Devin Jones NMDL Final Presentation


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NMDL Final Project on Best Buy Social Media

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Devin Jones NMDL Final Presentation

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing StrategyNew Media Drivers License Final Project Devin Jones S
  2. 2. Target Market• Teens and young adults (age 18-28) • Very involved in social media. • Highly educated, currently attending or have attended college, and very tech savvy. • American men and women at a 60/40 ratio favoring the male population, as studies show them to be more highly involved in our products. • Those who use the internet to discuss and buy products. • Highly involved in social media and blogging.
  3. 3. Bridging the Gap Goals ChallengesCreate dialogue with S High involvement consumers! purchasesS Increase internet presence S Large dollarS Increase connection with purchases customers S Products are “leisure”S Increase loyalty to Best Buy not necessity and Best Buy products
  4. 4. Facebook & TwitterS The Best Buy Facebook page S Our Twitter will feature tweets will remain partially the same, but not only telling about our new we will become much more interactive with those who "like" products, but will integrate with us. our Facebook page, tweeting important posts fromS We will ask our fans questions, customers and create discussions that will lead us both to the obtaining of sales and the obtaining of S This will make the customer valuable information on what the more involved as we create a customer wants out of both best dialogue, and they will enjoy a buy products and services, and company like Best Buy re- their Best Buy experience as a whole. posting their opinions, which
  5. 5. Foursquare & Google+S Foursquare will feature prizes for checking into Best Buy locations, such as coupons and free gifts. Foursquare will also be integrated. check-ins, when posted, will be discussed on Best Buy’s Facebook and Twitter.S Google+ will help us gain +1s, and we will "friend" people who +1 us and create a dialogue, just as we will do on Facebook.
  6. 6. Google & AdWordsS We will utilize Google AdWords, as well as Google Analytics, to pull in customers.S We well also track their visits to not only our webpage, but also our social media profiles.S AdWords will feature special sales and promotions, and AdWords that tell customers how to get involved in the discussions that will be taking place on our new social media sites.
  7. 7. MobileS Along with Foursquare integration, a Smartphone app will be created for a free-of-charge download that keeps patrons up to dateon: S releases and new deals S the discussions we have with customers through our social media sites.
  8. 8. Metrics of SuccessS Google Analytics will allow us to: S Track the visitation to our sites S Look at click through ratesS It will also help us in future evaluation of brand loyalty, as we watch site visitation and sales of particular products over the internet increase over time
  9. 9. EvaluationS We will evaluate the success of the campaign by S Looking at Google Analytic results S Viewing sale increases from 5 previous yearsS Evaluation will be continually ongoing as we watch the brand loyalty of Best Buy increase. Because the company is already a well known name it is not resourceful to measure success in brand recognition, but in brand loyalty and sales increases.
  10. 10. Investment AllocationS Budget: 5 million S 1 million each to Facebook and Twitter, 1 million to Google AdWords, 500,000 to mobile, foursquare, Google+ and Google Analytics.S 8 month timeline for full integration of all sites (completed November 16th).S Special sales promotion peaks include holidays (mainly Christmas) and the SuperBowl.