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Presentation hula hoops

  1. 1. Hula Hoops for SaleHula Hoops for Sale is Committed to giving the consumer the biggest bang fortheir buck.Sale prices and FREE BONUSES valued at far more than the hoop make yourchoice easy.Hula Hoops for Sale is a web site devoted to the best for less and inspiringyou to get a healthy start to fitness and fun.It is because of our own personal story that we felt inspired to give theconsumer something that we found hard to come by. Hula hoops that arecollapsible are a thing of this day. With all of the variety of hula hoops for salethere is non more practical than the collapsible hoops. They allow us to takeit anywhere, making it more likely that we use it regularly. Just having oneready to go in the back seat of my car makes the difference of me using itoften or just once in a while.
  2. 2. Hula Hoops for SaleThe history of Hula Hoops for Sale goes back further than most ofus realize. Hula Hooping has been around for as long as me. My name is Dr. Marika Zoll.I was born in 1958. Two friends by the name of Reichar Knerr and AurthurMelin, began the Wham-O Company in Los Angeles California, in a garage in1948. They also made things like sling shots and slip-n-slid, but hoops forsale was their biggest game. They heard about hoops from a visitingAustralian tourist friend and were inspired to make the fist manufacturedpolyethylene hoops in 1958. Initailly they were not sold but given away. Freehoops were passed out across southern California playgrounds until hulahooping became the frenzy. That 1st year over 100 million hula hoops for salewere sold. Hula Hoops for sale was a sign seen in any toy store window. Theoriginal hula hoops sold for 2 bucks. Imagine that. Another famous variety ofthe hoop involved ball bearings inside to make a noise. Hm. Maybe thatremembrance has inspired the weighted hoops that are a thing of today?
  3. 3. Hula Hoops for Sale Hula Hoops for Sale can be found today with ease. The craze had dissipated at one point, but then reoccurred when rock bandsstarted throwing them throughout the audience to encourage play with theaudience. That was in the 90’s. One thing led to the other. Festivals haveerupted and events like “Burning Nan”, in the Nevada Desert once yearly, thatbring in over 50K people over a weekend, are loaded with hula hoopperformers and artisans sharing their hooping techniques down to reinventedstyles and just plain fun exercise.I am a 52 year old dancing veteran that needed to find something to keep inshape. I hated the gym. And, I hated scheduling exercise. I am much more aptto play with my hoop than the other varieties of forced exercise. The playfulnature of Hula Hoops helps not only to get us into shape physically but theytranscend stress leaving the user feeling elated and happier after a playsession.
  4. 4. Hula Hoop ExerciseHula hoop exercise is a winner over other forms of exercisebecause it is Fun! And, if something is "fun" you will want to do it again. My name is Dr. Marika.I am a clinical psychologist. I will tell you that it is a fact that if a behavior is inany way rewarded that the behavior will be repeated, or , at least, theattempt will be made to repeat it. For me this is key as to why hula hoopexercise is something that I will stick with and therefore receive long termrewards.
  5. 5. Hula Hoop ExerciseHula Hoop Exercise is a behavior worth repeating becausethe experience of it is so pleasant. Observe a puppy. The puppy does something bad and you yell at it. The nexttime the puppy does that behavior you have to say less and less for it to knowthat it is wrong. Eventually the behavior stops for the puppy is avoiding thebad reinforcement. This is why unpleasant exercise routines, unlike hula hoopexericise, are likely to be discontinued over time because you just dont likehow it makes you feel. Alternatively, with puppies as our example, when thepuppy does something good, and you praise it with loving words and cuddlesand pets, the dog will do it again in hopes of getting that reaction out of you.Training dogs is all about rewarding the good behavior so that the dog willwant to repeat that behavior again and again. The result is a very wellbehaved grown up dog that you can take anywhere.
  6. 6. Hula Hoop ExerciseWe are not that much different from dogs. LOL. If when you exercise, in thiscase hula hoop exercise, and the experience is fun then you will be moreinclined to do it again. This is the problem with most exercise routines, theyare not fun.They are hard work! It is not that hula hooping is so easy, but thebad, exercise part, is counterbalanced with an enourmous amount of fun. It isas though you are playing. So with this in mind, I sought out something that Icould add to your purchase, something to reward you with when you beginyour hula hoop exercise routine. You have to have absolute fun while doingthis. If you are tripping on the hula hoop then you might get frustrated andnot want to go to the next level. Now I am guessing a few people that stophere are quite good at it already. Those of you might not be so excited aboutwhat I am about to tell you, those of you who dont need a teacher. But, forthose of you that could use a few lessons, wouldnt it be cool to be able toexercise and groove on with your music as you follow along with the
  7. 7. Hula Hoop Exercise
  8. 8. Hula Hoop Exercise directions on the video on the "how to" of hula hooping? How to Hula Hoop Ihave put together a nice assembly of about 60 FREE VIDEOS that will tacklethe most basic moves up to some pretty sophisticated ones. The lessons arevery broken down, often lasting less than 10 minutes per lesson.You can then replay and replay to your hearts content until you understandjust how to move your booty just right while you do your hulahoop that there is no background music to these hula hoop exercise videosbecause this means that I can turn on my own tunes and rock out to what Ilike to my hearts content. Have you ever bought a video series whereby themusic was not your style or it was not loud enough or the sound quality justsucked? Wont have that problem here. In fact, if you arent already usingit, Pandora Radio is absolutely the best accompaniment for your hula hoopexercise routines. The variety you will find is smashing, and it isalso, absolutely FREE.
  9. 9. Weighted Hula HoopCan a weighted hula hoop help lose inches around the belly?Q: I am a mother of two and have a small belly I would like to lose. I weigh146 and my height is 5’5. My waist is 33 but I would like for it to be smallerwithout having to lose weight through out the whole body because I am smalloverall but I just have flab in the belly area.A: It’s the motion itself that helps tone the waistline. Just make sure to domany of them. I have just a little bit o’ pug too and I’ve been doing about 500in each direction everyday for 4 months, just swinging my hips round incircles, and I now have a 4 pack… working on getting the six!Don’t we all just want that flat belly? The main difference between hulahooping and other exercise is that it is simple fun. Unlike the gym it reallydoesn’t feel like work. It feels like play. There is positive reinforcementhappening each time you pic it up. Hence, you will stick with your hula hoopexercise routine. It should become a way of life, a healthy life alternative.
  10. 10. Weighted Hula HoopNote that the weighted hula hoop is actually all encompassing for modernhoops that are often handmade with leaded tape surrounding them. This tapealone adds weight to the old standard that was just a hollow plastic tube. Nowyou know what all the stripes are about.There are heavy weighted hula hoops , up to 4 pounds, that add additionalresistance as the hula hoop goes around. However, you need to be cautious.There are many incidence of people bruising their hip bones after excessiveuse. What is excessive? Well, you could be having so much fun you don’trealize that it is too much for your hip bones. Sometimes we think that moreis better. In this case, be careful, that may not be the case with the weightedhula hoop.
  11. 11. How To Hula HoopIf you are looking for a great way to stay fit and have fun at the sametime, then hoop dancing is just for you.I try to stay away from the word exercise. A lot of people instantly shy away assoon as they hear that word but let me tell you there is nothing better for youand if you want to keep your body in it’s best shape you are going to have towork at it.Work, another word that quite a few people do not like but in all reality it hasto be done. There are fun ways to exercise. These are the best because you donot even realize that you are working and exercising. You are just having fun.Hoop dancing is exactly the same way. You do not even realize that you aregetting such a great workout. It combines two of my favorite things into onegreat way to get some cardio and stay fit. Hula hooping and dancing and youdo not have to know how to do either one in order to enjoy yourself.
  12. 12. How To Hula HoopI prefer to use a weighted hula hoop. These hoops make it so much easier toget started. As a kid, I always had a hard time getting the hula hoop startedand once I did get it going, it seemed impossible to keep it going for anylength of time. Times have changed and they are now much easier to use so ifyou have had a hard time using a hula hoop in the past, you have got to get aweighted hoop. They are fun and easy to use.The dance part is the same way. You do not have to be some professionaldancer to enjoy hula dances. There are no crazy complicated moves to learn.Just like everything else you start off slow and work your way towards yourgoals.
  13. 13. Hula Hoop WorkoutHula Hoop Workout BenefitsHula hooping is a fun activity enjoyed by both children and adults and candouble as a hula hoop workout as well. Traditionally made up of rattan andgrasses, hula hoop available today is mostly made up of plastic and is offeredin various sizes, unlike in the yesteryears when it came in only one size, ofabout 28 inches. Greeks are assumed to be the first ones who used it forexercising. Hula hoop can prove to be a great instrument to exercise, reduceweight and maintain fitness. Inculcating hula hooping in your daily exerciseschedule would tone and shape your body. Also, hula hoop has numeroushealth benefits associated with it. Just place it on your waist and swing itaround in a rhythmic movement. This simple activity would not only toneyour body, but provide you with a great cardiovascular exercise. Apart fromthis, the swinging of the hula hoop also enhances the grace and coordinationability of the body.
  14. 14. Hula Hoop WorkoutWhile all the above listed points are good enough, the best is that hulahooping refreshes your mind and performer does not, for once, feels likehe/she is doing an exercise. This is why hula hooping is kept in the category ofaerobic exercise that makes the body more flexible. Listed below arenumerous health benefits of hula hooping. Health Benefits Of Hula Hooping
  15. 15. Thank YouHula Hoops for Sale