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Corrupted chapter 1


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Corrupted chapter 1

  1. 1. Corrupted/ Chapter 1/ Page 1 I stepped into the bright hallway for the first time.Covering my eyes because of the bright reflection againstthe marble floor. As I stumble forward as if I were blind,I touched a solid. I squinted my eyes to allow them toadjust to the bright light. I opened my eyes and I wasleaning on a door. I opened the door and I saw an adult and about twentykids. The adult looked at me and started walking towardsme. She crouched over and said to me, “Hello little boy,whats your name?” I stood there silently looking around atthe other kids while they gave me an intimidating stare.“M...Ma...Marcus” I shuddered. The adult smiled and she replied, “Well, Marcus. Thisis a big boy class so...” She was interrupted by a kid thatshouted, “Get out of here you little preschooler!” Everykid started laughing. In response, the adult stood up andshouted, “Quiet! Get back to work!” She exhaled andcrouched back down and asked, “Wheres your mommy anddaddy?” I paused and I looked slowly towards the window onthe other side of the classroom. I silently pointed to thewindow with a blank expression on my face. The adult stood up and gave the window a stare. She Property Of: Marc Jones
  2. 2. Corrupted/ Chapter 1/ Page 2walked slowly towards the window as the kids watched her.She looked outside of the window in amazement and wasspeechless. Her eyes widened as the only words that slippedout her lips was, “Oh My God.” Everyone looked at her,concerned, and some got up. She quickly turned around andyelled, “Everyone under your desks!” She walked towards the phone near the door where Istood. All the kids thought it was a joke and continued tostand and some started to walk towards the window. Sheyelled at the kids, “This is not a drill! Now!” She beganto panic then, the unthinkable happened. An explosion erupted outside of the window, with sucha mighty boom it shook the whole school. Everyone began toscream and panic! Kids began to run franticly out theclassroom as the teacher yelled, “Get out of here! Get outnow!” The kids flooded out the doorway where I stood andfell on the ground. They stampeded on top of me without acare. Foot after foot stepping on every inch of my body. As I laid there bleeding awing in pain as I haddifficultly moving. I saw the adult who was the last one inthe classroom, she was yelling at me but I couldnt makeout what she said because of the pain. I focused and I Property Of: Marc Jones
  3. 3. Corrupted/ Chapter 1/ Page 3heard her yell, “Kid! Get Out!” but it was still distorted.I started to lose consciousness. I closed my eyes and Iheard a boom followed by the rumbling of the ground. I struggled to open my eyes and I succeeded to open myeyes, I wish I haven’t. I saw the classroom in flames asthe adult was on the ground belly up. She turned over andstruggled to a crawling position. She tried to escape asglass impelled her body and glass stabbed her eyes whichmade her blind. As blood dripped off her body she startedto shake a fall on the ground face first. That forced everypiece of glass stuck on her body through he skin. She screamed in agonizing pain as blood spilled on theonce reflective marble floor. She struggled her head up andfaced me with her bloody face that dripped of blood. Istared at her in udder and total horror. She whispered,“Its all your fault... Its all your fault... Its all yourfault.” She she yelled, “Its all your fault!” The fireengulfed her foot it started to spread up her leg. Shescreamed and turned her face towards he burning leg. She screamed at the top of her lungs and the fireengulfed both her legs almost to her ribs. She faced backtowards me as I kept staring and starting to cry. She Property Of: Marc Jones
  4. 4. Corrupted/ Chapter 1/ Page 4screamed, “Its all your fault! I hate you! I Hate You!” Asthe fire engulfed her face she yelled one more, “I HATE YOUMARCUS!” She laid there burning as the simmering blood spread.I stared with my eyes wide, horrified, hopeless, anddefeated. So I just put my head down in her blood andclosed my eyes. I opened my eyes awaking to the most horrid nightmare.I sat up in a sweat on the couch examining my surroundingsfor safety. I exhaled and calmed down a bit. I flopped backdown on the couch staring at the ceiling whispering tomyself, “Ive been having this nightmare for months now, Ihave a feeling that it has a meaning.” I looked beside meand saw a digital alarm clock saying 3:43 am with brightred numbers. I sighed and grabbed my pillow and put it onmy head. I sighed again and decide to get up and do somethingto pass the time. I looked around and thought, “What todo... What to do.” I felt a pencil staring me down fromacross my room. I walked up to it as if it told me to pickit up. So I picked it up and I felt the need to draw. So Igrabbed a piece of paper and slammed it on to my desk. Property Of: Marc Jones
  5. 5. Corrupted/ Chapter 1/ Page 5Suddenly my hand began to draw randomly like my hand had anmind of its own. So I drew to my hearts content. I woke up with my head laying on the desk and drool onmy cheek. I sat up scratching my hair wondering how I fellasleep on my desk. I wiped off the drool from my cheek,yawned and stretched. Then a piece of paper caught my eye,so I flipped it over to see it. I stared at it blankly andconfused. It was a drawing of a big circle with a triangleinside of it. On the triangles edges was a circle, insidethat little circle was a picture of a fist on one, a clawon another, and gun on the other. In the middle of it allwas a little circle with a black wing. All drawn by mesupposedly. I looked at the alarm clock and it said 6:30am. Ishouted, “Oh shit! My bus comes in ten minutes!” So Ifolded the picture and shoved at my back pocket. I threwsome clothes on, did my hair, and brushed my teeth. Ifinally grabbed my book bag and ran out the door. Property Of: Marc Jones