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Flash the cancer for seo


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Flash the cancer for seo

  1. 1. Flash The Cancer for SEO ©2009, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. Looking to add some flash to your website’s landing page to wow your website visitors?DON’T DO IT, mate! Flash is mostly known as the Cancer for SEO. Search engineoptimisation specialists generally agree that SEO on each and every page of yourwebsite is important. On you home page, where flash is mostly used, SEO is vital and ifyou’ve got a flashy flash page on your home page, you’re not typically doing the rightthing for your website or your business.Flash – Typically Illegible to Search Engine SpidersSearch engines need to read web pages so that they canascertain what they are about and then categorise themappropriately. With a flash presentation, your website’shome page will often be illegible to search engines whocrawl and measure dozens of attributes on each page. Ittakes pretty intricate coding to make sure you can useflash while still optimising. Most agree that html is better.And, the search engines will often bypass this importantpage if they can’t tell what it’s about. This can impactvarious things, such as your site’s search engine rankingsand could also impact your pay per click campaigns as wellbecause if Google spiders can’t understand what you’relinking to, they may give you a less than optimal Googlepage score which could result in poor ad placement andhigher prices per click or per page impression.Many experts say that it’s not impossible to do flash andGoogle SEO but most agree it’s much more complicatedand that you aren’t likely to get the same results as if youcreate a non-flash home page.Flash – Load TimeBeyond flash being known as the Cancer of SEO, it really doesn’t do all that muchfor user experience either. When someone lands on your page, they almost alwaysneed to wait for Flash to load and a good portion of your visitors will leave before theflash finishes loading.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. The Good NewsYou don’t need to use flash to wow people who land on your website. There are greatdesign elements that you can utilise that help you optimise for SEO with the majorsearch engines, help you with visitor capture info for permission-based marketing, andthat can help you create a great user experience as well. Talk to Oracle Digital, PerthSEO specialists, for conversion oriented design. We can help you succeed online whereyou competitors have failed. We can design a great website that is optimised for visitorsand for search engines.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 2