Roadnet © 2013 EVault, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Case StudyTransportation Management Software Fi...
2013.02.0010_cs-cb (updated 02/21/2013)Case StudyRoadnet TechnologiesHeadquarters | 201 3rd Street | Suite 400 | San Franc...
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Road net Technologies protects IP with EVault System Restore & Cloud Disaster Recovery Service - Case Study by Paranet Solutions


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Kris Lamberth , CTO of Paranet solutions provided full it support regarding EVault services to Road net Technologies, a transportation management firm, for optimizing their vehicle loading, routing, and delivery systems

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Road net Technologies protects IP with EVault System Restore & Cloud Disaster Recovery Service - Case Study by Paranet Solutions

  1. 1. Roadnet © 2013 EVault, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Case StudyTransportation Management Software Firm Protects IP withEVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service and EVault System RestoreRoadnet Technologies, an international software provider whose proprietarysoftware enables companies to optimize their vehicle loading, routing, anddelivery systems, needed a complete and economical backup and disasterrecovery solution. The company had been relying on tape backups.Burdensome Tape Backups Could Not Ensure Disaster RecoveryEric Akopiantz, CFO of Roadnet, was looking for a new data backup and disaster recoveryservice that could cost-effectively and easily ensure Roadnet’s data protection. “In thisdigital age, tapes are not the best form of data storage and recovery,” Akopiantz says.“I’ve heard countless stories of organizations doing restores, thinking they have backedup tapes, only to discover nothing on the tapes.” He was also concerned that Roadnet’sweekly process of picking up tapes and storing them offsite increased the likelihoodthat the company’s backup data could be lost, stolen, or damaged. And the process ofmonitoring tape backups and undertaking test restores was laborious and difficult.It was a system that just couldn’t ensure that critical software development, intellectualproperty (IP), sales, financial, and customer service data on Roadnet’s mixed computingenvironment would be protected and always available.Always Available Data for Customer Service Support and Critical OperationsRoadnet provides its customers with software support services to meet time-sensitive dailyoperations, such as vehicle tracking, route planning optimization, and territory development.Akopiantz needed to know he could keep critical organizational operations going. “If Iwas to have a fire or a flood and my servers were to go down, I want our customers tobe seamlessly supported,” Akopiantz says. “I want our developers to continue to work,our sales team to continue to sell, and I also want us to be able to manage our finances.”Akopiantz was seeking a solution that enabled local restores, but ultimately, he was lookingfor a solution that would securely deliver Roadnet’s data in the event of a disaster.“EVault has worked through every issue we have had and theservice is great. Our team has confidence that the backups work,and the backups are there.”—Eric Akopiantz, CFO, Roadnet TechnologiesCustomer SnapshotNameRoadnet TechnologiesOverviewFleet management softwaredevelopment firmHeadquartersTowson, MarylandEVault Products• EVault Cloud DisasterRecovery Service• EVault System Restore• EVault Software• EVault Agent for vSphere• EVault Plug-ins for MicrosoftExchange Server and SQLServer, and OracleIT Environment• 20 servers hosted in theVMware environment• Microsoft platform includingWindows, Exchange Server,SQL Server• Oracle databases• Citrix applications• 8 TB of protected data
  2. 2. 2013.02.0010_cs-cb (updated 02/21/2013)Case StudyRoadnet TechnologiesHeadquarters | 201 3rd Street | Suite 400 | San Francisco, CA 94103 | 877.901.DATA (3282) | www.evault.comNetherlands (EMEA HQ) +31 (0) 73 648 1400 | France +33 (0) 1 55 27 35 24 | UK +44 (0) 1932 445 370EVault and the EVault logo are registered trademarks, and cloud-connected and“the best case for the worst case” are trademarks, of EVault, Inc.Roadnet’s Solution: EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service and System RestoreAkopiantz learned about EVault®services through Kris Lamberth, CTO of trusted ITpartner Paranet. Lamberth compared EVault to AppAssure, Veeam, and especially toSymantec Backup Exec and concluded an EVault solution would give Roadnet the mostrobust backup and cloud disaster recovery capabilities in a single yet flexible solution.Akopiantz also favored EVault for its reliability and cost effectiveness.Roadnet now has onsite disk-to-disk backups and DR across its IT platform, whichincludes 20 servers; VMware; Oracle databases; Microsoft Windows, MicrosoftExchange Server, and Microsoft SQL Server; and Citrix applications.The EVault solution includes EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service (EVault CDR)and EVault System Restore to protect Roadnet’s 8 terabytes of data. Akopiantzchose the EVault CDR 48-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) option, which providescomplete data restores within 48 hours of a disaster declaration and protects Roadnet’sintellectual property, client data support systems, and critical organizational operations.EVault System Restore brings easily administered bare-metal restore capabilities toprotect Roadnet’s immediate software development and IP data, operating systems,and applications in its mixed-computing environment. Roadnet now has its immediateand comprehensive backup and disaster recovery needs covered.“EVault has worked through every issue we have had and the service is great,”Akopiantz says. “Our team has confidence that the backups work, and the backupsare there.” Roadnet’s data is fully protected and can be quickly and easily restored.Akopiantz says, “We did test restores on our financial system, and a couple of othercritical servers, to ensure we would be able to restore them and we had zero data loss.”EVault ensures Roadnet’s data is available for its customer support services, softwaredevelopment work, and sales force. Moreover, EVault provides financial peace of mindto Roadnet’s CFO. Akopiantz says, “The combined onsite and DR solution is the rightinvestment, it’s insurance, I sleep well at night.”Take the Next StepTo learn more about EVault backup and recovery services,call us at 1.877.901.DATA (3282), email us at,or visit us at• Cost-effectively ensure datacan be backed up onsitefor fast access plus ensureoffsite disaster recovery• Protect mixed-computingenvironment with a single,cross-platform DR solution• Be back up and runningwithin 48 hours in caseof disasterChallenges• New, mixed-computingIT infrastructure• Tedious, difficult, andunreliable tape backupsResults• Fast and secure onsitedisk-to-disk bare metalrestore (BMR) protectsdata, operating systems,and applications—restoresdata in a single pass• Guaranteed, complete dataDR restores in 48 hours• Fully protected softwaredevelopment, IP, clientsupport, and criticaloperational dataPartner ProfileParanet is a leadingprovider of IT infrastructureconsulting, applicationintegration services, andmanaged IT services.5001 Spring Valley Road | Suite 1050-W | Dallas, Texas 75244 | T. 214.623.5150 | E. |