Appfrica: The Infosys of Africa


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Appfrica: The Infosys of Africa

  1. 1. APPFRICA ”Building the Future from Africa”
  2. 2. THE PROBLEM When multinational companies (from both the public and private sector) do business in Africa they often can’t find enough skilled local talent to hire. Instead they source consultants from abroad which compounds the problem: - Foreign salaries are between 50% to 200% more than the local market rate. - Plus, it requires additional spending on travel and lodging; - Plus, it requires time to train and orient to the market. Annually, these combined groups account for $200 billion spent in Africa. Roughly 60% goes to overhead (staff & consultants).
  3. 3. THE FOREIGN CONSULTING MARKET Instead they turn to consulting groups like McKinsey and The Whitaker Group to staff public and private sector projects. These consultants also have limited presence in Africa, and also have mostly a foreign workforce. While highly skilled, these consulting groups often don’t: - Train for local expertise in areas of IT, Communications and Management. - Invest in local infrastructure. - Have an understanding of local trends and customs. - Maintain longterm social impact efforts.
  4. 4. OPPORTUNITY Annually, the global social sector spends over $200 billion in Africa. Total foreign direct investment in Africa was $45.8 billion in 2011.1 We think our total addressable market size is $100 million of this estimated $11 billion market. Unlike the foreign consultants mentioned, we invest in local talent and infrastructure through our various social impact programs.
  5. 5. INFOSYS- AN EXAMPLE FROM INDIA Infosys has taken similar approach over the past 30 years in India: - Founded in 1981 in Pune, India - In 1993 went public in India - In 1999 went public in the United States - In 1996 Infosys established the Infosys Foundation, to support the underprivileged sections of society. - 2013 Revenue of $7.39 billion
  6. 6. SOLUTIONS Software Products (mobile and web), Data Analysis, Market Research,Marketing & Communications and Program Design C u s t o m e r P r o fi l e : M u l t i n a t i o n a l Corporations, Governmental Agencies, Nonprofits & NGOs establishing (or scaling) a footprint in Africa U.S. Department of State, Wounded Warriors Project, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Google, UNICEF, Government of Canada (MASAS), Grand Challenges Canada, Grameen Foundation, & more... 40% 60% Consulting & Communications Software & Technology
  7. 7. APPFRICA’S HISTORY Five year’s old. Founded in 2008 in Kampala, Uganda. Expanded internationally in 2010. Now working in 16 African countries. Our core values: - Commitment to Diversity - Supporting & Driving Innovation - Maintaining a Global Footprint - Being Socially Conscious - Having Integrity
  8. 8. OUR TEAM Our staff includes a seven person team spanning three continents, with team members in the United States, United Kingdom, Kenya, and Uganda. We’ve received recognition for our work from TED Conferences, the O’Reilly Strata conference (the world’s biggest data conference), the Paley Center, the Knight Foundation, Harvard Initiative for Global Health, Salisbury Trust and the U.S. Secretary of State. Jon Gosier (CEO, USA) Matt Griffiths (CTO, UK) Bahiyah Robinson (Executive Director, USA) Barbara Birungi (Director, Uganda) Brian Ndyaguma (Operations, Uganda) Lynn Kirabo (Communications, Uganda) Ahmed Maawy (Lead Software Developer, Kenya)
  9. 9. APPFRICA ”Building the Future from Africa”
  10. 10. GET IN TOUCH! Bahiyah Robinson, Executive Director, United States (215) 833-8818 Uganda +414 220359 Email Web - Twitter - @appfrica