About paranet it outsourcing services provider in texas


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With its effective IT outsourcing services, Paranet helps proactively manage and monitor your IT environment thereby increasing productivity and eliminating downtime.

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About paranet it outsourcing services provider in texas

  1. 1. About ParanetA recent finding stated that38% of chief executives arecutting IT operationalspending, while 17% say theirspending levels are about thesame as last year. In otherwords, IT operational budgetsare flat or falling in the majorityof organizations. However, therequests into the ITdepartment have not declined.How can you do more,with less?For nearly 20 years, ParanetSolutions has assistedcompanies of all sizes inaligning their technology needswith their business goals. Weequip our clients with top tiertechnology solutions, allowingthem to increase security,reduce risk and achievegreater operational value whilefocusing on their corebusiness.Whether you’re tackling anexisting obstacle or planningfor the future, let our team helpyou enhance your IT environ-ment and maximize your con-tribution to the organization.Managed ServicesLeveraging a managedservices solution brings peaceof mind, not only from an ITperspective, but also from anoperations perspective, bymaximizing productivity acrossthe business and helping tokeep costs predictable. Ourclients know in advance whattheir expected IT spend is,maintaining a proactiveapproach, instead of react-ing to challenges and issuesas they arise - which can becostly in both resources andproductivity.Take Away:• Paranet helps proactively manage andmonitor your IT environment, increasingproductivity and eliminating downtimeor loss of focus• Fractional Outsourcing allows you tocreate your own service plan and selectthe level of IT outsourcing that fitsyour needsProfessional ServicesOur consulting practiceprovides breadth and depthof knowledge that is valuablewhen tackling an importantParanet’s suite of IT infrastructure and consulting solutions helpsclients navigate the ever changing IT environment, from datacenter to desktop.• Founded in 1991• HQ in Dallas, TX• Serve clients in allindustries• Clients range fromentrepreneurial and earlystage to Fortune 100www.paranet.com | 877-632-5140Paranet has earned the highestdegree of proficiency in workingwith Microsoft technologies andcan support our clients withadoption and integration of anyMicrosoft initiative.Paranet Fast FactsAbout ParanetParanet approached theproject from the perspectiveof making our overallcompany better, not just thetask at hand. Their involve-ment helped us create a betterexperience for our clients,because they were so deeplyinvolved in our organization.Arjun Mehta, CEOGeorgetown University Alumni & Student Federal Credit Union
  2. 2. 5001 Spring Valley Road, Suite 1050W Dallas, Texas 75244www.paranet.com | info@paranet.com214.623.5150 or 877-632-5140initiative, such as DisasterRecovery and BusinessContinuity Planning orVirtualization. Our team spendsevery day assessing andimplementing these plans,allowing them to become wellversed in best practices across avariety of sizes of companies ina variety of industries. Your teamremains focused onmission critical businessdrivers, trusting that we’ve seenand done it all before – and bringlessons learned to avoid costlymistakes or delays.Take Away:• Paranet Solutions is a leader inproviding infrastructure assessment andconsulting solutions• We enable your team to focus on thebusiness, while we manageproject-based initiativesStrategic IT ResourcesIn addition to our IT infrastructureand consulting solutions, Paranetalso provides on demandresources through our ITstaffing division. Paranetprovides the thoroughness of anexecutive search firm and theexpertise of an IT consulting firm.Our dedicated team of placementprofessionals finds and recruitsthe best in the industry.We interview all our candidatesin person and conduct extensivereference checks, maximizingprobability of a sucessful place-ment. Upon request, we will testand validate your candidates’ ITskills. Because Paranet is a fullservice IT infrastructure andconsulting firm, we’re focusedonly on technology – so our re-cruiters are well versed inindustry specifics and betterunderstand your needs.The Choice is YoursParanet’s depth of knowledge,experience and resources assureour clients that their ITenvironment is efficient,protected and well managed.Our highly certifiedprofessionals are dedicated toprotecting and enhancing yourInformation Technology assets,and offering best in class clientservice and delivery.Call us today to learn moreabout how we can help youmaximize your currentinvestments and unite yourbusiness and IT operatingenvironments.• Dell• Cisco• Citrix• HP• Microsoft• VMWareTechnology PartnersWhether your needs are ITManaged Services,Professional Services orIT Staffing, by choosingParanet Solutions as yourIT Infrastructure partner,you can refocus yourefforts on the business.Our proactive approach notonly effectively mitigatesproblems, but also createsa stable and reliableplatform for you tomaximize yourbusiness success.