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Multiple Intelligences and the iPad


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Collaborative presentation for the GERA (Georgia Educational Research Association) Conference in October 2011

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Multiple Intelligences and the iPad

  1. 1. Knee pads, break pads, iPads: Multiple Intelligences and the iPad Jennifer Claxton, Clay Jolly & Kelly Jones: Mercer University
  2. 2. Opening
  3. 3. Jolly: Logical, Verbal & Interpersonal Question Everything Let's talk about it... Or not • Social Media in the classroom • My apps
  4. 4. Jennifer: Linguistic and Interpersonal Hypertext Multiple perspectives: Teacher, student, reader, researcher, parent
  5. 5. Kelly: Linguistic, Intrapersonal & Musical High touch, High tech, User experience Waves, Wonderings and Wish Lists
  6. 6. new literacies digital composition video games participatory culture
  7. 7. Closing