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Bab: Contoh jenis-jenis text


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Bab: Contoh jenis-jenis text

  1. 2. Borobudur Temple Borobudur is Hindu - Budhist temple. It was built in the ninth century under Sailendra dynasty of ancient Mataram kingdom. Borobudur is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Borobudur is well-known all over the world. Its construction is influenced by the Gupta architecture of India. The temple is constructed on a hill 46 m high and consist of eight step s like stone terrace. The first five terrace are square and surrounded by walls adorned with Budist sculpture in bas-relief. The upper three are circular. Each of them is with a circle of bell shape-stupa. The entire edifice is crowned by a large stupa at the centre of the top circle. The way to the summit extends through some 4.8 km of passage. The design of Borobudur which symbolizes the structure of universe influences temples at Angkor, Cambodia. Borobudur temple which is rededicated as an Indonesian monument in 1983 is a valuable treasure for Indonesian people. Analyzing the Text Generic Structure Analysis Identification; identifying the phenomenon to be described in general; Borobudur temple Description; describing the Borobudur temple in parts; eight terraces of Borobudur temple and its characteristics Language Feature Analysis Using adjective and classifiers; valuable Using simple present tense; Borobudur is well-known,The temple is constructed, etc
  2. 3. The Story of Sangkuriang and Tangkuban Perahu Mountain Once, there was a kingdom in Priangan Land. Lived a happy family. They were a father in form of dog,his name is Tumang, a mother which was called is Dayang Sumbi, and a child which was called Sangkuriang. One day, Dayang Sumbi asked her son to go hunting with his lovely dog, Tumang. After hunting all day, Sangkuriang began desperate and worried because he hunted no deer. Then he thought to shot his own dog. Then he took the dog liver and home. Soon Dayang Sumbi found out that it was not deer lever but Tumang's, his own dog. So, She was very angry and hit Sangkuriang's head. In that incident, Sangkuriang got wounded and scar then cast away from their home. Years go bye, Sangkuriang had travel many places and finally arrived at a village. He met a beautiful woman and felt in love with her. When they were discussing their wedding plans, The woman looked at the wound in Sangkuriang's head. It matched to her son's wound who had left severall years earlier. Soon she realized that she felt in love with her own son. She couldn't marry him but how to say it. Then, she found the way. She needed a lake and a boat for celebrating their wedding day. Sangkuriang had to make them in one night. He built a lake. With a dawn just moment away and the boat was almost complete. Dayang Sumbi had to stop it. Then, she lit up the eastern horizon with flashes of light. It made the cock crowed for a new day. Sangkuriang failed to marry her. She was very angry and kicked the boat. It felt over and became the mountain of Tangkuban carried Perahu Bandung.
  3. 4. Visiting Bali There were so many places to see in Bali that my friend decided to join the tours to see as much as possible. My friend stayed in Kuta on arrival. He spent the first three days swimming and surfing on Kuta beach. He visited some tour agents and selected two tours. The first one was to Singaraja, the second was to Ubud. On the day of the tour, he was ready. My friend and his group drove on through mountains. Singaraja is a city of about 90 thousands people. It is a busy but quiet town. The street are lined with trees and there are many old Dutch houses. Then they returned very late in the evening to Kuta. The second tour to Ubud was a very different tour. It was not to see the scenery but to see the art and the craft of the island. The first stop was at Batubulan, a center of stone sculpture. There my friend watched young boys were carving away at big blocks of stone. The next stop was Celuk, a center for silversmiths and goldensmiths. After that he stopped a little while for lunch at Sukawati and on to mass. Mass is a tourist center My friend ten-day-stay ended very quickly beside his two tour, all his day was spent on the beach. He went sailing or surfboarding every day. He was quiet satisfied .
  4. 5. Kinds of Earthquake Earthquake often happens around us. It brings great damages. Earthquake is hard to be predicted and that makes lot victims. Actually there are three kinds of earthquake. This kinds of earthquake are commonly base on the factor and geological area where the earthquakes happen. These three kinds of earthquake are tectonic, volcanic and explosion. Tectonic earthquakes is most common one. This kind of earthquake happens while earth's crust rocks break because of the geological strength created by moving of the earth's plates. Volcanic earthquakes happen exactly with volcanic activity. Volcanic earthquakes are when the volcano produces acidic lava, which drys quickly, when it drys quickly it blocks the top of the volcano. This make no more magma can escape. Pressure starts to build up and eventually the acidic lava can no longer stand the pressure. So the volcano is free to explode, the pressure is released so fast that an earthquake is caused. A volcanic earthquake is usually kept within 10-20 miles of the volcano. Explosion earthquakes are the result of the collapse earthquakes that are small earthquakes occurring in underground mines and caverns.
  5. 6. Planting Chilies Planting is a nice activity in our spare time. The following is guided information on how to plant a chili-plant easily. Here are the steps. Firstly, dry a handful seeding under the sunlight Secondly, put the seeding on the soil. It should be in open area Next, wait it. There will come out the sprout after that let it be bigger. Finally, put it in another big pot. It will soon grow bigger and bigger and yield us some fresh chilies soon. Analyzing the Text Generic Structure Analysis Goal; informing on how to plant chillies. Material; excluded Steps; showing the steps or method in planting chillies; from drying seed to putting the sprout in big pot. language Feature Analysis Imperative sentences; dry a handful seeding, put it, etc Action verb; put, dry, etc Temporal conjunction; next, finally, firstly, secondly Simple present tense pattern; planting is a nice activity, the following is a guided information
  6. 7. On that fateful night of April 14, 1912 there were 2,235 souls crowded aboard the R.M.S. Titanic .  There was no wind to speak of.  The frigid, dark sea was calm, like a plate glass mirror beneath the star-spangled heavens.  It was an hour before midnight on a starry, moonless night.  While the band played on beneath the decks in the first class lounge, and while the night watch paced the Bridge high above, the greatest maritime tragedy in the history of sailing, stealthily, silently awaited them in the ice-strewn midnight waters of the North Atlantic. Survivors recalled a gentle shudder that briefly shook the 900 foot long vessel.  It came and went so quickly that nobody gave it much of a second thought.  Except for the occupants of the Bridge–who in the split seconds before that collision, saw the towering iceberg ahead, floating in their unlighted pathway.  The helmsman swerved to miss the iceberg–but they would have been better off to have struck it head on.  In narrowly avoiding a head-on collision, they suffered an even worse fate! Three-fourths of the iceberg lay unseen beneath the calm ocean surface.  When  the Titanic swerved, it brushed the iceberg's underside on the starboard side of the bow, slitting a quarter of an inch wide opening more than 300 feet down the side of the vessel.  Like a titanic can opener, the iceberg knifed open the side of the iron hull.  The damage was just enough to cause the metal plates to buckle so that six watertight compartments began taking in sea water. So scientifically had this great sailing ship been constructed, with 16 watertight compartments in a 1/6 mile long hull, that the captain had made a pre-voyage boast, "Not even God himself could sink her".  The builders had calculated that even if four of the compartments should burst, the ship would still float!  But on that starry night, six of them exploded and began to suck in the frigid water of the North Atlantic!  Mathematically, the "unsinkable ship" was mortally wounded.  And, in two hours she was gone.  Commander Lightoller, one of the few crew members who survived the tragedy, described the moment she sank . Of the 2235 occupants, 1522 met their death in those dark waters including most of the men, most of the third class, most of the crew, and all of the band.  Only 713 people were rescued. And the world lined up for hours to relive their tragic story in the most watched movie ever in human history.  Why? Could it be that Titanic is more than a tale about love and death of heart throbs Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio?  Could it be that there's a deep, subconscious sense the world over that this tragedy at the beginning of the 20th century was in fact a warning parable of an ominous unnamed tragedy that hangs like Damocles' sword over our planet, while we're partying to beat the band?