Don’t Forget to Measure the Success of Your SEO


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SEO is something that can help your success soar. Some companies try to do it themselves and some hire professional SEO companies to help them. Regardless of which option you decide on, it’s vital that you measure your SEO periodically to see how things are doing. Here are 8 of the areas you’ll want to measure:

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Don’t Forget to Measure the Success of Your SEO

  1. 1. Don’t Forget to Measure the Success of Your SEO©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. SEO is something that can help yoursuccess soar. Some companies try to do itthemselves and some hire professional SEOcompanies to help them. Regardless ofwhich option you decide on, it’s vital that youmeasure your SEO periodically to see howthings are doing. Here are 8 of the areasyou’ll want to measure:Traffic LevelsHow much traffic are you getting? Recordingtraffic on a regular basis will help you seewhether or not SEO is moving in the rightdirection. It’s not only important to look at the hard numbers with SEO. It’s alsoimportant to track where that traffic is coming from so you can ascertain which ofyour SEO tactics are working the best. Numbers aren’t everything. Conversion isimportant too…Conversion RatesBeyond traffic numbers, an important element of SEO success comes fromconversion. Of every 100 visitors your site gets, how many of them turn intocustomers? If the answer is 2, your conversion rate is 2%. With SEO, it’s importantto attract the right sort of traffic. It doesn’t help you much to get traffic that isn’tinterested in your reason for having a website. Track your conversion rates on amonth by month basis so you can see if it’s improving. If not, it’s time to lookclosely at your SEO and marketing tactics to ensure that your SEO efforts aren’t invain. You want to dominate Google but you want to dominate it in the right way!Google DominationHow many keyword phrases do you have page 1 Google results for? SEO isn’t justabout numbers, it’s about the right sort of numbers, too. Which phrases are yougetting traffic from and are those phrases bring you new business? Any ideawhether Google sees your site as highly relevant to your niche or not?©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Page RankMany search engine optimisation techniques can help your site rank well. Pagerank is an important factor, as well. How does Google page rank work? Googlelooks at many elements of a site to decide how important it is. A higher rank is ahigher indication of importance in your niche. A higher rank will get you more firstpage Google rankings for your individual site pages and your desired keywords. Ifa Google Page Rank update comes along and your website’s page rank drops, thisis a sign that something is going wrong with the way your site is viewed byGoogle. Be careful that your SEO tactics don’t get your site a bad rap!ReputationBeyond SEO determining organic traffic, it also has a way of helping you withreputation. When you do specific Google searches regarding your business nature,your company should shine in the search engine results pages. The way yourcompany is presented will have a major impact on whether or not you succeedonline. Reputation is subjective but your SEO campaign can play a big role ininfluencing how people and search engines view your company. If you are workingwith an SEO company, online reputation should be a factor that they work onconsistently through various activities performed.Social Marketing SuccessSocial media is now a big part of search engine marketing and SEO. If you’reworking with an SEO company and your social marketing success climbs, this is agood sign. Is your Facebook friend list growing? Are your Twitter follower numbersincreasing? Are social marketing activities bringing traffic to your website?Lead GenerationAnother factor to help you determine whether or not your SEO campaign is workingis to calculate the number of new leads you’re receiving. If you started an SEOcampaign 6 months ago, you should now be seeing an increase in leads generatedfrom your website. Are you getting quote requests or emails inquiring about yourservices? Are your earnings increasing?©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  4. 4. EarningsIs your business more profitable now than it was before you started your SEOefforts? Is the cost of SEO bringing a return on that investment? Profits won’tnecessarily soar overnight but you should soon see an increase in revenue as adirect result of online optimisation.Are you working on SEO alone without great results? Or are you with an SEOcompany who made promises they haven’t delivered on? If so, perhaps it’s time tocontact Oracle Digital. We’re a Perth SEO company who has helped our clientsachieve great results with their SEO efforts. See what you get with Oracle Digitalhere: Digital206 Nicholson RoadSubiaco, WA, 6008Ph: 1300 899 851©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 4