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Cumc pres


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Cumc pres

  1. 1. AEROPRO is a professional organization engaged inmarketing, sales and distribution of high quality and the latestMedical TechnoDevices for eCRITICAL CARE Industry fromWorld-Class manufacturers.AEROPRO is the First Company in the Philippines to focus onCritical Care Devices and Healthcare IT Solutions.AEROPRO is a certified Value Partner of PHILIPS Healthcare fromNetherlands and VITALOGRAPH from United Kingdom.
  2. 2. FELIX TAGUIAM President TERENCE F. SORONO General ManagerAeroPro Sales Accounting and Facilities Marketing & Clinical CR and BioMedical Team Human Resource Management & Applications Team Services Team Finance Logistics
  3. 3. NCR – Main Headquarters* Cebu – VisMin HQ* Country Head Office Regional Offices and/or presence Davao –* With Full-Pledged Sales, Mktg and SERVICE Mindanao teams Operation AeroPro Dealer’s Circle 4
  4. 4. Powered by:Headquartered in United KingdomPioneering technology in Portable Spirometry50years of Research, Development and Manufacturing experience @ the “lungs” of Vitalograph’s Products: State-of-the-Art Fleisch-based technologyHigh quality, Greater accuracy - No moving partsHighly reliable - Robust equipmentEquipment of choice for Pharma R&D world-wide
  5. 5. Intuitive Alpha Touch
  6. 6. Vitalograph Pulmonary ScreenersCOPD-6 & ASMA-1 ► COPD & Asthma screening device ► Measures FEV1, FEV6, ratio, Lung Age ► Generates predicteds ► Incorporates GOLD guidelines for COPD ► Accuracy 3% volume, 5% flow (as spirometers) ► Uses stator rotor ► Now also USB, serial and Bluetooth versions
  7. 7.  Neatherlands  USA Leading Consumer-Lifestyle Brand  Introduced CPAP for OSA (1985) One of the Triumvirates in Worldwide  Patented the Bi-Level technology Healthcare Technologies (1992) and introduced the first BiLevel World’s leading Patient Monitor Brand Ventilator and Cardiac Diagnostic Products  Important Aquisitions: LifeCare Important Aquisitions: Ventilator, HealthDyne and HP, Agilent, Dameca, Invivo, Goldway Novametrix, USA and Respironics  Aquired by Philips in 2008
  8. 8. *TRANSPORTATIONARY is a trademark of AeroPro Meditech Inc.
  9. 9. Recovery starts with synchrony
  10. 10. Patient monitoring product portfolio introduction
  11. 11. IntelliVue SeriesPatientMonitorsFetal andMaternalMonitorsClinicalMeasurementsClinicalInformationSystemsSurveillanceandNetworkingClinicalDecisionSupport
  12. 12. SureSigns series is more than one product Best quality for a basic monitor at an affordable price VM8 VM6 VM4 VS2 VS3 VM1 VSV
  13. 13. Goldway International Product Family 2012! Q4 2011! G70/G80 G60 16 languages 10 languages New add GW CO 17 languages 14 languages 7 languages New add etCO2 for CE 9 languages 17
  14. 14. Presented by: AeroPro MarketingDate: 18 May 2012
  15. 15. Expanded Critical Care or eCritical Care project is our response to the challenges andopportunities being given to us by Philips Healthcare to be their Value Partner in thePhilippines. Now also to represent their newly-found gold-mine, Dameca Anesthesia Solutions.With eCritical Care, AeroPro will be pioneering a new concept and approach which will see theoperating room, diagnostic imaging departments and other departments as another CRITICALCARE AREA. “Where there’s Mission-Critical ...It’s Critical Care.” It is our is our expertise. It’s AeroPro
  16. 16. ANESTHESIAPowered by: Dameca
  17. 17. Siesta Series:iTS - PremiumiWhispa - De LuxeiBreasy - Entry LevelMR-508 - Specialty Powered by: Dameca
  18. 18. -AMI as complete Hospital IT Company- The only company offering the most advanced Central Station > Web Viewer Option > Mobile Viewer Option > Full Integration AeroFUSION™ OR Ambulance Other ER ICU Dept.
  19. 19. *Photo Copyright owned by UCMC
  20. 20. • Technology• Mobility• Scalable monitoring• High nurse mobilisation• Ergonomics that counts• Integrated workplace, Open and Flexible System• Access to information at any time at any place• EMR in ICU Management: data integration/ throughput / scoring• Diagnose and monitoring : quality measurements• RELIABLE AFTER-SALES SUPPORT
  21. 21. - A fully integrated critical care solutions platform that addresses specificchallenges of Patient Monitoring , Clinical IT and after-sales support partnershipfrom Philips and AeroPro. Patient Transport ICU & Vital Signs Telemetry Monitoring Philips AeroPro Critical AHMC After-Sales Care Support Anesthesia Clinical Informatics
  22. 22. ContinuousRealtimeSeamless Data Integration