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credits research

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  1. 1. CREDITS Film Opening Sequence
  2. 2. OPENING CREDITS In Films
  3. 3. What are Opening Credits? ■ They are a list of the most important members of the production that is shown at the very beginning of a film ■ They identify the major actors and crew members ■ They tell the audience who is in the movie as well as other known talent such as the writers, directors and producers. It sets the stage for what is yet to come ■ They are usually shown as superimposed text on the bottom of the film screen which is either a blank screen, static pictures or playing with the action occurring in the film ■ However, Opening Credits are not always present and don’t have to be unless there is a contractual or union-mandated billing made in a film
  4. 4. MannerThatTheyAre Presented In ■ Studio or Distribution Company presents.. ■ The Production Company ■ InAssociation with so-and-so Production Company ■ A Director or Producers Name film.. ■ The Movie Stars ■ TheTitle ■ TheTop Cast ■ Supporting Cast ■ The “With”Actor ■ The “And” Actor ■ Casting Director
  5. 5. MannerThatTheyAre Presented In (Random Order ForThis One) ■ Music Composer ■ Production Designer ■ Art Director ■ Set Design ■ Costume Designer ■ Hair/Makeup Artists ■ Sound Recording ■ Visual Effects Supervisor ■ Director of Photography ■ Editor ■ Executive Producer ■ Producers ■ Associate Producers ■ Based on the … by ■ Story By ■ Written by ■ Directed By
  6. 6. Example “The GIrl with the dragon tattoo”
  7. 7. Why this credits of this film? ■ The special effect in this opening credits is that the text has been animated to create the illusion that is being drawn  The letters are getting more detailed by a flow of the endings  The background or the actual scenes are dark and most of the time black which creates mystery, power and implies submission  However, Everything was supposed to be a fever dream of Salander's, David wanted this to be her personal nightmare, flashbacking through all these moments wanted to do everything photo-surreal, instead of using traditional film effects  For our opening sequence:The text or the kind of text David Fincher created for his opening sequence inspired us because it connotes the mystery, power and implies submission we also need for our opening sequence
  8. 8. CLOSING CREDITS In Films
  9. 9. What are Closing Credits? ■ Also known as ending credits as they are displayed once the film has ended to list the cast and crew involved in the production ■ They normally appear as a list of names in small type which either flip very quickly from page to page or move smoothly and quickly across the background or a black screen ■ They may either crawl from right to left (UK and LatinAmerican way) or from the bottom-to-top (American way) ■ Sometimes bloopers or post credit scenes may be added o the end of the film during or after/along with the closing credits ■ After the closing are shown the film studio logo, any digital service logo or an FBI warning could be shown
  10. 10. Closing Credits include: ■ Performers ■ Advisers and Consultants ■ Combined Credits ■ Animation ■ Camera ■ Costume ■ Design ■ Stage Design ■ Floor and Studio Management ■ Graphics and Still Photography ■ Lighting ■ Make-up ■ Outside broadcasting ■ Post Production ■ Sound ■ Special Effects ■ Vision Mixing andVisual Effects ■ Editorial
  11. 11. Closing Credits include: ■ Production ■ Engineering ■ Facilities ■ Journalism ■ Locations ■ Music and Dance ■ Sources of Program Material ■ Research ■ Specialisms ■ Websites ■ WithThanks… ■ Writers, Creators, Formats– based on the book by, adapted by, devised by, written by, etc.
  12. 12. Example “The GIrl with the dragon tattoo”
  13. 13. Closing credits of “The GIrl with the dragonTattoo” ■ This closing credits crawl from the bottom to the top ■ It is a black background ( nothing special) ■ The role of the specific artist or assistant from the film are coloured grey and the actual name is coloured white , that focus is on the names ■ We don’t need the closing credits for this project, because it is a opening sequence, and the closing credits are at the end of a film