus is not paid pouring staff. Illustrative example. You need to be active and qualified to receive monthly.  Activation Monthly Unilevel bonus. Bonuses distributed in 10 levels, paid on monthly activation values of your team. This bonus is not paid in shedding staff. You need to be active and qualified to receive monthly.  Success Climb bonus. Travel and awards  Executive bonuses Diamond: profits Division (7% pro-rata) production team in the period. (Paid every 3 moths) There will be paying a bonus, without forming network business or sell? The bonus outcome of the "hash", which is the mining Bitcoin, a bonus is paid regardless of whether you build the network or sell any product. When you paid the membership pack, you bought one product from the "hash" for mining in cloud. This bonus is paid in Bitcoin in your electronic wallet. See regulations in the contract. WHAT QUALIFICATION FOR BINARY? Qualifying for the binary bonus is when you have two (2) indicated direct, one positioned on your left and one on the right, each with a paid pack. Obs. Partner does not qualify, only guarantees positioning in the business network. HOW IS PAID BONUS BINARY? The MinerworlD pays 20% to 40% of the score that is generated in the lower leg. The torque percentage may be achieved in two ways up to 35% on the purchase of packs or the score in the escalation of success. The binary that pays 40% you have come to the right when you reach the EMERALD PIN in the escalation of success. The score is available in your BackOffice and converted the bonus every
  2. 2. day at midnight in power and money. The withdrawal request occurs on a weekly basis according to the rules specified in the contract. HOW IS PAID BONUS UniLevel? The Unilevel bonus is ONLY YOUR NETWORK, ie, the network formed by you do not account spills. If you go and appoint 2 people, for example, these two will be part of his first level unilevel if they indicate someone will be your second level and so on. If, by chance, your sponsor or someone in the network above you spill associated in their binary network, this does not account for you in the unilevel and bonus Activation Monthly Unilevel. HOW MANY ACCOUNTS CAN HAVE MY NAME? How many Logins (membership accounts) can I have in my name? You can only have one login account in your name. This account you can buy and sell products of infinite MinerworlD. You can start with a quantity of "hash" and buy the amount you want to mining Cloud, buy and sell as many e-commerce license, site and blogs allow the demand of their services. CAN I TRANSFER MY ACCOUNT? It is permitted to transfer an account (login) from one holder to another? Yes, it is allowed to exchange ownership since followed the following: I. Download the ownership transfer letter (default). II. Fill the data and notarize the current entrepreneur, holder of loguin. III. Attach simple copy, document and entrepreneur CURRENT address proof, which has the login. IV. Attach simple copy, document and NEW Entrepreneur proof of address. V. Scannear the documents and send it by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .. "> VI . Send by mail, registered mail on 15-day period of physical documentation. BONUS EXECUTIVE DIAMOND PAYMENT Every quarter of the year is made a swing and published the company's profitability in the period. This value is the net income will be allocated seven (7%) for the Diamond Division, 3% divided among all the Diamonds, 2.5% divided among all Double Diamond and 1.5% Divided between Triple Diamonds.
  3. 3. WHEN IS ENABLED MY MINING? After confirming the payment of the purchase of the "hash" in seven days begins its mining bitcoin. You can follow in your BackOffice. HOW TO ACTIVATE THE LICENSES E-COMMERCE? Upon entering your BackOffice, you will find a number of voucher equivalent amount of license purchased in your pack. In the very BackOffice you access the license activation link and pregnant with the voucher number and the registration data of the person or company that will use this license. After this procedure, this license is active and you can customize the virtual store. This time will generate 12 slips regarding the store's hosting fees as package chosen, and they of R $ 79.00 - R $ 129.00 and R $ 199.00. TERM CONTRACT MINERWORLD Your contract is valid for 12 months. During this period the "hash" staying power by mining biticoin for you. For all "hash" sold by MinerworlD, there is an investment grade in technology, computers for mining, servers, energy costs, spare parts and others. It's a real factory, called "farm". ACTIVATION MONTHLY AND ITS VALUE. The monthly activation value is equivalent to the smallest hosting package an e-commerce store, currently R $ 50.00. The entrepreneur, as in any field of activity has rights and duties, but nothing is mandatory in MinerworlD. You just used the services of MinerworlD whenever you want. In the months that you are monthly qualified, you will receive the remaining Bonus Bonus for staff and Monthly Activation Bonus Unilevel, in the months you are not active, not receive them. PACK THE UPGRADE Five are the membership pack, (starter, basic, professional, and ultimate entreprise). I can upgrade? And what value do I pay? When you upgrade from one package to another, you pay only the difference and are received also proportionally products. It is also proportional to score and bonuses in the business network. Upgrade keeps the expiration date of the entrepreneur contract equal to the first pack purchased. CAN I BUY THE PACK WITHOUT PARTNER? To purchase one of the packages should already be positioned in the MinerworlD business network. This placement occurs with the purchase of Partner.
  4. 4. WHAT I RECEIVE TO OBTAIN PARTNER? Your objective is to have a profitable commercial activity. And this is what the search MinerworlD be offering you. All working model (conventional, direct sales, franchise or MMN), for you to succeed, you have to study the market, know the products, the competition, the target audience, set goals, plan, anyway always be updated. This is why we have invested in a corporate university, and throughout their partnership with MinerworlD we are providing courses and training in order to empower you. In the acquisition of Partner, we will provide three courses and training The MINERWORLD PAY BONUS FIXED? The company follows the norms of national and international regulatory agency. The fixed payment of bonuses is not indicated for this business model. What guarantees an income estimated at cryptocurrency "Bitcoin" is the result of mining of "hash" that you purchased the membership pack. For you estimate its mining month of digital currency is simple. The result of mining can be obtained by global calculator on this site, by entering your HASH rate and considering the degree of difficulty. HOW TO KNOW THE AMOUNT OF "HASH"? What is the calculation to know the amount of "hash" of my membership plan? The membership plan is real and the bitcoin value as the dollar fluctuate. The bitcoin mining factory has its cost spreadsheet paid in US dollars, so the index for power conversion is the dollar. The acquired power is a result of the conversion of the real value of the dollar on the day of payment, divided by a factor of 0.93. THERE IS LENDING LICENSES AND PRODUCTS? The MinerworlD follows the regulations of regulatory bodies of MMN activity, for this reason you do not receive your products in the form of lending. The entrepreneur when you pay for your pack, he is buying services and products MinerworlD. Goods and services such that it can consume, use or resell. CAN I TRANSFER BETWEEN LOGINS? In compliance with regulations, it is not allowed to make transfers to other logins. On the date determined by the company (see manual of rules), you may request withdrawal, which will be paid to your debit card or deposited into your bank account or virtual wallet
  5. 5. ACTIVATION CAN DO WITH BALANCE? Yes, it is allowed ENDS CAREER PLAN AFTER 12 MONTHS? The score for the career path that occurs in the lower leg will only be reset if you fail to renew his contract. You have an option in your BackOffice where you authorize the company to automatically debit the amount of the new PACK accession, provided you have account balance. It is the same as direct debit. THERE CEILING TORQUE DAILY? Yes, the binary will be paid a maximum of three times the value of the membership package in the day. The CEILING ACCUMULATES BINARY? There is no bonus for accumulation binary ceiling surplus. WHEN I RECEIVE THE BONUS? Every end of month is accounted for all revenues from hosting sales of e-commerce and the monthly activation and paid only once on the 10th of the month. LOST PASSWORD, HOW TO RECOVER? Visit: Please enter your login and e-mail address you used to register and click SEND. You will receive a new password to your registered e-mail. EMAIL IS WRONG, WHAT TO DO? The e-mail can only be changed by the account holder and confirming all registration information, can only be done by email ( informing all registration data. Please contact the call center. CAN I CANCEL MY ACCOUNT? Yes. Fill out the form available in your BackOffice, sign, firm recognizes and forwards it to the legal department ( together with ID. NO NEED TO SEND LETTER OF PHYSICAL ONLY scanned.
  6. 6. CANCELLING THE BILL, AS I RECEIVE? The amount to be received by those who cancel accounts in MinerworlD will be: Value Accession less the amounts already received by the sum of all Bonus and less administrative cost. If you have not received anything, you will get back the membership value less 33% of administrative fees. ON THE DOWNLOAD OF BUSINESS PLAN BackOffice are available in PDF, PPT, and Prezi. HOW TO RECEIVE THE bitcoins mined? The entrepreneur Miner World must access the BackOffice in the download area, the link pair to choose a virtual wallet type. Install, sync and after filling the data in this portfolio in the indicated tab. Weekly dede that has a minimum in the normative values available as MinerworlD, may request the transfer Bitcoin.