What I Can Do For You


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Social media strategist Jon Davey explains what he can do for you...

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What I Can Do For You

  1. 1. I would like just 3 minutesof your time please… Jon DaveyThe following 10 slides summarise what I can do for you. 01753 852904How I could help you grow your business through onlinemarketing & social media engagement.My name is Jon Davey and I have been engaging onlinesince 1999.You can find out more about me, links to my onlinecommunities and recommendations for my services onmy LinkedIn profile which can be found via the urlwww.socialmediadirector.co.ukThank you for taking the time to view these pages.
  2. 2. What I can do for you is…Help you grow your business:• 12 years of B2C sales Jon Davey 01753 852904• 13 years of B2B sales• 13 years of online marketing• Social Media Week’s Social Media Personality ofthe Year February 2012
  3. 3. What I can do for you is…Help identify your target market:• For J&J I launched new product and pioneered a Jon Daveychange in the mindset of opticians. 01753 852904• For Business Link I found SMEs with training needs.The project was acknowledged as the best for theBerkshire LSC in 2006.• For an Outdoor Marketing agency I’ve found over£100K worth of advertisers since 2008.• Feedback suggests 15% of attendees for businessevents I promote in Berkshire come through directpromotion via my channels.
  4. 4. What I can do for you is…Help you communicate:• I introduced EMAP’s Spring Fair Show to trackable Jon Daveyhtml emails around 2002/3. 01753 852904• I achieved 5,000,000 page views for the Business inBerkshire website in 2008, mostly via organic SEO.• Around 3,000 business people get my email weeklynewsletter achieving 25% opening & click throughrates.• I attracted 54 exhibitors and over 350 business peopleto an exhibition in June 2012, many via LinkedIn.
  5. 5. What I can do for you is…Develop a Social Media Strategy:• My Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group has 1640+ Jon Daveymembers, a large proportion engage regularly. 01753 852904• 14% of my Social Media Directors website traffic comesvia Twitter, 10% via LinkedIn.• 40% come via organic search engine optimisation.• My target for our LinkedIn Group is to get 5 commentsfor every discussion… this will demonstrate the optimumlevel of social media engagement.
  6. 6. What I can do for you is…Build your online community:• The traditional sales model is knock on door, find pain, Jon Daveydescribe the perfect solution, make them fit, do the deal. 01753 852904• Tomorrow’s world is create an environment where theeducational needs of professional buyers are met.• Where questions are answered by peers and the abilityto understand how to respond is of primary importance.• This is NOT about posting links to blogs as the majoritydo at this time… most communities get littleengagement.
  7. 7. What I can do for you is…Act as part of your Agency:• Share with you my experience & expertise of Jon Daveycommunity building 01753 852904• Provide ad hoc, or longer term assistance on socialmedia engagement projects• Help to get you up to speed with email marketing andSEO micro-sites• I have worked with Ogilvy Primary, Markettiers4dc,EMAP + many other agencies.
  8. 8. What I can do for you is…Work with you directly:• To build your own online Community Jon Davey 01753 852904• Providing ad hoc assistance on social mediaengagement projects• Bring you up to speed with email marketing and SEOmicro-sites• To drive business to your door- I have worked withlarge organisations such as Business Link, Logitech,Internet World + hundreds of SMEs
  9. 9. What I can do for you is…Sales ~ Marketing ~ Community• Do you have a client who is looking to get social media Jon Daveyand the power of community working for them? 01753 852904• Are you a decision maker in a business that has beengiving this some serious thought but doesn’t know whereto start?• Call me and let’s work out how best to drive businessthrough social media engagement for your organisation.• Email jon@socialmediadirectors.co.uk or call >>>>01753 852904
  10. 10. What I can do for you is…Sales ~ Marketing ~ Community• 1 ad hoc day £500 + VAT Jon Davey 01753 852904• 1 day a week £375 + VAT• 2 days a week £325 + VAT per day• Prices negotiable for longer term commitments• Email jon@socialmediadirectors.co.uk or call >>>>01753 852904