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Bj Cv Interactive Menu5

  1. 1. Barry Jones Ne Tentes aut Perfice - If Something is worth doing, It is worth doing well Expertise & B. Jones Achievement Time to Market, Features or Cost ? Barry Jones Jones Make Introduction & Values your Null Returns – Creating a zero defect organisation Dates from start up to Tier 1 supplier and keep Vision & Strategy without having to say sorry to your Margins Product Creation & Delivery Barry Jones - Profit From Experience Technology & Development Managing Global Projects with transcontinental Teams Managing the Team Development & Leadership product Developm Job Specific Skills ent Lifecycle Products & Summary Roles & customers Responsibilities Creating value from component technologies VP SW Engineering &Client - Server Solutions: Product Creation Snr Director Operations & Development Operations Director No Excuses Chief Product Officer Managing Director & CTO Wireless Development Centre Director Founder & CEO Barry Jones Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  2. 2. Meet Barry JonesHighly effective visionary manager, successful serial entrepreneur andinternational business manager with a track record of creatingorganisations which deliver value for customers, partners, investors andstaff.A charismatic business leader with over 20 years of successful commercialand technology management throughout the product lifecycle. AnInternational reputation gained by delivering consumer electronics,mobile products, services and value added solutions on behalf of a wide Expertise &range of organisations from multi-nationals to start-ups in highly AchievementKey Areas of Expertise Introduction & ValuesOrganisational Development Vision & Strategy Successfully operated distributed organisations on 4 continents, managing Product Creation & Delivery outsourcing, insourcing and contracted ODM development. This included management of teams in Australia, Brazil, Korea, Taipei, Russia, Denmark, Technology & Development India, China and Singapore resulting in increased performance and achievement of challenging targets. Team Development & Leadership Built 3 distinct technology organisations to execute customer focussed businesses which created turnovers between $100million – $2.5 billion. Job Specific Skills Created a Software based start-up which achieved market penetration in 21% of handsets and was sold within 4 years for $86 million. Products & Summary Re-organised organically grown SME to meet its Tier1 commitments and turnaround of 2 business units within the group prior to its sale to Motorola for $200 million. Roles & Coached business leaders through turnarounds and rebuilt teams in multiple Responsibilities organisations leading to acquisition by Tier 1 suppliers. I have led organisations from Start-up into SME and to Tier 1 suppliers VP SW Engineering & through organic growth, merger & acquisition implementing appropriate Product Creation process, system and management changes. Snr Director Operations & DevelopmentVision & Strategy Operations Director Developed strategies and techniques for delivering value added solutions into mobile devices through meeting the real needs of stakeholders. Chief Product Officer Co-founded and led the start-up and spin out of Magic4, a Philips subsidiary providing niche handset messaging software to mobile handset and platform vendors including Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Philips, Samsung, Managing Director & CTO Panasonic and LG creating 42x ROI for the parent company. Created regional strategy for development of a global centre of excellence, Wireless Development which achieved primacy in the UK and established relationships with India, Centre Director China, Israel, USA, Brazil and Australasia. I have a clear articulated vision of the dynamics of the mobile market and Founder & CEO products and features which are required to fulfil the end user requirement. This has resulted in over 100+ Consumer Electronics products and 87 Million Head of Strategy/ Phones delivered to market representing a total value created in excess of $5 Planning Mobile Devices billion. I have worked with partners throughout the wireless value chain to deliver Business Manager the conditions and solutions for the successful introduction of value added products. Product Development& Support Controller22 Winwick Park Avenue, Winwick, Cheshire, WA2 8XA UK.+44(0)1925 230534 +44(0)7764 228722 Software Development Manager
  3. 3. Product Creation & Delivery Managed all aspects of the product development lifecycle and a world leading expert at delivering client applications into mobile devices. Advised a variety of multi-nationals and SME‟s on the introduction of new products and technologies, evaluating product concepts, developing market introduction strategies and establishing value chains. Designed solutions for a single messaging client, Common API and a Universal Codec to enable 20+ data format to be played on a device. Developed the first field deployed automatic hand held OTP (One Time Pad) coder- encryption device. Expertise & Developed lead products on Synergy, Winpad, Geoworks, Apple, Symbian, Win CE, Linux & AJAR platforms. Achievement Development lead for Sharp on SOHO product group guiding the Introduction & Values introduction over 50 consumer products. Established and managed customer focussed multi-national SW Vision & Strategy Development teams of up to 600 engineers using a variety of methodologies, tools and systems. Product Creation & Delivery Created a number of patents currently integrated within global telecoms standards. Technology & Development Provided software, tools, support & handset software features to 20% of global handset manufacturers. Team Development & Leadership I have managed the integration of third party components for messaging, video, multi-media players, email, IM, PTT, JVM, codec support into Job Specific Skills multiple handsets concurrently. Products & SummaryTechnology & Development Delivered to market over 100 Consumer electronics products and 100 Roles & million mobile devices. Responsibilities Managed ISV and VAR channels and created innovative solutions and features including electronic organisers, PDA‟s and communications VP SW Engineering & devices for government agencies and corporate organisations with Product Creation partners such as ICL, Oracle, HP, Cognito and RAM through effectively productising technology. Snr Director Operations Managed functions including Product & Project Management and & Development Development of global consumer products business before managing Product Strategy and Planning during which time I turned technologies, Operations Director platforms, features & services into Identifiable products. Implemented appropriate systems improvements to project management and development lifecycle to create a profitable balance between time Chief Product Officer to market, features and quality. Led the development of the AJAR framework enabling the abstraction of Managing Director & CTO applications away from Silicon and baseband revolutionising the licensing model for applications. Wireless Development Have led both Software and Hardware centric businesses successfully Centre DirectorTeam Development & Leadership Founder & CEO Nurtured winning teams in both business and international sport providing clear vision, meeting challenging targets and empowering individuals to Head of Strategy/ exceed expectations within a supported team ethos. Planning Mobile Devices Worked with teams to create cabinet management style and implement effective systems resulting in improved responsiveness to targets and Business Manager objectives. Have managed restructuring and repurposing of organisations to meet market requirements in response to change, while maintaining the focus Product Development& on delivering on commitments. Support Controller Developed super cultures to engage organisations with multi-cultural subset to ensure that collective corporate objectives were successful. Software Development Converted technology centric organisations into commercially aware Manager product oriented teams with leadership throughout the groups. Managed the integration of new business within a larger corporate entity
  4. 4. VP SW Engineering & Product CreationJune 2009 – PresentMovidius is a fab-less semi-conductor and software solutionscompany which has created the Myriad multi-core programmableprocessor family to enable product differentiation for mobiledevices through flexible innovative solutions for Video editing andmultimedia, 3D Digital TV Streaming , 3D video and imaging, Realtime 2D to 3D conversion, Camcorder and still Cameraapplications utilizing the Movidius software and silicon solution. Expertise & AchievementI am responsible for global management of product creation.Building a world class team to enable our customers to establish Introduction & Valuesmarket leadership in the consumer electronics market.I manage the product creation business through a distributed R&D Vision & Strategyteam in Dublin, Belfast, Timisoara and Hong Kong supporting aglobal customer base including household names . We are Product Creation & Deliverypredictable and meet our development targets through innovation,energy and perspiration. Technology & DevelopmentMy team provide components, complete solutions and products inassociation with ODM s in Asia for delivery to international retail Team Development & Leadershipmarkets in America, European and Asia. Job Specific SkillsWe create solutions optimised for mobile and consumer devicesusing our own silicon platform Myriad. Myriad is a reprogrammablemulti core solution which enables us to offer a wide range of value Products & Summaryofferings for customers using the same architecture.The team deliver silicon and firmware, product designs , codecs, Roles &applications and engines which drive the heart of the 3D video Responsibilitiesmarket and are visible on shelves of major retail outlets. Wecontinue to drive improvement of our delivery capability becausewe recognise that to stand still in an emerging market is to move VP SW Engineering &backwards. Product CreationKey achievements Snr Director Operations & DevelopmentProduct deliveries include;1. The first real time 720 p video edit suite for a mobile devicerunning Android, Operations Director2.a 3D converter box to enable analogue and digital sources suchas satellite boxes /Blu ray and DVD players to have 2D & 3D Chief Product Officercontent presented in 3D on a 2D HD TV which launched in theUSA , Russia and Europe, Managing Director & CTO3. A 3D camera module and complete ISP pipeline for Japanese andKorean customers suitable for use in mobile phones and handheld Wireless Developmentdevice, Centre Director4. A consumer information product which links wearable audio andvideo direct to social networking. Founder & CEOTurned around a hardware centric R&D organisation which had no Head of Strategy/commercial delivery capability into a product focussed engineeringteam capable of managing global ODM‟s and Tier 1 customers. Planning Mobile DevicesProviding enough evidence of achievement to raise series B funding Business Managerof $14 million and a $9 million series C round within 2 years in arecession. Product Development&Built world class development team in a new area of expertise Support Controller( 3D HD video management) from a a group of brilliant youngengineers guided by a small group of experienced developmentspecialists. Software Development Manager What the Movidius People Say
  5. 5. Operations and Development DirectorAJAR Division -Motorola Mass Market Product GroupJune 2006 – Jan 2009In June 2007 TTP Com became a wholly owned subsidiary of one ofits major customers Motorola. Motorola supply 25% of mobilehandsets of which the mass market product team supplied 80million handsets in 2007.I was responsible for supplying mobile handset platforms based on Expertise &a flexible feature framework which allowed replacement of Achievementsoftware components and separation at the application layer fromsilicon dependency. I enabled features required for mass market Introduction & Valuesphones in Asia, EMEA, South America and the USA. I led a globalteam of 600 distributed in Cambridge UK, Denmark, Romania,Brazil, Russia, India, Taiwan, Korea and China supported by 2 Vision & StrategyODM‟s in Taiwan. Product Creation & DeliveryKey achievements Building a team capable of managing the transition from Technology & Development component supplier to complete product delivery within an organisation in crisis. Team Development & Leadership Creating and bringing to market an application platform which enables the major applications and components to be Job Specific Skills swapped and allows UI flexibility without rewriting software Separating the software feature and hardware dependency Products & Summary without a Fat OS component so that Mid and low tier handsets can be refreshed and changed to meet market requirements at lower costs enabling 20-30% margins to Roles & be sustained. Responsibilities Enabling the range of global handset requirements of both sophisticated markets such as T- Mobile US alongside emerging market requirements from China Unicom and VP SW Engineering & retail markets within the same platform on an ARM Product Creation 7chipset with a mass market e-BOM Successfully Integrating TTPCom into Motorola‟s process and Snr Director Operations operational methodology and meeting the needs of & Development stakeholders within the Motorola organisation. Separating the product and platform activities of a new mass market platform and delivering handsets within 12 months Operations Director of the platform delivery Transitioning the organisation from being a component supplier to delivering full handset loads extending our Chief Product Officer footprint and increasing our leverage Taking over responsibility for handset product software from the ODMs and changing the dynamic of the product cost. Managing Director & CTO Wireless Development Centre Director What the Motorola People Say Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  6. 6. Operations DirectorTTPComApril 2004 – 2007Responsible to: Management BoardOperational Management of 600 person Software/Hardwarecompany.TTPCom, the largest independent supplier of digital wirelesstechnology for the wireless terminal industry offered a complete Expertise &suite of solutions, from antenna to applications AchievementTTPcom‟s technology underpinned 20% of mobile. Our GSM/GPRSProtocol stack became the de facto industry standard (with over 60 Introduction & Valuesactive licensees).Established in Cambridge in 1988, IPO in 2000 with developmentcentres in Denmark, France, Japan, Singapore, Korea, China, USA, Vision & StrategyTTPCom customers include Sharp, Motorola, LG , Maxon, RIM,Samsung, Panasonic, Siemens, Samsung, Renesas, Intel, RIM, Product Creation & DeliveryToshiba, Skyworks, ADI .Key Achievements: Technology & Development Restructuring of Global Terminals Business Unit increasing Team Development & Leadership profitability by $9 million within 6 months and reducing time to market of core business elements such as the Job Specific Skills AJAR Applications Framework and Macro Silicon Solution in addition to macro base stations. Recovery of the $20 million program to deliver EDGE to Products & Summary Samsung and Skyworks and the turn around of key customer programs in the Silicon BU including retrieving a program delinquency of 6 months in a 9 month period Roles & recovering revenue in excess of $7 million and Securing a Responsibilities Tier 1 Silicon vendor as a customer Personally being part of the reason Motorola bought TTPCom for $200 million VP SW Engineering & Transitioning TTPCom from technology lead small company Product Creation culture to a customer focussed Public Company culture reflecting its customer base. This resulted in our Snr Director Operations contracts with Motorola, Sony-Ericsson and LG for the & Development delivery of their Applications and Features. Introduction of clear visionary leadership and strong Product Management, Delivery and Product Marketing to lead our Operations Director customers‟ targeting of competitive advantage enabling customers such as Samsung, Skyworks and Intel to enter the mobile chipset business with aggressive feature sets. Chief Product Officer Managing Director & CTO What the Terminals People say Wireless Development Centre Director What the Silicon People Say Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  7. 7. Chief Product Officer (interim)Jan 2004 – April 2004Responsible to: CEO, BoardBased in Aalborg Denmark End2end mobile is the largestindependent applications delivery company supplying the mobileservices of Nokia world, Vodafone live and Sony entertainmentand the individual branded downloaded services 18 networkoperators around the world. I was brought in by CEO and board to Expertise &establish Product Operations and then recruit a local Director to Achievementdevelop the role Introduction & ValuesKey achievements: Turned round the product operation changing organisation Vision & Strategy from a purely development orientated operation to one with integrated Service Delivery, Content Provision and Product Creation & Delivery Customer Targeting. Productizing the disparate commercial offerings and creating Technology & Development a strong Product management position to harness R&D and Marketing. Team Development & Leadership Establishing a services MIS offering to operators to enable Job Specific Skills them to increase the uptake and ARPU of services and help drive handset penetration. Products & Summary Establish Content and Applications program to ensure delivery of new products. Roles & Increasing the reproducibility of solution implementation to Responsibilities enable a 1 to many delivery model. VP SW Engineering & Product Creation Snr Director Operations & Development Operations Director Chief Product Officer Managing Director & CTO Wireless Development Centre Director Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  8. 8. Managing Director & CTOApril 2002 – January 2004Responsible to: Boardemc2 provides key products, services and know how required toenable delivery of multi-media and value added features onmobile phones.It has an established a blue chip Telecoms client base on a Expertise &global basis. Achievement ! consulted on the planning/development/introduction of new product technologies on behalf of Siemens Introduction & Values (Germany), Motorola (US), Bijitec (China), Vimatix (Israel), 3G Labs (UK), Atvisican (Germany) and 3XL Vision & Strategy (UK), Anam (Ireland) . Developed a range of products enabling 3rd party features Product Creation & Delivery to be integrated into mobile phones. Technology & Development Established launched and operated xpdia, the first UK telecoms accelerator on behalf of government Team Development & Leadership agencies.Key Successes Job Specific Skills Launching and running „xpdia‟ the UK‟s first Telecoms Products & Summary Accelerator Supplied Handset enabling video and messaging solutions to Roles & Siemens and Sony-Ericsson. Responsibilities Creating the mobile messaging strategy for Siemens VP SW Engineering & Creation of the Telecoms enabled community strategy for Product Creation North West Development Agency. The projects include establishment of accessible „T‟ Communities for deployment of services over interconnected Snr Director Operations infrastructure including broadband, internet, mobile & Development and land line telecoms. Operations Director Project managed the creation of a new multimedia applications and services platform to deliver content, competitions (single and multi-level), voting, donations Chief Product Officer push and pull services using multimedia content over SMS, EMS, WAP and MMS services. Managing Director & CTO What the emc2 people say Wireless Development Centre Director Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  9. 9. Centre DirectorJan 2002 – December 2003I completed a term as Centre Director of Xpdia WirelessDevelopment Centre, UK‟s first Telecoms Acceleratorestablished by the UK government in association withindustry partners to develop the next generation of mobileapplications companies. Xpdia is part of a regional strategyfor development of a global centre of excellence. Xpdiacommercial activities combine Handset feature Expertise &development, Value Added Services delivery, WiFi and Achievementwireless LAN network deployment, carrier class serversolutions, development of Bluetooth pen based solutions Introduction & Valuesfor secure signatures with the delivery of wired andwireless telecoms solutions. Vision & StrategyKey Successes Product Creation & Delivery Established Xpdia as the hub of a regional centre of excellence for telecommunications including University R&D, Local and National government, Technology & Development content partners and telecoms industry partners Team Development & Leadership Establishment of the International Centre for Digital Content with Mersey TV and John Moores Job Specific Skills University. Creation of „Wireless Warrington‟ a sub-regional Products & Summary strategy to reposition the town of Warrington as a hi-tech wireless centre to support the creation of Omega a £600 million science park Roles & Responsibilities Winning the bid to locate the telecoms ombudsman‟s office „Otelo‟ in the region. VP SW Engineering & Product Creation Snr Director Operations & Development Operations Director Chief Product Officer Managing Director & CTO What the people say Wireless Development at XPDIA Centre Director Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  10. 10. Co-founder, Chief Executive, CTODec 1999 – Jan 2002Established in 2000 as the first spin out from Philips ConsumerElectronics, Magic4 was built on the IPR and business plandeveloped by myself and Simon Wilkinson. Magic4 was global # 1independent supplier of enhanced messaging client software to themobile handset vendors. Within 2 years magic4 established primaryposition in the supply of messaging and multimedia software with Expertise &20+ major handset clients. Magic 4 customers include Motorola,Ericsson, Samsung, Panasonic, Trium, Sagem, Philips. AchievementMagic 4 became a Tornado Insider top 100 company in 2001.Investors included Philips, 3i and Motorola Introduction & ValuesMagic4 was bought by Openwave Systems for $83 Million Vision & StrategyKey achievements Challenging my Start up team to give up safe pensions and good Product Creation & Delivery salaries to create a very focussed organisation to change the mobile handset world and get bought out with 4 years. Technology & Development Raising $20 million in 2 rounds of funding within 9 months of start-up as market was going down in 2000. Team Development & Leadership Creating the innovative IPR which transformed SMS from a text Job Specific Skills bearer service into a multi-media application delivery mechanism. Products & Summary Delivering enhanced messaging as a fully standardised and functional service for 3GPP then evolving product portfolio to provide a complete messaging solution for EMS, MMS, Roles & email and IM Responsibilities Managing the adoption of magic4 IPR into the 3GPP standards VP SW Engineering & messaging, multimedia and Applications delivery Product Creation Creating and delivering a vision which has resulted in features which millions of people use each day. Snr Director Operations & Development Creating the patents which subsequently became the basis of the Enhanced Messaging global standard for messaging Operations Director Became the number one global supplier within 2 years establishing a customer base on 3 continents Chief Product Officer Managing Director & CTO What the people say at Magic4 Wireless Development Centre Director Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  11. 11. Head of Strategy and Planning Mobile Handsets - VAS and Information ServicesJuly 98- Dec 99Responsible to: CEO, VP Product Creation, and CFORole: Responsible for creating /driving the global product handsetstrategy process in line with overall business objectives as the core ofproduct delivery and marketing. Focal point for co-ordination ofinnovative technologies enabling Value Added and Information (Data)products. Turnover $3.4BillionKey Accountabilities: Expertise &Strategy Achievement Responsible for the development of a cohesive Product Strategy across GSM/DCS/PCS/CDMA/TDMA platforms. Overall responsibility for the Data Product Roadmap. Responsibility for Introduction & Values the management of converging technologies in order to meet staged product evolution via GPRS, Fixed Mobile Convergence to a Vision & Strategy UMTS environment.Technology and R&D Product Creation & Delivery Leadership of Corporate Technology Roadmap, Product Roadmap & Platform Features Roadmap. Ownership of Advanced Studies projects within PCC research providing core technologies for data Technology & Development and smart features. Core member of the corporate IPR evaluation board responsible for assignment of over 170 handset patents. Team Development & Leadership Responsibility for integration of converging technologies such as WAP, „Bluetooth‟ & E-Commerce to provide differentiation within Mature markets Job Specific SkillsProduct Development Leadership of the Product Creation Process and Project Products & Summary Management to ensure effective delivery of products in the marketplace which meet the needs of the market.Commercial Roles & Creation of 1999 -2001 Business Plan and P&L.Key Successes: Responsibilities Refocusing the PCC business model to being a strategy led organisation and realignment of Product Management and Product VP SW Engineering & Development to be Strategy led. Product Creation Establishment of the Product Strategy Process, Ideation Workshops, Working Groups as a means to support delivery of the product Snr Director Operations strategy & Development Development of first „Bluetooth‟ single chip solution with Philips semi- conductor Core member of the Philips Business planning group providing briefings Operations Director to main board members on strategy for exploiting new technology business opportunities. Increasing Philips share value through creating the vision of CE Chief Product Officer contribution to 3G ($12 increase in Philips share value after presenting to 137 financial analysts) Managing Director & CTO What they say at Philips Wireless Development Centre Director Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  12. 12. Business Manager Smart phones & Information ProductsPhilips Consumer Communications - (a joint venture with LucentTechnologies)Sept 96 - July 98 (full-time) , July 98 – Dec 99 (ad interim)Responsible to: VP Product CreationRole : Management of Global Smart phone & Information products business within PCC. Turnover value $300 million Expertise &Key Accountabilities:Strategy Achievement Responsible for the development of a cohesive Data product strategy across GSM/DCS/PCS/CDMA/TDMA/AMPS Introduction & Values platforms. Overall responsibility for the Data and Messaging Product Roadmap Vision & StrategyTechnology and R&D Core team member of Corporate Technology Roadmap with Product Creation & Delivery responsibility for management of Smart features within all mobile platforms. Ownership of Advanced Studies projects within PCC research providing core technologies for data Technology & Development and smart features.Product Development Team Development & Leadership Management of the Product Development Lifecycle. Ownership of the development assets and projects within Job Specific Skills the development centres. Leadership of the Product Creation Process and Project Management to ensure effective Products & Summary delivery of products in the marketplace. Responsible for allCommercial Responsibility for overall Smart phone & Information Products Roles & business including Margins, Contribution rate and Market penetration ResponsibilitiesKey Successes: VP SW Engineering & Product Creation Realigning PCC platforms, technologies and partnerships to enable PCC to develop smart features through all platforms Snr Director Operations on 3 continents and enable us to leverage the Philips/Lucent joint venture in order to reach No 1 position in the High/Mid & Development tier segment of the market Development of the first EPOC based smartphone establishing Operations Director Philips Consumer Communications as No2 vendor of Smartphones in world market. Owning 53% market share of global Microsoft CE products through Chief Product Officer Philips Managing Director & CTO What they say at Philips Wireless Development Centre Director Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  13. 13. Product Development & Support ControllerSharp ElectronicsJun 94 - Aug 96Responsible to: Director - Marketing and Product PlanningJapanese multi-national Consumer Electronics company turnover£9.5 billion marketing over 500 business and consumer products in164 countries. Expertise &SOHO Product Group: Product Planning and Marketing Group is Achievementresponsible for specification, validation and market introduction ofproducts. Introduction & ValuesRole: Control of all aspects of Market requirement, Product Planning and Validation for products Vision & Strategy within the Small Office Home Office range. Product Groups Included: GSM phones, PCs, Product Creation & Delivery Organizers, PDAs, Personal Fax, Personal Copier, Calculator, Fontwriter, Typewriters. Technology & DevelopmentKey Successes: Team Development & Leadership Establishing Sharp as the leading brand in the SOHO market. Development of the Fontwriter range of Word processor Job Specific Skills products in the UK and its subsequent position as the No 1 word processor. Products & Summary Achieving Top 3 positions in the UK for Calculator (2), Personal Fax (2), Personal Roles & Copier (1), Fontwriter (1) Electronic Typewriter (1), Organizer (1), PDA Responsibilities (2) Winning 2 Outstanding Effort awards for fiscal sales and an VP SW Engineering & Outstanding Contribution award for Fontwriter (Only the Product Creation second time it has been won by Sharp UK in 25 years) from Sharp Corporation (Japan)L Snr Director Operations Leading the development team for the Sharp (UK) Internet & Development strategy Operations Director Chief Product Officer Managing Director & CTO Wireless Development Centre Director Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  14. 14. Software Development ManagerSharp Electronics UKJun 90 - Jun 94Japanese multi-national Consumer Electronics company turnover£9.5 billion marketing over 500 business and consumer products in164 countries. The Software Applications Development & Marketing Group wasresponsible for product features and functionality, application and Expertise &product specification. AchievementRole: Program Management of software and market strategies Introduction & Values enhancing the sales potential of Sharp products i.e. Personal Computers, Palm top computers, Electronic Organizers & PDAs, Calculators, Electronic Cash Registers, Vision & Strategy Facsimiles, Photocopiers and LCD technologies. Product Creation & DeliveryManaged technical product management of enabling embeddedapplications and features, clients, drivers and protocols,connectivity, PIM‟s and User Interfaces. Technology & DevelopmentResponsibilities: Team Development & LeadershipManagement and development of Sharp (UK)s VAR, ISV and SystemIntegration channels. Job Specific SkillsManagement of 3rd party systems development with majorcorporate partners.Management of relationships with major software and hardware Products & Summarydevelopers in the EMEA supplying products which complimentSharp ISG products. Roles &Key Successes: Establishing SUK as the most successful Sharp subsidiary in Responsibilities terms of software development and marketing with UK producing the largest number of software developments VP SW Engineering & outside Japan and sales to 20 countries. Product Creation Design and Specification of the Sharp electronic organizer range on proprietary, Microsoft, Apple, Geoworks Snr Director Operations platforms & Development Creation of the Monument Data Processing System solution for English Heritage, Free Trade System for Tetley Walker, other major clients include; British Gas, Rolls Royce Operations Director Aerospace, MOD and Barclays Mercantile. Development of Integrated Systems with Oracle, ICL, IBM, DEC, CA, Microsoft, Lotus, Dataflex, Ericsson, RAM, Chief Product Officer Cognito, AT&T, Hoskyns et al. Launch of Sharps strategic PIM Tools including the Sharp IQ Electronic Organizer (World-wide Sales 17 million +). Managing Director & CTO Wireless Development Centre Director Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  15. 15. Job Specific SkillsI have 20+ years experience of software programme/project management, marketingproduct portfolios and delivering results in the highly competitive consumer electronicsmarket with Sharp, Philips and Motorola . Delivering value added solutions, features andproducts around communications devices and systems.I have successfully managed teams including Product Management and Development teamsthe largest being 630 people in a multi-national and cross cultural environment on 4continents. I have also managed virtual teams including partners, insource and outsourceddevelopment as lead contractor and on sub-contractor basis.I have successfully led organisations through the R&D phase into delivery organisationstage. Expertise &I am comfortable on the shopfloor and in the boardroom, people like and trust me and I Achievementenjoy working with teams to achieve results. I have negotiated £multi-million deals withgovernment agencies, multi-nationals including Motorola, Philips and Venture Capitalists. Introduction & ValuesI have concurrently managed platform/product development and customer Integration Vision & StrategyI have turned technologies and prototypes into successful consumer products andunderstand the mind set required to delivery reproducible volume business. Product Creation & DeliveryI also understand the challenges of the barriers to handset penetration and what isrequired to get accepted and paid by handset customers. Technology & DevelopmentI have successfully managed concurrent delivery to multiple Tier1 –Tier3 customers on 4 Team Development & Leadershipcontinents of new technologies, managing the customers expectation generating in excessof $5 billion lifetime revenue. Job Specific SkillsI have created the environment tools and organisation to win business and successfullyservice the delivery of multiple software clients into over 20% of the global mobile device Products & Summarymarket.I am totally customer focussed and have delivered handset and consumer products Roles &successfully to the global market. ResponsibilitiesI have been responsible for new platform introduction, innovation and cost down VP SW Engineering &architecture drives during that period including BOM and feature responsibility. Product CreationMy management skills are evidenced by the number of staff members who have joined me Snr Director Operationsin subsequent endeavours and the successful number of product launches I have & Developmentfacilitated. Equally important to me are the number of people who have gone on to makesignificant impacts in the global consumer electronics market having worked with or forme. Operations DirectorI believe my strategic skills and vision are second to none, I have the ability to seeunconnected elements and create opportunities and my judgement has usually been Chief Product Officeradopted by senior management teams. The one exception being when Sharp chose not totake my advice to kill off a competing companies solution and Psion was allowed toflourish. Managing Director & CTOI am an articulate and impassioned advocate with strong persuading skills I have several Wireless Developmenttimes been voted best speaker on the conference circuit, because of my ability tocommunicate compelling messages to the audience. I have won a number of significant Centre Directorbattles in the global standards forum because of my political understanding and ability towin both technical and the commercial argument. At Philips I was used by the PR Founder & CEOdepartment to brief Cor Boonstra (Chairman Philips) on the key topics in communicationsbusiness prior to major events. Head of Strategy/Having trained systems analyst I am always looking to break systems and rebuild them Planning Mobile Devicesmore robustly. I have introduced project management system, quality processes, new MISsystems, competitive intelligence systems and changes to the product creation andinnovation process. Business ManagerI have post grad qualifications and experience in both IT and Marketing and am able to Product Development&operate seamlessly within embedded engineering and marketing which enables me to havea bigger influence on the product outcome. Support ControllerI have personally raised $20 million of VC funding , I have made individual sales upto $150million. Software Development Manager
  16. 16. Expertise & Achievement18 years experience programme/projectmanagement, marketing product portfolios Introduction & Valuesand delivering results in the highlycompetitive consumer electronics marketwith Sharp, Philips and Motorola . Vision & StrategyDelivering value added solutions, featuresand products around communications Product Creation & Deliverydevices and systems. Technology & Development100+ Consumer Electronics products and87 Million Phones delivered to market. Team Development & LeadershipTotal value created in excess of $ 5 billionIncluding Job Specific Skills  1st electronic organiser  1st Viewcam Products & Summary  1st colour fax machine  1st Microsoft CE based PDA  1st Symbian OS based phone Roles &  1st AJAR based phone Responsibilities10 Wireless PatentsSamsung EDGE Chipset software#1 MMS/IM/EMS messaging software VP SW Engineering &Smallest lightest GSM phone Product CreationSmallest Fax machine Snr Director Operations & Development Operations Director Chief Product Officer Managing Director & CTO Wireless Development Centre Director Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  17. 17. What the people sayOperations & Development Director at Motorola Mobile Devices6 visible recommendations for this position: “Barry commits and dedicates himself fully into any project he is involved in. Working across geographic boundaries he acknowledges and manages the many different cultures well, essential to success in distributed teams. He brings a wealth of contacts and personal experience from a diverse career and makes a strong project lead. A pleasure to work with.” September 16, 2008 Richard Hunt , System Team Leader , Motorola Expertise & Achievement “Barry builds both products and teams and he is one of the best leaders that I Introduction & Values have worked for. Hes not afraid of hard work or differences in opinion, and he works very well across cultures. A class act.” September 11, 2008 Peter Davies , HEAD OF PRODUCT REALISATION AND PRODUCT PLANNING , Vision & Strategy Motorola Inc reported to Barry at Motorola Mobile Devices Product Creation & Delivery Technology & Development “Barry has been my manager for the past two years, and during that period he has created an environment that allows his team to thrive. He has trust in the Team Development & Leadership team he built up around him, and allows them to get on with their roles. He has been prepared to make the tough and unpopular calls when the Job Specific Skills business required these. Weve worked through very challenging times, and Barry as a person and manager has all the right attributes to ensure we delivered.” Products & Summary Neil Winrow , Head of Service Management, Motorola Roles & Responsibilities “Barry has the focus, passion, engagement and drive to lead activities of an international multi-site organization. On the AJAR programs that I was a part VP SW Engineering & of, he engaged with ODM and internal-Motorola partners and soon won their Product Creation trust. He drove product deliveries with a no-nonsense attitude, effective persuasion and positive spirit and built the credibility of his organization. Keeping project success as the prime objective, he willingly accepted, drove Snr Director Operations and delivered additional responsibilities. Personally, he listens with an open & Development mind, communicates openly, and coaches by providing specific, timely, helpful and balanced feedback. I look forward to many more great things out of Operations Director Barry!!” September 10, 2008 Neeraj Ahuja , Program Manager , Motorola, Mobile Devices Chief Product Officer “I feel very privileged to have been given some fantastic opportunities whilst Managing Director & CTO working for Barry. In over the last 2 years I have presented to the then CEO of TTP Com on process improvements through to the delivery of of our application Wireless Development software, whilst managing multiple teams with acquisitions and integrations Centre Director running alongside. Barry has given me some invaluable insight into the internal workings of software companies with a firm grounding on how to access productivity alongside process improvements. Its been incredibly hard work yet Founder & CEO some of the most enjoyable times where I truly enjoyed my role and the fantastic team that supported me.” September 1, 2008 Head of Strategy/ Tamsin-Jane Sewell , Service Manager Ajar Product Group , Motorola Mobile Planning Mobile Devices Devices Business Manager “Barry is a driven professional. I have seen him organize a chaotic group to Product Development& deliver SW, when others thought it could not be done. He is dedicated and hard Support Controller working, and surrounds himself with good people.” April 20, 2008 Debbie Murphy , Customer Requirements Director at Motorola and Tier1 Software Development account Manager at TTPCom Manager
  18. 18. Operations Director at TTPCom Silicon5 visible recommendations for this position: “Barry is direct and to the point. A simple yet effective communicator and above all operationally focused. He delivers. Michael Dimelow - Director of Marketing - Media processing division ARM Ltd” September 16, 2008 Michael Dimelow , Director of product marketing - Silicon Business Unit , Expertise & TTPCom worked directly with Barry at TTPCom Silicon Achievement Introduction & Values “Barry has all attributes of Leadership: he has the drive, energy and Vision & Strategy enthusiasm to make things happen; can keep his team motivated whilst doing hard work - He is excellent at driving changes and improvements in Product Creation & Delivery processes, and can make things happen, whatever the obstacles are. Moreover, his ability to get customer‟s trust and understand the needs Technology & Development enables him to do the right thing and have the focus that matters for the company. As a person, Barry is an enjoyable partner, someone to trust, and is a real pleasure to work with. I do recommend strongly Barry and miss the Team Development & Leadership good times we had together sharing hard work and successes.” September 6, 2008 Job Specific Skills Products & Summary “Barry is an inspiration to the people he leads. Barry can motivate and direct Roles & to a degree I havent seen before. He adds structure where its missing and Responsibilities squeezes the very last drop of excellence out of everyone who sets out on a project with him. Barry makes hard work fun by promoting a close and VP SW Engineering & positive team environment. Making team projects a personal ambition for all Product Creation involved. Hes management style is firm, fair, understanding, yet ambitious and never yielding. It was my pleasure to work for him.” September 5, 2008 Snr Director Operations Wayne Berry , Conformance Test Engineer , TTPCom LTD & Development reported to Barry at TTPCom Silicon Operations Director “Barry is a strong, direct and driven manager. Hes good at moving the organisation in the desired direction and getting things done.” September 16, Chief Product Officer 2008 David McTernan , Director Product Management, 4G Chipset Platforms , Motorola Mobile Devices Managing Director & CTO worked with Barry at TTPCom Silicon Wireless Development Centre Director “Barry is an inspirational leader, a facilitator and a first rate management Founder & CEO coach. When given a problem to solve he very quickly responds with a clear vision of what is necessary and how to achieve it - and hes not afraid to delegate.” June 29, 2006 Head of Strategy/ Jonathan Gorman , Delivery Manager, Silicon Business Unit , TTPCom Planning Mobile Devices reported to Barry at TTPCom Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager
  19. 19. Operations Director/COO at TTPCom Terminals Division “Barry delivers what he says he (and his team) are going to deliver. Reliability is an important and valuable asset and Barry has this is attribute in spades. He has a pragmatic approach, coupled with an ability to problem solve complex situations and then steer a path forward, which are valuable traits. He is also a considerate work colleague which helps round out his value to a company.” November 4, 2008 Expertise & Achievement Introduction & Values “Barry is a rare breed of manager. Someone that is admirably capable of leading a company from the front with a clear, concise vision. He is able to Vision & Strategy clearly see "the right way forward" and effectively communicate it to others. He breeds enthusiasm in the people that work for/with him for any task that arises. However, Barry is also someone that can take in a complex, detailed Product Creation & Delivery technical problem and significantly contribute to the solution. He facilitates progress on projects by actively mitigating/removing any upcoming problems Technology & Development be they technical, resource or logistically related. Barry is someone that is very easy to get along with and it was a pleasure to have known him at Team Development & Leadership TTPcom.” September 5, 2008 Bob Parish , Engineer , TTPcom ltd Job Specific Skills Products & Summary “I was working in the Terminals Division of TTPCom when Barry joined as Operations Director, at a time when it was necessary to take difficult decisions Roles & about the future direction of the group. I was particularly impressed that instead of just telling us what we needed to do, he arranged an offsite Responsibilities meeting where we worked it out for ourselves. Barry seems very much at home when he is leading from the front. He can express himself forcefully and VP SW Engineering & directly when necessary, but he is also very approachable. He is a good Product Creation listener.” September 4, 2008 Philip Brown , Software Engineer , TTPCom Snr Director Operations & Development “As a colleague, I have greatly appreciated his huge knowledge of the Operations Director industry, his ability to see clearly to the heart of an issue, and his ability to engage with his team. He is a real leader.” October 5, 2005 Chief Product Officer Peter Davies , Head of Marketing , TTPCom Managing Director & CTO 2Chief Technology Officer at EMC Wireless Development Centre Director “Joined Barrys startup business as a spinout from magic4. Barry is a strong industry leader with many inspired and insightful ideas in the way the mobile Founder & CEO phone market would go. Strong commercial and technical skills make Barry a perfect technical and managerial figurehead.” October 9, 2008 Head of Strategy/ Colin Wilcox , Principal Designer , EMC2/Wireless Edge Planning Mobile Devices reported to Barry at EMC2 Business ManagerCentre Director at XPDIA Accelerator Product Development&“I have worked with Barry in several different companies over the last 15 years on Support Controllera variety of projects and always found it a very positive experience. His ability tosee and create new opportunities provides an exciting working environment where Software Developmentinnovation can thrive.” July 12th 2008 ManagerPeter Worthy , COO, XPDIA/Magic4, Technical Director SharpReported to Barry at XPDIA, Magic4, Motorola - worked with Barry at Sharp
  20. 20. Co-Founder & CEO at magic4 “Barry recruited me as one of his first three employees to join his startup company for this role after previously working together at Sharp Electronics. Barrys expertise and industry knowledge allowed him to spot this niche in the market for which Magic4 since became reknowned. His drive and dedication got Magic4 off the ground from a few ideas around his kitchen table in 1999 to industry leader in under two years!” October 9, 2008 Expertise & Colin Wilcox , Client Team Leader , Magic4 Achievement managed Barry at magic4 Introduction & Values “Barry is a charismatic leader with a passion for what he does. I enjoyed my Vision & Strategy time working for Barry tremendously and would enjoy working with him on other ventures. Barry has particular vision and leadership qualities that I have Product Creation & Delivery seen in few other people.” September 17, 2008 John Oneill , Software Development Manager , Magic4 Technology & Development Team Development & Leadership “I have worked with Barry at Sharp, he gave me a great opportunity to work Job Specific Skills with a great company he started Magic4, I did not hesitate to work for Barry as his vision for the messaging mobile space was brilliant! Barry has great vision and understanding of the mobile space, plus he is able to deliver on that Products & Summary vision, he is a born leader, and is not afraid to lead from the front, if you want a successful company, make sure Barry is in the driving seat! I look forward to Roles & working with Barry again in the future.” September 5, 2008 Mike Gannon , Business Development Manager , Magic4 Ltd (Now part of Responsibilities Openwave) VP SW Engineering & Product CreationProduct Strategy and Planning Manager at Philips Snr Director Operations & DevelopmentConsumer Communications Operations Director “Barry is simply one of the most supportive and warm person that I have work with. He has knowledge and solutions for challenges and he always find a way Chief Product Officer to go forward. Working with Barry was never boring. And working with him learned me more that any university would be able to teach.” May 4, 2008 Kati Suvanto , PM , Phillips Consumer Communications Managing Director & CTO reported to Barry at Philips consumer communications Wireless Development Centre Director Founder & CEO Head of Strategy/ Planning Mobile Devices Business Manager Product Development& Support Controller Software Development Manager