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  • Good morning etc.  I am Helen Crisp, I have been assistant director of research and development at the Health Foundation for 2 years.Shine is The Health Foundations’ award scheme around innovation. This is the second cohort of projects. You will hear the results and learning from the first cohort tomorrow and we hope over dinner tonight.
  • You will be pleased to know this is the HSJ not THF so the application process is pretty straight forward and the word limits are a couple of hundred words per question.Each category has 8 questions. Having read your reports I think there is quite a lot that you have produced already which will be useful for these applications.
  • The hints and tips come from our experience of assessing applications for funding.It is amazing how many people don’t stick to the word limit, going over can put you at a disadvantage.Asking a friend to read it through before you submit will be helpful – they may see things you don’t, you may have made assumptions/used terms they are unfamiliar with. Remember the assessors will be looking at hundreds of applications so the ones that are easy to understand are likely to be looked upon favourably!Don’t upload too much info. What do the assessors need to see? Think colour, charts, photos – something eye catching and memorable!
  • National awards

    1. 1. Applying forNational AwardsPromoting Shine successes The Health Foundation
    2. 2. This session• What are they?• Why should we apply?• How do we apply? The Health Foundation 2
    3. 3. Award schemes that projectshave entered• HSJ Efficiency Awards• HSJ Awards• Nursing Times Awards• Other professional journals/societies awards• HSJ/Cap Gemini Liberating Ideas Award (Be warned!!) The Health Foundation
    4. 4. What are the awards?The awards “aim to promote organisations whodemonstrate strategies and initiatives that havetangibly improved efficiency and cost savings, whilstmaintaining the highest levels of patient care andstaff morale” The Health Foundation 4
    5. 5. Why apply?• Raises the profile of your work bothinternally and externally• Highlights the commitment of you, yourteam and your organisation• Share best practice with others inhealthcare• The award ceremony..... The Health Foundation 5
    6. 6. Example categories forHSJ Efficiency Awards• Efficiency in Acute Service Redesign• Efficiency in Administrative and Clerical Services• Efficiency in Clinical Support Services• Efficiency in Community Service Redesign• Efficiency in Information Technology• Efficiency in Training and Development• Workforce Efficiency The Health Foundation 6
    7. 7. How do you apply?• Usually submission via web-site• Answer a series of questions on line• May have the opportunity to send/ upload supporting documents• If shortlisted attend panel interview• Results announced at the awards dinner!! The Health Foundation 7
    8. 8. Hints & tips• Answer the questions!• Don’t use jargon• Stick to the word limit!• Ask someone who doesn’t know yourproject to read the application• Think carefully about the documents youupload• Talk to your media/communications team The Health Foundation 8
    9. 9. What the judges look for• Impressive results• Tangible benefits for patients (and staff)• Something a bit different – originality• Understanding what was done and how The Health Foundation 9
    10. 10. Any questions?• Questions and discussion• Lunch• Case study The Health Foundation 10