Increased Company Cost Savings by Apptricity E-Procurement Software


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Apptricity’s dynamic e-Procurement software automates various company’s core purchasing functions and also helps in increasing their cost-savings and gaining greater visibility globally.

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Increased Company Cost Savings by Apptricity E-Procurement Software

  1. 1. e-ProcurementCompanies are streamlining purchasing and processing, increasingcost-savings and gaining greater visibility with Apptricity e-ProcurementMaximize efficiency with automatedpurchasing, requisition and invoicingApptricity’s dynamic e-Procurement software suite auto-mates your company’s core purchasing functions. Fromsolutions for requisition to purchase orders and orderto invoice management, our e-Procurement system fitsyour business needs. Apptricity centralizes e-Procure-ment into a single sign-on platform. Users access theentire suite or individual applications you designate,based on roles, departments or locations.Requisition & Order ManagementYour organization’s procurement requires ordering fromsuppliers be a fast and painless process while main-taining control from order to fulfillment. The simplicityis with configurable rules that allow you to set specificvendors as the go-to source for orders, electronicallyroute approvals to appropriate managers and minimizeoff-contract spending.Make the most of your negotiated contracts and capturetime-sensitive discounts by taking control of the buyingprocess with Jetstream eProcurement. It’s as simple aschoosing from a catalog of approved vendor’s availableitems, creating an online requisition in a secure website,routing it through your pre-set approval process andwatching as the system flips the requisition into apurchase order that is forwarded to the vendor for orderfulfillment. It’s that simple.Invoice ManagementProvides comprehensive reporting and analysis thatreduces administrative expenses and boost ROI by facil-itating additional cost savings through vendor discounts,duplicate invoice detection and integrated three-waymatching against purchase orders and receiving docu-ments.Supplier ConnectExpedite order delivery, minimize errors and submittimely payment of invoices with a unique, securewebsite that allows for electronic competitive bidding assoon as a purchase order or requisition is posted. Easilymonitor open orders, product availability and shipmentstatus in real-time by linking with your vendors.Catalog ManagementGives companies insight into vendor discounts, com-bined shipping rates, real-time specials and close-outs.Supports secure access to on-line vendor catalogswithout leaving the Apptricity environment, providinginstant pricing and availability in a simple interface. Buywith confidence via built-in spend limits and pre-ap-proved vendors.Contract ManagementAdd, delete, upload, view or search contracts for multiplecriteria. Associated contracts can be linked togetherand grouped into dozens of different categories, makingthem easier to sort and search. Grant access to specificusers, ensuring legal, accounting, management or othersresponsible for contracts are able to retrieve informationon-demand.About Apptricity Solution TechnologyAll Apptricity solutions are built upon an advancedService-Oriented Architecture (SOA) that uses commoncomponents and open standards to deliver:• Enhanced business performance through streamlined processes• Maximum implementation flexibility• Improved adaptability and performance• Elimination of information silos• Greater information exchange throughout the thecloud.
  2. 2. e-ProcurementcontinuedApptricity Corporation5605 N. MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 900Irving, TX 75038 USA214.596.0601 Main214.596.0609 Fax800.693.2193 TOLL FREEe-ProcurementFOLLOW USHow it WorksOur proprietary technology integrates easily withexisting ERP software and legacy systems for speedyimplementations. Apptricity e-Procurement runs on anyOS or web browser and simplifies the process:PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCEUse our fast and easy online ordering with autopopulat-ed screens. Choose from pre-approved vendors and con-tain maverick spending through pre-set spending limits.REQUESTElectronic requisition requests allow companies to takeadvantage of discounts, reduce maverick spending,eliminate human error and apply pre-set spending limitson all items.APPROVE AND FLIPAutomatic workflow provides quicker response fromapprovers and turns the approved requisition into apurchase order via Apptricity’s PO flip.APPLY BUSINESS RULESPredefined business rules are applied, enforcing com-pliance with corporate policies. Invoices are matchedagainst PO’s and other documents to prevent duplicates.ROUTE FOR APPROVALConfigurable, built-in workflow routes invoices to man-agers for approval and re-routes denials. Escalation istriggered according to your pre-set time lines.PURCHASE AND TRACKApproved payments are forwarded to your AP system.Notifications of payment are submitted to suppliers, cap-turing early payment discounts and reducing disputes.PERFORM AUDITException and rules-based audits can be performed preor post-processing, providing real-time visibility and apermanent transaction history.PROCESS PAYMENTApproved payments are forwarded to your AP system.Notifications of payment are submitted to suppliers, cap-turing early payment discounts and reducing disputes.FOUR TENETS OF APPTRICITY SOLUTION DEVELOPMENTHIGHLY ADAPTABLEApptricity applications are highly adaptable. They canrun on any OS, RDBMS, web server or application servertechnology platform. Apptricity supports a N-tierconfiguration. UHIGHLY CONFIGURABLEApptricity provides a business rules engine forunrestricted configuration. Solutions adapt to businesslogic, rules, established best practices and compliance.SUPERIOR INTEGRATIONThe Apptricity integration engine provides the ability tointegrate into any third party data source, dynamically orbatch (EDI, XML, ORM). Apptricity also provides pre-builtintegration connectors for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft,Epicor, JD Edwards, GEAC, Great Plains and many others.MINIMAL-COST MIGRATIONYou configure the solution to meet your needs once.Our solutions’ migration capabilities eliminate futurecosts associated with upgrading to new versions. Whyrepeatedly pay for professional services every timeERP vendors send you a new version of software? WithApptricity, you configure once and migrate forever.Copyright©1999-2013.Apptricity.Allrightsreserved.|PrivacyPolicy|rev.V.1,021113