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Africa's Fifth Estate


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French philosopher Montesquieu gave use the idea of the Three Estates of the Realm. Edmund Burke argued the Press makes up a Fourth Estate. William Dutton argues that a Fifth Estate are not just users of transmedia like bloggers, but those connected through the internet.

In Africa those connections look different. In this talk I argue that Africa isn't a place, but a space. A state of mind that exists in the diaspora and those connected beyond boarders.

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Africa's Fifth Estate

  1. 1. THE FIFTH ESTATE by Jon Gosier @jongos @appfrica Kongossa Web Series 21 Sept 2013, Montreal
  3. 3. Challenging the Notion of ‘Good’? Overwhelmingly the global social sector has defined what is ‘good’ for Africa. This term is generally used in regards to Charity, Goodwill, Human Rights, Better Governance, NGOs, Aid, Travel, Cultural Exchange etc. While these things are all good, they are the building blocks for what is ultimately good for all nations: Prosperity
  4. 4. A Post ‘Aid vs. Trade’ World What matters is how Africa can retain more of the wealth, raw assets, and talent it yields to create lasting prosperity. Where is the growth? How do we continue to support it? How do we find it? Reinvest in what works. Invest in youth. Invest in the future.
  5. 5. Annually, the global social sector spends over $200 billion dollars. Total foreign direct investment in Africa was $46 billion in 2011. $62 billion dollars in remittances to Africa annually. Untapped Wealth 140 million Africans living outside of Africa (commonly referred to as the African diaspora). 44 million Black-Americans in the US (Africans more than two generations removed) with spending power of nearly $1 trillion dollars. 24 million Afro- Caribbean $47.4 billion (Combined GDP of Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago combined) 200 62 46 Global Social Sector (AID) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Remittances
  6. 6. “Africa is not a place. It’s a space, a state of mind.”
  7. 7. Africa’s Fifth Estate is a Connected Diaspora The Four Estates: 1) The Church, 2) Society, 3) Government, 4) The Press
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