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“I’ve been removing graffiti for over 15 years with the City of                                     Sacramento. We clean s...
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Glidden Catalog Graffiti Removal


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Remove Graffiti safely with no effort. Taggers beware, THE WORLD\'S BEST GRAFFITI REMOVAL IS THE NEW KID IN TOWN!!!!!

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Glidden Catalog Graffiti Removal

  2. 2. Dear Customers and Friends, ADVANTAGES OF USING WORLD’S BEST:My name is John Rose. I have worked passionately in the Mosqueda BMX Skate Park, Fresno CAgraffiti removal industry for the past 30 years, as owner ofa contract graffiti removal business and developer of The Remove graffiti from ALL building surfaces without damage toWorld’s Best Graffiti Removal Products and System. the substrate, the environment or the end user. No ghastly shadows EVER, no choking fumes, no harshTHE WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI REMOVAL SYSTEM scrubbing or guaranteed to be the QUICKEST and SAFESTgraffiti removal system in the world. It is easily learned All biodegradable products require ¼ of the water than othersand employs only biodegradable products and for an even better result. John Rose, Founder and Developerenvironmentally sustainable techniques. Easily learned and easily taught and consequently far quicker and more accurate than any other products available. Sunbaked spraycan graffiti over 1 year old Much of our product development has taken Products work first time every time saving you man hours. place in the arid climate of Australia, where we have reluctantly become accustomed to severe Worker satisfaction is increased through results. Your workers water restrictions. This is why our products enjoy getting on top of the problem so quickly and completely. require little or no rinsing with water, and are Unsurpassed product training as well as 24 hour back up and now accepted for use by Heritage and World online support for ALL our customers. Wilderness areas. Now manufactured in Los Angeles, California, by Urban Restoration Group US Inc., we have “Life doesn’t get better than that – does it?” Congratulations City of Fresno Graffiti team! spent the past several years demonstrating to US Cities from the East to West Coast. I am proud to report that we have now been adopted by hundreds of Cities, as well as the mostVanessa and Adam Kopcho, Director of US Operations successful graffiti removal contracting teams on the planet. GRAFFITI REMOVAL TRAINING FROM THE EXPERTS We are passionate about providing you with We run demonstrations and training sessions We offer an informative and fun DVD Training GO GREEN! TOTAL answers to graffiti removal cleaning for Cities, contractors and volunteer groups throughout the USA. Our one day course is Course and Training Manual, that takes you on a step-by-step guide on how to achieve success problems. We’ve been doing it for many years with amazing success. How about joining us in fun, highly informative and can be scheduled with a 100% environmentally sustainable making it GAME OVER for vandals? at your location and convenience. graffiti removal system. Simply purchase There’s strength in numbers. our Starter Pack or Graff-Attak-Pak Together we can do it. The course covers everything you ever need and receive these valuable training to know on how to achieve total success materials free of charge. including valuable and proven strategies for a Also enjoy 24 hour online support BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS graffiti-free city. - you’ll be an expert in no time! 100% ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE SYSTEM John Rose Founder and Developer learn more at World’s Best Graffiti Removers “We thought we tried everything until Adam Kopcho turned up for a demo at our Corporation Yard. Now we’ve been using World’s Best Products since 2007 and I can honestly say World’s Best is TRULY the World’s Best.” Michael Stover Nuisance Abatement Coordinator DPW, City of Chula Vista, CA DPW, City of San Francisco, CA Department of Public Works02 District of Columbia (Washington DC) 03
  3. 3. GETTING STARTED OUR PRODUCTS WORLD’S BEST PROFESSIONAL STARTER PACK WORLD’S BEST GRAFF-ATTAK-PAK BEST GUAR DS AN RL WO TE E RL W T EE DS AN O BES T GUAR BEST GUAR DS AN RL WO TE E RL W T EE DS AN O BES T GUAR The PROFESSIONAL STARTER PACK provides PROFESSIONAL STARTER everything you need to achieve the same incredible THE GRAFF-ATTAK-PAK CONTAINS: results as the most successful contracting teams and PACK CONTAINS: cities throughout the USA, Australia and the UK. The World’s Best Graffiti Removal 5G Bare Brick, Stone and Masonry Graffiti Remover System in a light-weight and portable World’s Best DVD Training Course and Manual 1G Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover box. Contains the lot! No more to buy – 1G Bare Brick, Stone and Masonry Graffiti Remover This pack will enable you to 1Qt Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover eradicate over 3000 square feet of 1G Feltpen Fadeout everything you need to get started. 3 Professional chemical brushes 1Qt Feltpen Fadeout typical graffiti all in one morning! 3 Graffiti Remover brushes 3 Handy ½ gallon buckets IDEAL FOR SCHOOLS, CUSTODIANS, 3 Toweling Cloths PARKS & RECREATION, GROUNDS Toweling cloths Products are packaged in sizes proportionate to how 3 Handy ½ gallon buckets you would use them for everyday graffiti removal. World’s Best DVD Training Course and Manual MAINTENANCE, DIY PROPERTY Safety goggles and gloves OWNERS AND CONTRACTORS. Safety goggles and gloves “Before I met Adam at World’s Best Graffiti “Thanks for making my job so much “With 18¼ years experience with the City of Carlsbad, I thought that I had a PhD in graffiti removers we had no choice but to cover easier. Your products and system are removal, until we used the World’s Best Graffiti Removal Products. These products opened over graffiti. Now our mission is to restore far and away better than anything our eyes! The paint disappeared, like magic! We had been doing it backwards. We don’t every surface to its original condition without I have ever used. I back this all the need to re-invent the wheel - World’s Best have already done it. Luckily we accepted Adam’s damage. When you’ve tried World’s Best….. way.” invitation for a demonstration, because if we hadn’t, we would be looking pretty stupid right Why try the rest!” Ms Georgia Lopez now. ” Mr. Javier Covarrubias City of Santa Barbara, CA Mr Tim Lynch Graffiti Removal Specialist City of Carlsbad, CA City of Glendale, CA04 GO GREEN...GO WORLD’S BEST! 05
  4. 4. GRAFFITI REMOVERS GRAFFITI REMOVERS 3 SIMPLE PRODUCTS, 1 COMPLETE SOLUTION 2 SENSITIVE SURFACE GRAFFITI REMOVER Biodegradable, pleasant smelling, and economical, product for removing felt pens, wax 1 Use BARE BRICK, STONE AND MASONRY for graffiti on brick and concrete surfaces crayons, markers and most spray can paints from any surface (including painted surfaces) without damage or smears. It is truly remarkable and saves many architectural items from having 2 Use SENSITIVE SURFACE to remove graffiti from signs and painted surfaces to be repaired or replaced. Sensitive Surface Graffiti remover (SSGR) is Use FELTPEN FADEOUT for 3 magic marker and ink stains generally used brush on, wipe off with a damp absorbent towel. It will not smear or stain Available in 1 Gallon and 5 surfaces and can be used indoors or outdoors. Gallon Pails. THE ONLY COMPLETE DOES THE LOT! NO GHASTLY SHADOWS, NO Gallon sizes available in ALL-SURFACE UNNECESSARY DAMAGE, GUARANTEED SUCCESS Recommended for smooth coated and painted case quantities of 4. GRAFFITI REMOVAL SYSTEM! surfaces including walls, signs, Newspaper * Pallet pricing available upon request. dispensers, bathroom walls, desks, US postal Drop boxes, Commercial real estate, road signs, 1 BARE BRICK, STONE AND MASONRY GRAFFITI REMOVER signal control boxes, play ground structures, cars, trucks trailers, equipment, bus stops Removes approximately 2000 square feet per gallon (typical powder coat, plastics and acrylics. graffiti). See data sheet and MSDS for further details. Bare Brick, Stone and Masonry Graffiti Remover (BBSM) is a biodegradable, pleasant smelling graffiti remover used for the FAST, 3 FELTPEN FADEOUT EFFECTIVE removal of spray can paints from brick, block wall, porous stone, and concrete A World First, enabling the removal surfaces without DAMAGE or SHADOWS. or permanent ink markers (that have impregnated or left a stain) from paint work, Generally applied by brush, or sprayer and plastics, pre cast concrete, granite terrazzo best rinsed with a small pressure washer, it stone and marble. People won’t believe what has an incredibly consistent 98% success they see in front of their eyes and neither will rate with one application. you - we guarantee it. Available in 1 Gallon and 5 Removes approximately 200 square feet per Gallon Pails. Feltpen fadeout is a biodegradable, brush on gallon (of typical graffiti) on concrete, brick, Gallon sizes available in wipe off product generally used for perfect block or masonry. Approximately 80 square case quantities of 4. removals of ink stains on smooth or porous Available in 1 Gallon quantity. feet per gallon on sandstone, limestone or * Pallet pricing available upon request. surfaces after (or during) graffiti has been dissolved as Gallon sizes available in case similar and approximately 1000 square feet on much as possible by either SSGR or BBSM. Can also be quantities of 4. smoother painted surfaces. See data sheet and MSDS for further details. used very effectively with BBSM for faster perfectly invisible * Pallet pricing available upon request. removal of certain spray can markers with little or no rinsing. “I wanted to pass along a tip about “My crew and I are impressed with your Graffiti Safewipes & Graffiti Removes approximately 1000 square feet per gallon (of typical ink type graffiti) when used in your masonry product. I used a similar Product line & will be more than happy to give my endorsement on it. ” conjunction with SSGR or BBSM. See data sheet and MSDS for further details. product before purchasing yours...I feel Jerry D. Burgess that yours works a lot better...I have Park Maintenance Improvement Supervisor absolutely no problem whatsoever Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District, OR “Adam, thanks for your advice. My crew tells me that after using Feltpen Fadeout and your recommending your product to anyone “The best product I’ve ever tried. No other product has worked as recommended method, they were able to remove the entire ink tag from the A J Stevens’ statue who doesn’t want to waste their time on ” something else less effective. well as Bare Brick, Stone and Masonry Remover. The best without any trace. I believe this is the oldest statue in downtown Sacramento.” Charlie Michael product on the market now. ” Dave Dapuma Ryan Loofbourrow Director of Community Services Clark County, NV Town of Cicero, IL Downtown Sacramento Partnership, CA06 GO GREEN...GO WORLD’S BEST! 07
  5. 5. SPECIALTY PRODUCTS - CONSERVATION, TRANSPORTATION SPECIALTY PRODUCTS - PROTECTIVE COATING CONSERVATION, HISTORIC BUILDINGS, CLEANING AND PROTECTING WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI COATING 40 years experience cleaning graffiti and protecting historic buildings from vandals has allowed us to tailor solutions for any graffiti situation on delicate old buildings. These include the removal of ALL graffiti markers, Protects natural building surfaces against graffiti, pollution and World’s Best Graffiti Coating recommended paint spills and deeply embedded magic markers, inks and dyes without the risk of damage. grime. This amazing product is a virtually invisible sacrificial ANTI for delicate historic buildings. GRAFFITI Coating. It’s made from wax polymers that act as a building protection product. It’s ideal for delicate historic building HERITAGE GRAFFITI REMOVER - FOR DELICATE OLD BUILDINGS structures or surfaces which have incurred previous damage. The Coating flexes with the ambient Specially designed for sensitive, historic and temperature and is durable and UV stable. important buildings to remove graffiti from stonework, The end result is a long lasting invisible brickwork and masonry without damage. We have protective barrier which behaves like a ‘living’ spent over 30 years removing paint carefully from skin reinventing itself (almost daily) in the sun, over 10,000 buildings. We have recognized the rain and wind. One critical advantage of this, risk of damage from over zealous blasting is that no water vapors are ever trapped and or chemicals being entrapped within consequently walls ‘breathe’ normally, with the surface fabric. This product is moisture allowed to pass during these times. effective first time every time Please contact our expert advisory panel for Friends of Beckley Furnace apply requiring very low pressure a solution to your conservation problem. World’s Best Graffiti Coating can be applied World’s Best Graffiti Coating. to remove softened graffiti to almost any exterior building surface. It will and most importantly, protect your property from all types of graffiti, allowing any chemical to grime, pollution, sea and salt spray for up to 10 rinse out easily to avoid the Available in 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon Pails. years. “We applied World’s Best Graffiti Coating to the presence of insoluble salts Gallon sizes available in case quantities of 4. Beckley Blast Furnace in 2007. The material was being left on masonry. After 30 years of experience with ‘coatings’, very easy to apply with a low pressure handheld * Pallet pricing available upon request. we realized that this product was the most sprayer. There was no odor and it left no residue. Removes approximately versatile, durable, and easily removed coating After drying, there is no visible change to the 200 square feet per gallon (of typical graffiti) on Bare Brick Stone or Masonry. available – being far and above any other ‘try appearance of the limestone (Stockbridge marble). hard’ products in the building industry. The Beckley Furnace (1847-1923) is registered on the National Register of Historic Places U.S.D.I. THE TRANSPORT INDUSTRY - ROADS, BUSES, TRAINS AND VEHICLES We have now field tested this coating for 12 Thanks for your help and patience in helping the years. It is non-toxic, and biodegradable, Friends of Beckley Furnace protect this historic From bridges to asphalt, buses to trains…You name it, our products are there, cleaning nuisance graffiti making it a pleasure to apply. If necessary for structure. ” wherever it pops up. Avoid unnecessary damage to signage, plexiglass, bus and train interiors and exteriors. whatever reason, it can be easily removed Tony Cantele Call us for expert advice on the transportation industry. either with Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Graffiti Friends of Beckley Furnace East Canaan, CT Remover and/or a hot water pressure washer. “I’ve never removed graffiti so easily...especially TRANSGEL - FOR THICK OLDER PAINTS Removes approximately 200 square feet per from cinderblock and sandstone. Your graffiti gallon on porous surfaces (including 2 coats) protection was absolutely sensational. The really ‘safe’ remover designed for use in the or approximately 800 square feet per gallon on hard impervious surfaces where only one coat Thanks heaps guys. ” transport industry. Removes hard sun-baked Paul Watts is required. Graffiti Removal Services murals on trains left in yards, with ease. Sacramento, CA A unique product especially designed for thick murals and hardened or sun-baked paints on all surfaces. Also excellent on asphalt, tarmac or bitumen surface, unpainted metals and pre-painted steel Available in 1 Gallon quantity. Available in 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon Pails. fencing. Gallon sizes available in case quantities of 4. Gallon sizes available in case quantities of 4. Removes approximately 150 - 200 square * Pallet pricing available upon request. * Pallet pricing available upon request. feet per gallon.08 GO GREEN...GO WORLD’S BEST! 09
  6. 6. GRAFFITI WIPES GRAFFITI WIPES GRAFFITI ‘SAFEWIPES’ AT LAST GRAFFITI WIPES Graffiti Safewipes will remove Ballpoint Pens, THAT REALLY WORK! Feltpens, Spraycan Paints, Crayons, Magic Markers and other marks from: Wipe away all types of graffiti markers and spraycans from painted and smooth surfaces quickly, without damage. WALLS, SIGNS, NEWSPAPER DISPENSERS, BATHROOM WALLS, DESKS, US POSTAL Ready to go anytime - handy in your glove compartment! DROP BOXES, COMMERCIAL REAL Non-hazardous & pleasant smelling - anyone can use them. ESTATE, ROAD SIGNS, SIGNAL CONTROL New hermetically sealed pouches guarantees longer shelf BOXES, PLAYGROUND STRUCTURES, life and wetter, better wipes. CARS, TRUCKS, TRAILERS, EQUIPMENT, BUS Easily distributed amongst friends, neighbors and STOPS POWDER COAT, PLASTICS AND ACRYLICS. co-workers. Trusted by Business Improvement Districts, Home Owners Associations, Schools, Cities, Maintenance GRAFFITI SAFEWIPES HANDY PACK Workers and Volunteers. Visit for your FREE ‘Safewipe’ sample CONTAINS: At last, a graffiti removal kit for under $5. Cheap enough to hand out on your city’s 3 ‘Safewipes’ next clean up day. Perfect for wiping 3 ‘Afterwipes’ down thousands of nuisance tags. DISPENSER CARTON OF 20 ECONOPACK CANISTER OF 35 2 Gloves Graffiti Safewipe Handy Packs contain SINGLE ‘SAFEWIPE’ POUCHES ‘SAFEWIPE’ TOWELETTES everything you need to leave every graffiti removal job looking spotless! Graffiti Afterwipes are damp deodorized towels designed to wipe away any smears or grime after dissolving graffiti with Graffiti Safewipes. Available in cases of 12 or master cases of 72. “You are the best! Thanks for all your “The City of Fresno has nearly 3,300 assistance. I will be bragging about you and volunteers using Sensitive Surface and Individually sealed for easy your product for a long time. Besides the ease ‘Safewipes’ from Urban Restoration Group distribution and unlimited shelf life. For maintenance workers & high-end users. of the product, it is rare to find a company with on a weekly basis. We organized nearly 900 employees that are as friendly, well versed, volunteers to use them in over 40 locations cooperative, and as helpful as you have been. around our city - all in one morning! ” Available in cases of 6 and master cases of 24. Available in cases of 12 or master cases of 72. Thank you again. ” Greg McAllister Officer Heskin Community Coordinator Chicago Police Dept, IL Fresno Police Department Graffiti Bureau, CA10 GO GREEN...GO WORLD’S BEST! 11
  7. 7. VOLUNTEER PRODUCTS ACCESSORIES WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI REMOVAL CITIZEN’S KITS WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITIBEATER TURBINE & GUN PACKAGE Used by thousands of volunteers to remove hundreds of thousands of tags. These kits are perfect for your cities ‘Adopt A Block’ campaign. Prevent the Spread of graffiti vandalism economically, by mobilizing volunteers in your community. North Park Community Volunteers, San Diego, CA For the removal of graffiti from painted and smooth surfaces. CITIZEN’S KIT 1 Kit 1 Contains: 8oz Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover Sprayer Volunteer brush Towel THE GRAFFITIBEATER 2 gloves PACKAGE INCLUDES: Goggles Twin turbine For the removal of Instructional guide A NEW ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Gun graffiti from brick, stone & masonry WAY TO PAINT OVER GRAFFITI QUICKLY 2 pots 2 spare turbine surfaces. Work Fast, Work Smart filters and gaskets 23 feet of hose CITIZEN’S KIT 2 Quick color changes on the job - No special skills needed - Second coat ready to do in minutes - Cut in perfectly or fog 1.3mm, 1.7mm, 2.1mm nozzles mist to blend. Tools & accessories Kit 2 Contains: 16oz Bare Brick, Stone and No Mess, No Fuss Easily cleaned - Low maintenance - No mechanical Masonry Graffiti Remover problems. Iron scrubbing brush Volunteer brush Towel Economical, Fun and Safe to Use MASSIVE paint savings of nearly 2/3 the paint used by 2 gloves other conventional spraying systems - No overspray - No Goggles fumes or mist. The Graffitibeater turbine has approximately Instructional guide 86% transfer efficiency rate (compared to conventional compressor sprayers approximately 48% or airless 58%) Kits available in cases of 12. “The hardest thing about using these fabulous paint over machines is getting them back from the person you loaned them to! ” John Rose Founder and Developer World’s Best Graffiti Removers * Custom labeling available upon request12 GO GREEN...GO WORLD’S BEST! 13
  8. 8. ACCESSORIES ESSENTIAL INFO WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI REMOVAL ACCESSORIES After visiting over 1000 cities, we’ve observed 12 steps for a graffiti-free city We’ve scoured the planet looking for the ‘World’s Best’ graffiti removal applicators, suitable for our products. They’re long lasting, chemical resistant and guaranteed to make your job a whole lot easier. Solo 1.5G Heavy Duty Sprayer 1 Recognize that graffiti vandalism is a community 7 As the daily prevalence of graffiti hits disappear, Ideal for applying our Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover, problem, and unless the City budgets for it clean the side streets, while keeping a daily Heritage Graffiti Remover or World’s Best Graffiti Coating. out of taxpayers’ money then it will never be check on the main streets. Clean some areas Extra large, heavy-duty pump pressurizes the tank with far fewer eradicated. It is no longer possible to avoid this twice daily if needed. This will deflate the vandal’s strokes. As much as 50% more efficient than other sprayers. fact. spirit. Endeavour to be proactive and not reactive 28” Unbreakable wand with professional shut-off valve provides (unless the situation requires you to attend to an 2 Recognize that graffiti removal is a highly skilled offensive graffiti incident). extended reach. trade. Do not think of it as a menial cleaning Automatic pressure relief valve releases excess pressure at 45 psi type job. Technicians are called upon to repair 8 Ensure any ‘Community Art’ program involving with external valve operation. damaged property from anything and everything aerosol art as the main medium is postponed without trace or damage. They must be skilled until after you’ve attained ‘Graffiti-Free’ city Solo 2L Handheld Sprayer and have a good sense of detailed workmanship. status. (Art programs performed during clean up High-density polyethylene tank is UV resistant. campaigns involving aerosol art tend to lower the 3 Employ a proven cleaning ‘system’ which is non- morale of those responsible for removing graffiti Powered by a piston pump with Viton® seals for easy pressurization. damaging and has the ability to confidently work Chemical-resistant seals allow safer use with graffiti removers. as well as sending out a mixed message to on any surface. We have the proven system. vandals that it is ok to spraypaint on some walls, High-quality multi-directional nozzle allows spraying from all positions. Pressure relief valve prevents over-pressurization. 4 Put all monetary resources into eradication while but not others). 7” wand for additional reach. initially refraining from photographing graffiti. If 9 Use this proven system. Do not ‘reinvent the Built-in drift/drip guard provides added dimension of control your local area has been continually vandalised wheel’ or copy other Cities who have not been over several years it’s likely you will achieve successful. This definitely works and is not nothing in this quest as most vandals are no World’s Best Handy Bucket longer active. Save this for police / prosecution expensive. We love these handy buckets so much we bring them in from Australia. purposes once you are graffiti-free. 10 A ‘Clean City’ levy of $1 per household per Perfect for brooming up our Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Graffiti month will easily fund this, as well as providing Remover on sidewalks, walls and concrete skate park bowls. Low 5 Make a daily ‘clean-sweep’ of all-main roads and known problem areas e.g. skate parks, toilet cleaner toilets, BBQs, playgrounds etc. profile allows for dragging along ground. Square shape and compact design fits perfectly in the back of your truck. Available in cases of 3. blocks, parks and known vandal haunts. 11 The consequent increase in property values 6 Remove graffiti from anything and everything, not through an improved city will ensure that the 1/2 Gallon Buckets just city property. Do not leave it to other utilities. rates pay for subsequent years ahead at no For brush on / wipe off work with Sensitive Surface or Feltpen Do not leave any obvious graffiti. At first, just extra cost to the community. Fadeout or working on small tags with Bare Brick, Stone & clean to ‘drive-by’ standard, i.e, not visible when driving through an area. You can always return 12 Enjoy. Masonry Graffiti Remover. Available in cases of 12. and fine tune any removals. Graffiti Remover Brush Set Specifically designed for our graffiti removal products, these pro brushes are long lasting and available in cases of 6. IS YOUR CITY DOING THIS? Broomhead IS YOUR CITY USING WORLD’S BEST? Long lasting, ideal for brooming up Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover. Perfect balance of softness to carry LET US SHOW YOU HOW EASY IT CAN BE. product and ‘scrubability’ for agitating graffiti. BOOK US FOR A FREE TRAINING SESSION NOW * ENQUIRE FOR CASE QUANTITY DISCOUNTS ON ALL ACCESSORIES.14 GO GREEN...GO WORLD’S BEST! 15
  9. 9. “I’ve been removing graffiti for over 15 years with the City of Sacramento. We clean some of the hardest surfaces daily such as spilt face rock walls, cinderblock and concrete. I’ve tried many other products over the years and have never seen anything as effective on these surfaces. ” Mr. Joe Lerza City of Sacramento, CA “Thank you World’s Best … we appreciate the following: 1. Your pricing 2. Your expediency 3. Your association with us and others such as MSA 4. The quality & proficiency of your products & service! ” Ted and Crew City of Chula Vista, CA “I will continually sing your praises to everyone who could be a potential customer for your system, and if there’s anything else I can do to help spread the word I will. A million thanks for all you’re doing to help make things better! ” Ms Harriet Marx (Chairperson), Looking Good Santa Barbara, CA “It’s the only product we use because we are serious professionals. We’ve tried others & they don’t measure up. ” Matt Sekula Director of Graffiti Removal Cook County Sheriff ‘s Office, ILTO ORDER:Contact your local sales associateat Glidden ProfessionalPhone: