The importance of google analytics data


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The importance of google analytics data

  1. 1. The Importance of Google Analytics Data ©2011, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. Google can do a lot for your website. One thing it does that a lot of website ownersdon’t take advantage of is offer the free Google Analytics site. This is an intelligencetool that will tell you a lot about your website traffic.By registering your website at, you can find outseveral things, based on date ranges, such as:  How many visitors you’ve received  Whether that number has increased or decreased  What your bounce rate is  Which sites refer people to your site  Where traffic is coming from  Which keywords your site is getting traffic from ranking for  How long people stay on your site  And moreThe Google Analytics information can bevery helpful for you and for your SEOcompany. The info can be used in manyways, especially in terms of analysis and instrategic planning. Regularly looking at thisinformation, as well as using the many other tools that Google offers for free towebmasters, could help you gain a competitive advantage, hold your own againstcompetitors trying to de-throne you, and could help you take advantage of trends andothers things happening online.What should you do with info gathered from Google Analytics? 1. Use the info to strategise and to help you determine which of your strategies are working best so you can capitalise on them. 2. Look for areas that need improvement. 3. If you’re running a Google Adwords pay per click campaign, there’s an entire section devoted to that as well. 4. Figure out which pages have the highest conversion rate. 5. Determine what people entering your site ‘want’ and figure out how to give it to them.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. There are many ways to use your Google Analytics data reports to your advantage. Ifyou need help reading them and acting upon them, consider talking to Oracle Digital,Perth SEO specialists who can help you with your online strategy from concept throughdelivery and who can help with ongoing maintenance as well.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2