Perth SEO Agency Oracle Digital Announces Release Of Google Places Optimisation Service


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As more and more businesses struggle to get noticed online, Google Places is a way that allows the smaller players to get a look in.

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Perth SEO Agency Oracle Digital Announces Release Of Google Places Optimisation Service

  1. 1. Perth SEO Agency Oracle Digital Announces Release of Google Places Optimisation Service©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. As more and more businesses struggle to get noticed online,Google Places is a way that allows the smaller players to get alook in.Oracle Digital, a Perth based SEO Company, have today announced the release of a new productaimed at assisting local businesses getting traction in the „Google Places‟ arena.Google Places came about in late 2010 after the re-branding of their former „Google Maps‟offering, The current Google Places is a platform that allows businesses to input their information,with the hope that it will be served up in Google local search results.Google Places allows smaller businesses whom might not have a marketing budget, the chance toget some valuable virtual real estate on the front page of the mighty search engine.The unfortunate nature of the platform is that it does not take into consideration that many smaller(or even many larger ones) may not have the skill level to correctly take advantage of what isrightfully theirs.Oracle Digital‟s Head of Business Development, James Corby, explains, “The thing with GooglePlaces, is that if you don‟t claim and optimise your listing correctly, then Google may penalise you,and you might not get and impressions when people are searching for your kind of business.There are countless horror stories of business owners messing things up and even getting delisted from the search engine.”Indeed it seems Google are not that kind to the less tech savvy amongst us, and many of theirplatforms can be incredibly difficult for the layman to understand. Google Webmaster Tools isanother example of a core service that many small businesses need to use, although there is justno support offered from Google.Corby continues, “To be honest Google have actually made a their advertising arm a lot easier forlocal business owners to use, although in saying that, that is the main revenue model for them.When it comes to the services that don‟t pull an income, then their support is very questionable.”Oracle Digital have released their own service to assist local businesses Australia wide in not onlysetting up and claiming their listings in the correct manner, yet also optimising it in such a way thattells Google exactly the relevance of the listing, and giving the listing a much higher chance ofsuccess against any other listings.Google Places is continually reinventing itself, and as Google results can be served up fromhundreds of different locations, results are often varied on what a human searcher will actuallysee. Giving information in a certain way that Google actually dictates, allows for a far morecomprehensive way of delivering consistent results.Oracle Digital is an Australian SEO and Web Marketing Company, based in Perth and with officesAustralia wide. To find out more about their Google Places and SEO products and packages,please contact them on 1300 899 851. ©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2